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  1. Had a bit of a weird thing happen at the start of a new season teams from "State League Division 2" went to completely different clubs. eg. Sth Aust clubs playing at Vic Div 2 even though Vic Div 2 has no promotion or relegation. and this happens for about 10 different clubs.
  2. Keep getting this error, ive tried several times to redownload, its the only extra data im adding to the game, and the leagues look all weird when i open the file in the editor Thanks
  3. Thanks mate excellent, love your work, keep it up
  4. Just a couple of errors i found in the Tas South Div 1 Metro is doubled up and already in the Tas Premier South League so you could change that to BeachSide FC and DOSA SC should also be added to Tas South Div 1
  5. This might help http://www.footballfedtas.com.au and Statewide Lakoseljac Cup and im pretty sure the northern league has no promotion/relegation and the clubs are just sunday league versions of the premier clubs might not be worth adding the northern league one.
  6. Tasmania Southern has a League 1 with promotion to Premier League http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_League_One_%28Tasmania%29
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