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  1. thats what im saying! they all just kept accepting and coming!!
  2. playing as kiddiminster harriers, sitting top of the blue square premier. here is a list of players ive had on loan this season all for free, all free wages.... long term loans craig sutherland bradley pritchard monty gimpel short term loans matt doherty tom kennedy nathan tyson matt derbyshire jabo ibehere michael brown matt tubbs chris lines gary dicker ryan edwards martin paterson peter clarke scott allan aaron mclean alan tate darren pratley davide somma now to me they all seem very unrealaistic players that kiddi could have signed?? some one tell me?? btw i loaned that many players due to a small squad and lots and lots of injuries.
  3. just clicked on the fm 13 icon on my desktop and its just asked me to install fm12?? help
  4. but i mean, some players are worth 35k?? + ive private messaged you.
  5. wish i could get a great team and get as motivated as you lads
  6. right, once a challenge is completed/failed is it possible to carry them on in a normal save? do i simply just add the leagues i wish and away i go? or is that not possible?
  7. right do you reckon this squad is good enough to gain promotion? first 3 games ive got 2 points.... GK rhys taylor Daniel platt RB jordan francis sam long LB paul stonehouse CB billy tsovolos chris willmott jack mills adam leoroyd ML andrea zola jamie cook MR harry agombar liam wilkinson CM liam malone darren pond albi skendi jacob walcott michael lyon ST felipe barcelos steve basham stern john vincent pericard what you thinking then? personally think its ****.
  8. can anyone reccomend me a few devensive midfielders for oxford city please?
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