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  1. Back with FM from today, after several years absence, and having just bought a new laptop. I haven`t read this whole thread, but it seems, that FM nowadays demand somewhat of a strong CPU/GPU. My new laptop is a MSI GS65 Stealth - i7-8750h, 16GB Ram and a GTX 1060 6GB. In hoping this would give me a good experience, am I expecting too much?
  2. Went for a Lenovo Legion Y530, i7-8750H, 16GB Ram 2666hz, 256SSD/1TB 7200rpm HDD, GTX 1060 6GB , 144hz screen - indeed it runs smoothly and beautifully :)
  3. Before midnight tonight I will probably be buying a Lenovo Legion Y730, i5-8300H, 16GB Ram 2666hz, 256SSD/1TB 7200rpm HDD, GTX 1050ti 4GB , 144hz 1080p, G-Sync screen. Will this be good, very good or excellent for FM 19?
  4. I can confirm, that the demo runs fine on medium graphics on my new XPS 13 9370 with Intel UHD 620.
  5. The Acer, for the SSD instead of the HDD on the Asus.
  6. Anyone on an XPS 13 9370 i58250u 8gb ram.. Heard that due to its thermal capabilities, it actually should run better than most without a dedicated gfx..
  7. My suggestion would be FREM.. Danish second division. A club with a lot of history and a club that you could compare to ex. FC St. Pauli in Germany. It´s known as a "working class" club. I´ve been at their stadium, Valby Idrætspark, too many times to count and it´s a great atmosphere there.. They are located in the southern parts of Copenhagen, and neighbouring clubs are the two biggest clubs in Denmark, Brøndby IF and FC Copenhagen.. FREM used to be in the danish Superliga but because of going bankrupt on two occasions, the club got relagated twice. The first time to the 5th tier in Denmark, they fought there way back up to the second tier, 1. division, and then the second time to the fourth tier, and are now trying to get back up again..
  8. German football thread - 1. und 2. Liga - sounds really good. The Darmastadt thread last year inspired me to venture outside of England for the first time in FM, playing since 1996!! Though it ended in relagation twice, it was great fun and I have since been to Hamburg to watch 1. FC St. Pauli on three ocassions (I live in Denmark)..!
  9. After my failed attempt to keep ´98 in the Bundesliga, and subsequently getting sacked, I set out to try again. On my first save I predominantly played 3-5-2 or 5-3-2. For my next try I build a 4-1-2-3 and as on the first save set it up with a counter strategy. First 3 games of the season: H Stuttgart 0-1 A Mainz 0-1 A Bremen 0-2 Okay, something had to change. Sold: Heller, Gondorf and Sailer Signed: Jose Valencia FREE Sondre Rossbach £100k Damián Schmidt £400k Loaned: Kyle Lafferty, Norwich Jérémy Hélan, Sheffield Wed. Mike van der Hoorn, Ajax I´ve seen a lot of poor defending and really poor passing when trying to soak up pressure and go direct upon winning the ball. More often than not we only have 1 shot on target, and around 40 percent possesion. So I set the team up in a simple 4-4-2, standard mentality, structured, and TI´s of higher defensive line and close down more. "Let´s be a part of the match", or something like that, the thinking behind it. And then let the roles that I chosse, dictate the way we play, and be my tool for making changes during a game if need be. Now since these changes, we only played 2 matches: H Frankfurt 2-0 A Wolfsburg 2-2 In the Wolfsburg game I actually tried a defensive 3-4-3 (Cleon), and by half-time we were 0-2 down. Impatient as I am, I went "back" to the new tactic, and we pulled it back to 2-2. Oh, and these last 2 games saw us having: 8 on target, 57% pos. vs frankfurt 7 on target, 52% pos. vs wolfsburg Let´s see how it goes onwards; I am not getting sacked again!!
  10. I set my season expectation to avoid direct relegation, so the sacking seems kind of fair.. I love the fact that you have to work so hard for every single point during the season, and I´m sure my teams failings are predominantly up to poor tactics descisions by me Maybe I should just try all over?
  11. Applied for available jobs at Hoffenheim and Braunschweig. My name didn´t even make the shortlist of either club
  12. Well it didn´t work out well. Lost my remaining 5 games.. Maybe due to use of wingbacks, who knows? Obviously got the sack!! Regarding tickets for HSV, the games seem to be near sold out every time I´ve been there, but still had no problem getting tickets, even to bigger games, when keeping an eye out for when the tickets go on general sale.
  13. Morbs, can I just recommend you a place to go and watch a game if your interested? Me and my buddies go to Hamburg once or twice every season. HSV at Volspark Stadion is pretty fun with 60000 people in place. Last month we got tickets for the Millerntor, home of FC St. Pauli in the 2. Liga.. And what a night that was: The atmosphere in that ground is secong to nothing I´ve witnessed before. We were all completely surprised by the support the team was given. Actually I found myself watching the crowd to such an extent, that I didn´t really see the game itself:lol: I´was later told that St. Pauli had won
  14. Well, getting close to season end, 1st season. 5 games to go, and in 17th position on 27 pts. Hannover on 28, Augsburg and Hertha on 29. Hertha next!! Then come Bayern, Schalke and Leverkusen, all in top 4... Only made two signings at beginning of season: Sondre Rossbach as backup keeper and Jose Valencia. Valencia has been a surprise, scoring 19 goals so far. Stroh-Engel has 10 in 23, better than expected. Mainly playing 3-5-2 either with WB or WM, depending on form and intuition!
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