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  1. please refrain from correcting me when you are wrong. The database is MEDIUM, right now there are ONLY 3000 english players TOTAL in the whole game? Are you even s u g g e s t i n g that this would be the case with even a gigantic database? Of course not.
  2. It feels like you are playing fm for the first time and I know that is not the case! I have a team in England with whom I am winning everything for 3 consecutive years. The database of fmc is medium. So how can you tell me that there are enough ENGLISH players to buy/sign for a TOP team that wants to win everything? Of course there are no!
  3. that's bad. Especially in FMC there are very few players. But again it is weird because for at least 3 consecutive years I had ONLY domestic players in my squad
  4. how about this domestic bias thing? do i just have to sign more english people or I have to play them with the 1st squad?
  5. no transfer windows: still doesn't answer the problem. a profit of 26M is not to joke about and the game should unlock this unlockable. Anyone knows the exact amount of profit that should be made? no work permits: And this we do by using (in our case) british players or we have to use players from our team's youth? all players intersted: ok
  6. seriously? did you even read my opening post? guys, anyone that knows please?
  7. I am trying to unlock some of them but I don't know exactly what it takes. Some help please? No transfer windows: I bought a player for 16k and I sold him for 7.25M and nothing happened. Same with a player that I bought for 16k and sold for 26.5M. Same for one that I bought for 7.5M and sold for 27M and same even with one that I signed for free and sold for 8M. What will it take to unlock it? No work permits: How exactly do I unlock this? All players interested: Which cups count? I play in England. Any cup, minor or major? Are European cups (champions league, europa league etc in?) Thanks
  8. oh it makes sense now but is it helpful to you? I find it disturbing. any way to change the colors at least?
  9. Guys, can you tell me what the colors of the lines of the players are when viewing for example the senior squad? for example some players are in white, some in gray and some in a deeper gray. thanks
  10. playing with Dover (England's 6th division) and the first season is over. I finished at the top of the table with 34-7-1 W/D/L 101-32 goals 33 points clear from the second team!
  11. excellent photo finish at the group stage of champions league. we (AEK) were 1 point behind Valencia and we would stay behind in a tie. We needed a victory against Bayern and Valencia not to beat Zenit. Valencia - Zenit 1-2 AEK - Bayern 5-2 (!!!) off to the first knock out stage!
  12. Valencia - AEK 2-4 A great result for the group stage that gives us great chances to advance
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