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  1. Really interesting idea I'm interested to see how this develops!
  2. The Second Annual FMCU Awards! TONIGHT ONLY!

    Hahaha I think i'll try and sneak into the bar area, hopefully without being seen by the FM security Good luck for everyone up for an award
  3. A (sort of) Farewell

    Thanks for all you have done for this forum - The Dafuge Challenge has given me so much entertainment in the last several seasons
  4. FM 2011 - This is a good read - congrats on beating Cambridge and drawing with Rushden (my team before they folded)
  5. [FM11] Back to where it began - San Marino

    Question: What actually is the Ultimate San Marino Challenge?
  6. [FM11] Back to where it began - San Marino

    I'm intrigued aswell - I'll follow
  7. [FM11] Matlock Town - The Give Youth A Chance Challenge

    Congrats on the promotion good to see you still have Jimoh and Chi Fai - Have you got any more quality regens come through?
  8. SPORTS.tv presents: Top2Bottom (FM11)

    After escaping from his moon base RUSHDEN PHOENIX chairman T.H.E. Sheriff sent us this tape from his new secret lair in Narnia. It stated that he was “very pleased by the team’s performance against tough opposition and is glad that, even though it is still early days, the team are proving the media prediction wrong by pushing for Europe.” He then mentioned something about finding a wardrobe but the tape cut out before any more details were mentioned. Where will T.H.E. Sheriff be next time? Will he have found his wardrobe? And Will Rushden Phoenix be able to continue well after an impressive start? Tune in next time for more – ‘T.H.E. Sheriff and the Order of the Rushden Phoenix’.
  9. [FM11] Ashton & Backwell United - Give youth a chance

    Good to see more 'Give youths a chance' threads they're always a good read I tried a save with Sharnbrook (local team) on my old laptop who are, I think, level 12 and found that I had ALOT of cup games which really helped my finances, but led to really tired players Good luck with the challenge
  10. SPORTS.tv presents: Top2Bottom (FM11)

    Rushen Phoenix Chairman T.H.E. Sheriff gave this statement from his secret base on the dark side of the moon. "I am very proud of the players today. We managed to win in a tough away fixture thanks to Bastian’s 2 fantabulous strikes. I hope we can continue and... The statement ended abruptly. Many speculate that this was due to an alien invasion of the moon although this cannot be confirmed at this moment in time.
  11. SPORTS.tv presents: Top2Bottom (FM11)

    Great Start GCB Lets hope Rushden Phoenix can get a win even though all my defenders are either injured or terrible
  12. SPORTS.tv presents: Top2Bottom (FM11)

    I agree completely
  13. Football Manager 2012 Announced!

    Nice - I'm liking the tone idea a lot - now can actually shout at players
  14. I love this challenge good job so far - I'll be following
  15. SPORTS.tv presents: Top2Bottom (FM11)

    The Rise of Rushden Phoenix To be announced (when my computer starts working again...) which is right now... Back when football wasn't all about the money, 3 brothers - Tommy, Harry and Eddie Sheriff were just supporters of the beautiful game. However they had a secret - They were members of the crime syndicate - The Phoenix 8. In Spring 2009 Phoenix 8 disbanded after completing an Oceans 11 style bank robbery where they successfully robbed Sheikh Mansour El Amir - previously valued in the multi billions. However the Sheikh didn't take this lying down when he started 'eliminating' members of The Phoenix. By The winter 5 of the orignal 8 were presumed dead, only the Sheriff brothers remained. Before the Sheikh could catch them they too vanished and were also presumed dead. When the Top2Bottom Premier Division was announced a mysterious new businessman named T.H.E Sheriff, who claimed to be no relation, stated his interest in forming a team - based on his favourite team Rushden and Diamonds after their chairman had refused to sell the club to him. The new team was named the Rushden Phoenix claiming to have been born from the ashes. The club managed to sign a variety of talented international stars such as England goalkeeper Joe Hart and Togo Striker Emmanuel Adebayor. Sheriff managed to get Owen Coyle to lead the club in there debut season which see's them entered in the European Champions League, no financial bribe was paid...apparently. Predicted to finish in the bottom half of the new table The Phoenix will be hoping that that their European exploits will help them attract new players to their growing francise and hope to build on a decent pre-season.