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  1. There are many countries with such problems, except Wales, Germany and may be some countries else. If default league has more then 1 team for relegation, from activated league will promoted more then 1 team (in basic rules will be 0 team for relegation from default league and 0 team for promotion from activated league).
  2. In basic editor when I used Add Nation Rules (with Add Lower Divisions And Cups To Existing Structure) I tried to create basic rules for Finland, Ireland and some other countries I got empty boxes for Min Number of Teams, Maximum Number for Teams, Number of Promotion Places & Number of Relegation Places. Also, if I checked Use Specific Matches I got 20 for Min Number of Teams, 20 for Maximum Number for Teams, 0 for Number of Promotion Places & 0 for Number of Relegation Places. After that if I will unchecked Use Specific Matches nothing will be changing. For example of Bulgaria, I got 20 teams for min and max, 0 promotion and 0 relegation from second league of Bulgaria. Third league of Bulgaria is activated and I put 0 for promotion. I pushed Test Rules and it verified. If I will put 4 teams for promotions because there are 4 divisions I'll get the error of 0 relegation from second league and 4 promotion from third league. I created bulgaria-basic-rule.fmf (default 0 relegation from second league and 0 promotion from third league) and uploaded on your cloud server. Also I created 2 save files. In Rules I got that 3 teams will relegate from second league, and any of 4 divisions of third league hasn't any information about promotion. Names: bulgaria-start-game.fm (March 20, 2020) with Sweden default nation and bulgaria-season-2.fm (July 2, 2020) For total: 3 team relegated from second league and 3 of 4 champions of 4 divisions of third league are promoted.
  3. Hi, finland-stezarium-level3.fm I uploaded on your cloud server.
  4. I have activated third level of Finland. There are some second teams (Ilves/2, Klubi 04 and more), but they have no schedule in team tab, but in league tab they are in schedule. And they successfully playing in leagues and got promotions. The file is finland.fmf down below. finland.fmf
  5. With combined rules in you will know which team was relegated and which was promoted from lower inactive division. For example, 1 team relegated and 2 promoted. You will know their names
  6. If you have playoff with higher league team you’ll get an error of 1 team found, needs 2. That with flexible rules (disabled promotions/relegations). But if combined rules in code it working perfectly. Check default Hungary. No add additional leagues and you’ll get an error after checking defaulted second division.
  7. I got an answer. Default rules will not working correctly with Flexible Format Rules. You have to change it on Combined With Rules in Code, but Editor 2020 hasn't (or didn't show) options like that. You can do it with Editor 2019 and it will work fine. After Editor 2019 will done with checking your rules, Editor 2020 will think that it wasn't check yet. In my opinion, in Editor 2020 they just removed option Combined With Rules in Code, and using Flexible Format Rules.
  8. I love yours "may be." Naive people always talking like that. It doesn't matter what "may be" matter just he doesn't working on it right now. I just told for people that they must understand that for some reason he doesn't working on it right now. May be he busy, may be he has some problems in his life - it doesn't matter. And remember he didn't respond here yet. And he didn't opened topic for editor's bug. Claassen didn't "fed up with people like you being so up their own behinds that he's decided to jack it in as the stress and pressure put on him are not worth the effort." because this place is not for stress and pressure because he knows that he doesn't have to make any files for us. You can believe in any things that you wanna but I would like telling true and that what I'm doing.
  9. I guess we have to close this topic because Claassen is not doing anything right now.
  10. Georgian National League (107) & National League 2 (103) have wrong reputations. National League 2 must be under National League in reputation list, not like right now.
  11. The country is Netherlands, not Nederland. Unreal rules is not interesting to play, in my opinion. Check claassen file for Netherlands!
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