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  1. Update 6/4/2011 New tactic: http://www.mediafire.com/?3b2rbrl5qr5bqjv Some changes in this new tactic: _Man mark for 2MC and 2CB. _Roam from position:Yes for 2 winger. _Run with ball +)ST,2 winger: often. +)Other player:sometime. _Increase creative freedom:FB,CB,DMC,MC. Say me ur result with it, Thank
  2. Oh,but I think I set for once specific instruction.Thus you changed role and duty,I think it won't change the way that he will play.
  3. Nice result.mate Keep up ur good job Oh,this isn't important,mate.Because I set the name of role follow the computer(It auto set 1 playmarker),Thus,I tick None in Primary Playmarker. You can see that I set same for 2 center midfield.
  4. mediafire.com.mate the link is still good http://www.mediafire.com/?b3vlsxyyey97v7p
  5. No,if u use it,say me yr result oh,I think a problem that I set run onto ball.Thus the strikes is slow,you can no tick To feet:strong strike To head:good heading strike Run onto ball:fast strikes
  6. Oh,it isn't good beginning. I don't hope that it works with every team or works good immediately. Say me yr problem Nice result
  7. No signing,11.3 Wsetham loan Wayner Bridge,Keane and Demba Ba.These palyer is rather good.In 10 first games,I have luckiness in fixture when I met Chelsea,Man city,Totenham and Liverpool in home and only met normal in away. With weak team,I think need some matches to be used to run this formation.I will try it with Wigan or another weak team Good beginning
  8. Oh,sr for the late,because I'm busy and don't have much time to play fm. The new tactic I don't set overload(because I see that overload make ur team play with ultra fast tempo,ultra direct and make ur player move up too high ,especially DMC and 2 FB and ur team will be countered attack). Once again,thank you because you like the older tactic in fm10 Glad because it work with you
  9. 1.I think pitch size minimum-normal 2.Match preparation: Work load:Very high Team blend 3.Oh.When I created a new tactic,I set default and the computer auto set 1 advanced playmarker.Thus I must tick None in Primary Playmarker.
  10. ok,feed back for me Yes it is for 11.3 thank mate Gk - Concentration, Handling, Reflexes and One on Ones FB - Positioning, Marking, Tackling, Decisions, Concentration and Stamina,First touch,Crossing(if he has good crossing mark,he will assist more goals) DC - Tackling, Heading, Concentration, Marking, First touch , Positioning ,Passing DMC - Tackling, Heading, Concentration, Marking, First touch , Positioning ,Passing MC - Dribbling (don't too low), Passing, Creativity, First Touch, Decisions,Finish.Team work. Wings - Dribbling, Pace, Acceleration,Finish,First Touch,Heading(if nessesary). ST - Fast Forward and good finish,dribbling(if he doesn't have good dribbling,set run with ball:mixed),Heading,Passing.
  11. New Tactic for 4-1-2-2-1 formation Link download: http://www.mediafire.com/?b3vlsxyyey97v7p In this new tac,I change overload->attacking because I feel that if set overload,my team will be counter attack and the player are tired.Thus it isn't suitable for weak team. You can change my setting defend corner because I feel that it isn't good. Result with Westham after 10 games:
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