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  1. Georgian National League (107) & National League 2 (103) have wrong reputations. National League 2 must be under National League in reputation list, not like right now.
  2. The country is Netherlands, not Nederland. Unreal rules is not interesting to play, in my opinion. Check claassen file for Netherlands!
  3. Claassen, please make all 8 countries from Kazakhstan to Montenegro today than not playable in the game.
  4. I don't think so! This author is never do right completions.
  5. In FM15 you are able to have 119 active nations. It doesn't matter how many files you have. In FM14 was 119 active nations, in FM13 and 12 were 118 active nations.
  6. Wrong Russian levels. Most of those levels doesn't exist. You have to check Wikipedia before making any files.
  7. Yes. When I don't load Andorra, Malta is working. When together - Malta doesn't working.
  8. How about rules for foreign players in this game?
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