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  1. Because Wales divisions had been changed. You are using old file. Welsh National League is not exist anymore, for example.
  2. I love yours "may be." Naive people always talking like that. It doesn't matter what "may be" matter just he doesn't working on it right now. I just told for people that they must understand that for some reason he doesn't working on it right now. May be he busy, may be he has some problems in his life - it doesn't matter. And remember he didn't respond here yet. And he didn't opened topic for editor's bug. Claassen didn't "fed up with people like you being so up their own behinds that he's decided to jack it in as the stress and pressure put on him are not worth the effort." because
  3. I guess we have to close this topic because Claassen is not doing anything right now.
  4. The country is Netherlands, not Nederland. Unreal rules is not interesting to play, in my opinion. Check claassen file for Netherlands!
  5. Claassen, please make all 8 countries from Kazakhstan to Montenegro today than not playable in the game.
  6. I don't think so! This author is never do right completions.
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