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  1. 4-3-2-1 formation,you can view the screen of the team formation http://ca3.upanh.com/13.145.17375323.lMR0/westhamunited4.png
  2. I have just the first season with West Ham,win epl 94goals-36 comceed,lose semi final league(3-3 Man Utd),lose fa cup MK dons(I don t know abotd them ) Only buy annan and de guzman because west ham don't have enough the player to play all the season,but De guzman is watse contract(his strength isn't good) Carton cole is golden bold with 32 goal and 16 asis This tactic need 1 good box-to box midfielder.I use Scoot Parker,he assist rather well http://ca5.upanh.com/13.145.17375221.lMR0/englishpremierdivision23.png http://ca6.upanh.com/13.145.17375238.rfI0/englishpremierdivision24.png http://ca3.upanh.com/13.145.17375247.nu10/englishpremierdivision25.png http://ca5.upanh.com/13.145.17375253.ILL0/englishpremierdivision26.png http://ca6.upanh.com/13.145.17375258.C1X0/gamewestham.png http://ca4.upanh.com/13.145.17375260.L3Z0/4anthonyannan.png http://ca4.upanh.com/13.145.17375264.nu10/8scottparker.png http://ca3.upanh.com/13.145.17375271.9GM0/7kierondyer.png http://ca4.upanh.com/13.145.17375276.KLx0/32alessandrodiamanti.png http://ca5.upanh.com/13.145.17375293.yFC0/12carltoncole.png http://ca6.upanh.com/13.145.17375318.3Ff0/englishpremierdivision27.png http://ca4.upanh.com/13.145.17375320.QnK0/westhamunited3.png http://ca3.upanh.com/13.145.17375323.lMR0/westhamunited4.png
  3. If you have 1 good box-to box midfielder.you should use 4-3-2-1 formation.I use it for Westham,currently 2nd in epl.
  4. Yeah,may be he used it.I haven't ever downloaded the one and don't know this change
  5. I remember arteta can't play in a half season.But he play 33 game in the first season in your file save.Were you cheated?
  6. I don't know what you make thing wrongly ,because you say the player happy and good teamtalk.Thus if you try again,you still don't have good result,can you upload your file save.I want to try it.Because I also some good result with Blackburn with buy any player.Before upload a tactic,i tried with some team.And I only upload it,if it work with some team.
  7. This tactic is rather same my formation.I think the leaky defence is that have only 6 man take part in defence.If the opposite play overload with 6-7 player,your team will be cracked.I did some tweak,but 3AMC still don't move down.THus I think if use this tactic,you should recommend AMC learn:come deep to get ball.It will be useful.Beside,FB shouldn'thave PPM:get forward whenever possible.
  8. Yeah,I hope satisfactory results and feel eager to try it
  9. Can u upload your tweak if it work better? cau u upload the screen of this formation?(same barca formation?)
  10. I think play wider as well:6-10 wide as V3.I think if set pass force:the both flank,should have some chances:move AMC->winger(increase creativity freedom,set:cut inside),but i'm not sure about this setting If playing with 2 FC,I think should set 1 poacher and 1 trequartista or 1 poacher and 1 complete forward(in my opinion)
  11. I also have a little success with 4-2-2-2 same brazil fromation in WC 2006.In 4-2-3-1 formation,I move 1 AMC->1 FC and set this FC same the previous FC,swap them.But this formation also same 4-2-3-1:have some leak in defence because have only 6 man take part in defence.In my opinion,Should have minimum 7 man take part in defence,because if the opposite play overload:they have minimum 6 man take part in attack(EX they play 4-4-2) are 2ST,2MC,2winger and maybe additional 2 FB,your team can meet the trouble.THus I think 4-3-2-1 will have the balance. Did you move MC->1FC?????
  12. It is satisfactory results.In a long season,it is difficult to win everymatch:have some match your team play better but lose and It is football.This is the fact that I like this game.Will be bored when win everymatch.I feel happy when my team win a big margin but also feel angry when my team lose.I also have some game as you:my team dominate,shoot 4 or 5 times as much as,have more 6,7 CCC but I still lose 2-1 by a goal from corner and a goal from free kick.I was angry and hit my keyboard Especially with knock out games in champion league or fa cup,the distance between win and lose is slim,you can lose by some fixed situations.i hope you can win champion league as you want in the next season when you have a more great team and the players are performing in perfect teamwork.It is pity if you are king of epl but haven't ever win champion league as Chelsea.Good luck!!!!
  13. Yes.It also is a good PPM for DMC and DC because I tick tight marking for these position.This PPM always is suitable for the defender
  14. Can u say more information about your tweak???
  15. Can u tell me the problem with 4-3-2-1 formation?I absolute want to develop this formation because 4-2-3-1 attack well but it has some leak in defend
  16. I have a queation,the FB have PPM:get forward whenever possible.I think it isn't good with this tactic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. No choose anyone,because AMC also is the player get the through ball.I don't want every pass force the striker,because maybe he is tight marking by DCs
  18. No,that is 4-2-3-1 formation The link that I'm saying is 4-3-2-1 http://www.mediafire.com/?ew1j9etqtwusg33
  19. Which the link you download?because I set supply run onto ball
  20. I glad because sanchez is playing better.He will a key player for yout team keep up good job As I said:Noo Oi and minimum pitch size I don't know to say anything,too impressive result
  21. if he has blast shoot,You only recommend him stop blasting the ball at goal,but i'm not sure that he will give up.I also recommend Saha give up this PPM,but he unwilling to chane it
  22. place shoot will help the stiker score fully accurate and doesn't miss much chance.If the striker don't have this PPM,he still can play as well.
  23. the Fb have PPM:get forward whenever possible?The player you use for MC? U also should replace FB and MC when their condition aproximate 70%
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