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  1. i have the same problem i m going to try to reistall the patch! I tick the reload skin but stil nothing :/ I also use mac book pro! P.S. about the crashing problem if anyone else have it take of the sounds and it will probably stop crashing!
  2. hello its still ok for me no crash but for some reason i can't see the details when i go to league table i se nothing :/ or when i go to the euro cup the same nothing :/
  3. i m already at octomber with no crash (after i took out the sounds) hope will stay like this good luck!
  4. Hello! Yes i also use the game in mac book pro i disable the sounds and start a new game(i m using the patch1.0 ) and till now im in september everything looks normal.. no crashing! I will let you know if something change. Cheers.
  5. I experience the same problem while a was playing using the 3D suddenly the games crash.. this happened first time after i add the new patch.. although after i unistal the game i try it without the patch but again at some part after few games(2-3) it crashes again! i'm now playing with no sound as you said! i will let you know in a bit.. cheers. P.S. Please fix this (: