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  1. Hi. In my save Polish and Serbian leagues didn't generate new season 2020-21 because in season 2019-20 some games wasn't played. I'm using pre-game editor files, but only for additional European countries that doesn't available for game in FM19. So, I didn't make any pre-game editor files for countries that available in FM19 for play, except Scotland where I'm playing and Hungary (I forget delete this file before starting playing the game, but Hungary is still working). I uploaded files on your iCloud: editor data from stezarium.rar <- there are all pre-game editor files that I used to start my save 10.fm <- this is my last save
  2. The country is Netherlands, not Nederland. Unreal rules is not interesting to play, in my opinion. Check claassen file for Netherlands!
  3. Claassen, please make all 8 countries from Kazakhstan to Montenegro today than not playable in the game.
  4. I don't think so! This author is never do right completions.
  5. What about a prize money in Iceland first division? Why it is much bigger then in premier division? Something like champion of PD got 15000 and champion of FD got 78000?
  6. Faroe Islands is a part of Denmark. Denmark in the list of EU countries and in the list of EEA contries, but Faroe Islands only in EU countries. So, two players from Iceland that playing in Faroe Islands are foreign players. It's wrong because for Denmark they are not foreign but not Faroe islands. Please check unplayable countries that are EU countries to be in the EEA list also. I hope you understand what I said. Thanks
  7. No, for game it's not correct. Check list of EU Countries in FM18 and FM19. Norway and Iceland in the list of FM18, but not in the list of FM19. Faroe Islands is part of Denmark, and Icelandic people in Denmark are EU people, but in Faroe Islands they are foreign people. So, list of EU and list of EEA are different now with lists of FM18. If they thinking that the list must be real, like Iceland and Norway must not be in list of EU, and must be in list of EEA they must change rules for some unplayable European countries as Faroe Islands. And some countries like Reunion, Martinique and others that are part of France must be in the list of EEA or EU.
  8. Hey! In the game Norway is not in the list of countries of European Union. Is it a mistake in the game? Or not? Thanks!
  9. Hey! In the game Iceland is not in the list of countries of European Union. Is it a mistake in the game? Or not? Thanks!
  10. In FM15 you are able to have 119 active nations. It doesn't matter how many files you have. In FM14 was 119 active nations, in FM13 and 12 were 118 active nations.
  11. Wrong Russian levels. Most of those levels doesn't exist. You have to check Wikipedia before making any files.
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