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  1. wanna try play my current save from my pc on GeForce now but cant find my save file when i load the game, have tried saving my pc save to the cloud and cant see my save there either when i try load it on geforce now.started up a quick save then saved followed where says its saving to but only seem to find games saved from my pc. doubt many people even know about geforce now let alone how to help so thanks in advance if u can help
  2. playing as leiria in portugal i have a under 19 team but no b team. if i play long enough will i ever get a b team?
  3. Did 19 season at rbl on fm17 it was awesome
  4. big 5 leagues in europe loaded 100k players in 2028. every window seems to be 1 or 2 10mil + signings quite a few gone for 30mil + highest was 45 mil
  5. been playing in germany hadnt noticed brexit is mine the good 1 or bad 1
  6. Please make more of the important news items as must respond. i play with continue game time out turned on. which means normally i can go from 1 match to the next in pretty fast time but im missing out on important stuff playing in china atm. its transfer window 2 and half seasons in and the board accept 2 transfer bids for my 2 best Chinese players center back and main striker. and both were sold without me being able to do anything. also when players are sent of in matches please make it so the appeal red card or fining the player is a must respond item keeps making my team unhappy not fining players
  7. i load england france spain germany italy with about 100k players. gonna add china after patch see what its like there.
  8. Montpellier in france 2 seasons finished games untouched finished 14th last season 12th season before no major transfers England France Spain Italy Holland Portugal Brazil Argentina about 100k players https://mega.co.nz/#!6V5EVbwT!9yCd4GAhbnzjAym9MU3FSe1jbF4X4gOEeHju_ohQF7A fingers crossed that works
  9. Weird set Sunday League Reputation and No Coaching Badges but gettin offers from teams in MLS
  10. Im at the start of 5th season with ajax. Cesc Fabregas goes on transfers list for 1 mil his still at chelsea i bid 1 mil its accepted all good. hes wages demands where crazy 190k a week 4-5mil sign on fee agent fee 2 mil i tryed to haggle abit but couldnt get him lower then 150k a week i could only offer max 69k a week sign on fee and agent fee i got about 1 mil lower. so i give up withdraw bid next news feed item is Nottm Forest bid there only in championship its accepted no problem he accepts contract signs Wages only 26k loyalty bonus 300k app fee 3k sub 1k goal 3k year contract
  11. think i remember seeing something on a transfer bid or the contract part sayin board would see this as a high profile signing
  12. ive just started 3rd season got 46mil to spend. in last 2 seasons ive spent 130mil and made back 80 in transfers and my wage bills 3.6mil a week
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