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  1. Back with FM from today, after several years absence, and having just bought a new laptop. I haven`t read this whole thread, but it seems, that FM nowadays demand somewhat of a strong CPU/GPU. My new laptop is a MSI GS65 Stealth - i7-8750h, 16GB Ram and a GTX 1060 6GB. In hoping this would give me a good experience, am I expecting too much?
  2. Went for a Lenovo Legion Y530, i7-8750H, 16GB Ram 2666hz, 256SSD/1TB 7200rpm HDD, GTX 1060 6GB , 144hz screen - indeed it runs smoothly and beautifully :)
  3. Before midnight tonight I will probably be buying a Lenovo Legion Y730, i5-8300H, 16GB Ram 2666hz, 256SSD/1TB 7200rpm HDD, GTX 1050ti 4GB , 144hz 1080p, G-Sync screen. Will this be good, very good or excellent for FM 19?
  4. I can confirm, that the demo runs fine on medium graphics on my new XPS 13 9370 with Intel UHD 620.
  5. Anyone on an XPS 13 9370 i58250u 8gb ram.. Heard that due to its thermal capabilities, it actually should run better than most without a dedicated gfx..
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