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  1. see when you go on the tactic section and when you go on player instruction...you cannot see what to pick since the tactic screen on the top right hand corner is empty on a very faint outline of my tactic appear but even i struggled to see where it was.
  2. I prefer to start my game on my PC. Now that is out the way... Rangers
  3. Would it be fair to say that you would have better chance of winning by less possession and more shots? then more possession and more shots? This is credited to WWFAN So countering and spamming long shots would be more effective then patient build up play?
  4. The weird thing is Monaco is in the game. I know this by looking at the facilities for the club and it says city monaco.
  5. Yes i know but i cannot make my guy monagasque.
  6. where is monaco? yes you are reading this right i cannot find monaco(the city) to put as my guy's birth place any ideas? My guys nationality is french if that helps?
  7. apart from the defence letting in a lot of goals on both sides i got to say congratulations to SI for a fantastic game
  8. one small thing in the manager profile Place of Birth you don't have that and i think it is a small feature that can add a lot to the way the media tells your achievements for example a liverpool born manager would be easier to accept by liverpool or everton while it would be harder if he moved to manchester utd for example, it would make local regions more important since it would have local favoritism in the region. just like if you have a regen from the city of the club you manage it says it is good to see local born youngsters in the team maybe something similar to managers with smaller clubs since big teams would want to acquire foreign managers.
  9. normally in an fm save all newgen players gets a 3d face but for some reason mine doesn't in any save. what am i doing wrong or is it a bug?
  10. I have made a working British league with 10 tiers but there is one thing which is annoying me. When i start the game up i can't choose to be British and at the top all that come up are 4 blanks which are the 4 deleted home countries and the rest of the counties. and not only that the favorite clubs section it doesn't chose the clubs from the British leagues. and instead pick the teams from the leagues i placed within the British structure under the 4 deleted countries. any ideas?
  11. I just got FM 13 today and installed it with no problems and when i started a new game i realised something weird. Why is my computer performance down to half a star when it was 5 stars on FM 12? Version 13.2.2 Windows seven professional 2 GB RAM 2.9GHZ(2CPU) and got plenty of storage space so what is the problem?
  12. And the squad screen is something i can live with however i don't think grey and white really suits it
  13. First problem for me sadly Just testing various things out and I chose to be the manager of Ajax and the Netherlands. I was testing the private chat international one and a few players went straight to voicemail so i thought nice touch, then i tried Ryan Babel and i said to him something like sorry you are not in the team i will pick you in my next squad. Then i went to the normal private chat since i manage ajax and it has just froze I have press that button inbetween Ctrl and alt and pressed on the fm 13 logo on my taskbar and now it is just a black screen.
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