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  1. Becoming a Legend

    I became an icon at CFR Cluj after wining the Romanian Championship 3 times in a row and the Europa League in my fourth and final season. After that i let my contract run out hoping to get a better job. After six or seven years i wasn't an icon anymore. The club did well after i left, wining another 7 championships, but never managed to get past the group stage of a continental competition. I am currently at AC Milan and in 9 seasons i won 9 Scudettos and 5 Champions league titles, plus a lot of other minor trophies, and i am just an icon, even though i have surpassed by far the best managers in Milan's history. I have i striker that is a legend at just 23 years of age. He is awesome i give him that and he has been playing since he was 17. I hope that wining the 10th title will put me up there with Baresi and Maldini.
  2. Attributes you think would be linked...

    Yes. But he scored some ugly goals using his but, knees or chest. I don't think that counts as good technique but more like little miracles and good luck/timing. Messi or Xavi have good technique. Don't get me wrong, I love Pippo, myself being an AC Milan fan.
  3. Attributes you think would be linked...

    No other than Pippo Inzaghi.
  4. These games do happen.

    I once saw Manchester City taking 44 shots and scoring 3. Their opponents had 3 shots and scored 2. Oh wait it really happened.
  5. For FM 10 or 11 (i don't remember) there was a fix. Just before you make a bid for the player remove him from your shortlist. This usually worked and prevented teams from making bids.
  6. When to retire decent players

    This is not always true. When i took charge of Ac Milan in 2015 Ibra's 11 milion euros/year expired at the end of the season. I tried to offer him a one year contract worth 1,5 mil, but he asked for a whopping 13 mil + numerous bonuses. Needless to say i said no and he then signed for Twente Enschede for 500 k per year. The fans were outraged but what could i do.
  7. In my save I am in 2020 managing AC Milan for 4 and a half years. In this time I have won the scudetto 4 times, the coppa 3 times, lost a Europa League Final, won 2 CL titles and every year Juventus atract the most money in sponsorship, even though they haven't won anything since the begining of the game and since I took charge at AC Milan they have never qualified for Europe. Mind you i still play FM 11.
  8. A GOD in FM, rubbish in RL

    Sokratis Papastathopoulos is the best the defender i have at AC Milan, way bettet than Thiago Silva and probably the most coveted defender in the game.
  9. Strange and unusual takeovers?

    Franco Baresi took over AC Milan in 2016 on FM 11.
  10. I was playing with a friend on FM 07 I thinhk and his Juventus side was playing Bayern Munich. The game went to extra time and it finished in the 137th minute. Never ever seen anything close to that.
  11. No, the keeper (Sirigu) went to the midfield to take the starting kick. Never seen that ever happening and I have been playing FM since it CM4.
  12. I'm playing as AC Milan at home against Palermo (curent champions and best team in Italy). I go 2-0 down but I manage to score, the game restarts and this happens...
  13. I'm playing FM 2011 and towards the end of my fourth season this happens http://imageshack.us/content_round.php?page=done&l=img641/8258/capturepyh.jpg&via=mupload&newlp=1 So now I have to play 4 very important games within 4 consecutive days. Is there anyway i can change the fixture dates, or i just have to pray everything goes well. I've been playing FM since it was CM4 and nothing like this ever happened before. I'm perplexed. P.S. I haven't edited the database in any way, playing with the latest patch.
  14. It happened in the CL. http://www.werder.de/en/club/ueber-werder/chronik/werder_anderlecht_5_3.php