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  1. Best 15 year old I've seen

    OP player was either edited or is stupidly being tutored by a player less determined than him
  2. Only a 9.9!

    For 2 consecutive seasons golden boot for the prem went to someone with 18 goals but of course its not unrealistic for a defender to score that many just from corners...
  3. That's what the "command of area" attribute does. High=goes for everything, low=lets someone else deal with it.
  4. Those rules are for the original application not the appeal. The appeal is down to the discretion of the home office but basically boils down to: is there anybody who is already in the country who can do the job? Just like it would be if you were applying for a work permit for a doctor or any other job.
  5. Unexpectedly.... ok signings...

    Pawel Buzala for £6k in league two. Everytime I got promoted I thought, well will have to sell him now as he won't cut it one division up. But no, still dominated even in the championship. Finally sold him for £4.5m to Toulouse after I got promotion to the prem, he really wasn't going to cut it one more division higher... or was he?
  6. Playing another game at the same time is going to make loading A LOT slower. Try freeing up some system resources or something.
  7. A 4 sec goal?!

    Kick off is basically a direct free kick that has to go forwards and both teams have to be in their own halves. So it was a perfectly legitimate goal.
  8. Good players l2/bsp/bss and below

    Djaid Kasri Pawel Buzala Jan Blazek
  9. It takes time to naturally make a good tactic. I started off making the most logical formation for my squad and choosing a broad philosophy I wanted to use, short passing, defending not too deep, pressing e.t.c. Then over the seasons I tweaked the player roles and so on as my squad evolved. So in the end I have the same formation but my tactic is very custom for my squad and wouldn't work for any other team. Bear in mind that you can select a player role and tweak it to your liking using the advanced setting, for instance if you had a great box 2 box midfielder but he was poor at long shots, you can lower his long shots to rarely.
  10. International Poaching!

    Think you have to be already eligible for the other nation when you get capped at u21 level to then go on and change the nationality you declare for.
  11. International Poaching!

    I signed a young player from Argentina, didn't notice he had a second nationality. Couple of months later in the international round up it says Diego Alfano had a terrific game netting two goals, but the result was Argentina u21's 0-3 Italy u21's. Turns out he has been poached by the Italians and dubbed the next Andrea Pirlo.
  12. This. Because my reputation was so low my first season in the prem was easy winning doubles against utd and arenal. They didn't treat me as a threat. I played utd four times and despite rooney being fit for three of the games he didnt even make the bench and they played some useless 16year old instead. Things changed next season after a mid table finish though.
  13. Please post said "official stats". A quick google gave me this page which suggests serie a has the lowest cross completion at 20%. Bundesliga is highest at 22.4%. I would say that my teams average cross completion is significantly higher than that in FM.
  14. I sold a player I bought in league 2 for £6k three seasons later for £3.5m to toulouse who then never played him. So it does happen.
  15. Wingers should be completing 90% of crosses? Yea right, I think you should probably watch a game of football, any game, and count the completed crosses yourself. If anything completed crosses are too high in FM.