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  1. Season One - Sortitoutsi Winter Update DB I started a new save with Newcastle using Sortitoutsi's winter update, literally a day before the 19.3 update which was a little annoying however I've had an unreal experience especially with my tactic that I was tinkering around with for a long while. I think it suit's Newcastle's play style massively with the likes of Shelvey, Ki, Ayoze, Almiron to name a few. I looked to keep possession for long periods of the game and using a fast paced passing style which would aggravate the opponent to come win the ball therefore opening gaps for the likes of Ritchie, Kenedy and co to exploit. I kept the first transfer window closed due to the fact we had signed a couple of players already which I wanted to incorporate from the beginning, I had then introduced this 4-2-3-1 tactic very early on into pre-season in order to get the likes of Almiron especially used to getting the ball as much as possible and shooting basically whenever the opportunity arose. As you can see the high pressure defending worked very well and the likes of Lascelles/ Schar / Clark worked very well at picking up the loose balls that often dropped around the area due to our midfielder's closing the space so quickly. 37 goals conceded throughout a season is a massive positive and gives us a fantastic starting point for next year. We also topped the passes completed stat over the course of the season which in turn... if we have the ball they cannot score! A fantastic season overall for us ending the campaign in the Europa League, we were looking at Champions League for large parts of the season and we were very unlucky not to pinch it at the end. A few little niggles and long term injuries knocked the stuffing out of us in the run in at the end of the season. The main focal point to our attack was definitely Rondon and his hold up play, movement and obviously his finishing helped us pull out some fantastic results against some of the big teams throughout the season, obviously next season he wont be with us so we will be looking for someone with the same attributes that he has! Obviously our transfers in real life Almiron and Barreca have came in as well as some fantastic young players that will be used from next season onwards, we will also look to make Barreca's transfer permanent due to his technical ability and how much better he is than Dummett. Getting rid of Gayle will also open up a large space for us to fill next year.
  2. Second Season Review Well it's an improvement from last year and that's all you hope for, the long ball tactic went out the window and I tweaked a few things over pre-season and the first few games of the season to play a gegenpressing 4231 with narrow CAM's. It added a lot of options going forward due to the quick passing in between our technically great players, however when we lost the ball especially to teams who enjoyed a quick counter game we struggled this showed throughout the season as we would be either scoring a lot or conceding a lot of goals. I have also been re-taken over by someone who was apparently a 'tycoon' however when push came to shove he put us on the stock market so I'm not expecting anything over the top funds wise. Our new striker flourished in this tactic by grabbing 12 goals throughout the season, however a large portion of our goals were spread out between the CAM's and the strikers. I can imagine next season we will push on as the team is near enough set and we don't need many replacements if it at all so hopefully this set of players will push us onto Europe next season. A lot of incomings and outgoings throughout the season, some of the prices we received for players during the summer was a no-brainer (Dummett) and we replaced these accordingly. Very pleased with the incomings of Maddison who arrived from relegated Leicester, even though he had to battle with the likes of Almiron, Perez etc he managed to have a fantastic first season in black and white with 10 goals and 8 assists. We also managed to bring in some young players for our U23's side... this will continue in this summers transfer window.
  3. First Season Review Not a bad first season however I started really well especially with a long ball-ish tactic, mainly to make Matt Ritchie thrive and get enough of the ball in order to make something happen for me. Sitting around 6/9th around Christmas I literally crumbled and didnt pick up a point for around 7 games and then even after 12 I had only gained a few draws. I honestly was looking down the barrel of a sacking already... especially due to being taken over by Olga Smorodskaya who used to run a club in Russia and she's pumped quite a bit of money into the training and youth facilities already which is a good start. As you can see our tactic that made the most of Ritchie's creativity worked wonders and basically walked the squad on goals/assists/average rating. I rejected a bid from Man Utd in January for £30m for him, however they've been interested in him for the last few months as well so it might be hard to keep them away over the summer. I'll probably look at someone like Markovic from Liverpool if push comes to shove I know he's available probably on a free then so. I needed to strengthen massively in attacking area's and Almiron who Newcastle have been looking at a lot in real life came available for a great price and his season in the MLS was fantastic too, being voted the player of the year and I'm sure he was up there for goals too. Murra was also brought in due to the silliness of Paul Dummett who over the season caused a lot of problems for the squad due to mistakes and red cards... in the end he had 5. I'll be looking to ship him out in the summer and replace with someone far better lets hope. Elliot was the only departure for the winter, however in the summer I can see a mass clear out happening.
  4. Third Season Roundup Finished in a worse position than in the last two years however the competition in the league was far better this year round for some reason. Could have finished about 10th if I lost my last two games, thankfully I didn't and still have a European place. Mitrovic stood up and was counted for this year, however he was the only one in double figures which was very disappointing to be honest. Got battered in the UCL by Barcelona, man v kids is the expression right?
  5. Decent enough finish, continuing the Champions League dream. Really thought I should have done better in the league however Slimani was a massive miss this year, the amount of clear 1 on 1 opportunities missed was awful. Gayle filled some sort of hole that Islam made. Can't complain winning a cup in my second season as well as getting into the UCL semi final, however I got absolutely battered 0-7 on aggregate by PSG.
  6. Finished my first season and I couldn't be happier to be fair, some stand out performers that I didn't expect. Done awful in the cups due to playing youngsters and players that were out of the first XI. Slimani was a god and I asked Leicester how much he would be, they wanted £30m however I was going through an embargo at the time and by the end of the season they wanted £47m after he was 3rd top goalscorer. Hoping Mitro can come back and fill the void.
  7. Started my new game with Newcastle after missing the save, after a corruption on my old HDD. Played with Valencia for a season, enjoyed it but it's nothing like playing with a team you support. Trying something new, formation wise for me as I usually swear by the 4231. I know Rafa's tried to implement this a few times this season and we'll see how it goes. Need to try and get Ayoze to sit in the hole and link up the play between the 2 CM's and the other strikers. Started off quite well.
  8. I got in mate, not sure how but I did.
  9. Pleased with how the first season has gone, honestly some of those losses were awful and I really think I could have pushed on more against Barca. Something to work on next season hopefully. Absolutely gutted to be losing Guedes, he's been such an instrumental part of my plans this year and basically everything went through him. Assists, goals and some of the movement is fantastic, PSG have got an unbelievable player on their hands. Trying to sort out the horrible financial state Valencia are in with some stupid wages for some poor players. Atleast I'll have near enough £300k per week to work on once the loans have gone out the window.
  10. 4th Season Closest we've came to the title, went right down to the last game. Gutted I lost both of my last 2 games :joy: Dembele on fire for half the season, injured for most of the second half. Martins is an animal, goals and assists for days.
  11. Finished my 3rd season, 3rd consecutive Champions League finish. Went down to the last game of the season as well. Struggling to keep ahold of Dembele, think Lingard wants to go to Chelsea as well...
  12. Second season over and I finished 4th last year, 3rd this year... aiming for 2nd next season!
  13. First season and tried to play counter attacking football and it worked bloody well; as you can see UCL in the first season... RAFA WHO! :joy: Ritchie is a god. Deserved.
  14. Newcastle Seventh Season Unfortunately we've had our worst season for a while and therefore we haven't got Champions League football next season, I'm also expecting a lot of players wanting to move on due to this but for most I'm going to try my hardest to keep ahold of these as I've built up quite a set of youngsters. Although we didn't do too great in the Premier League, Mazurek done unbelievably well scoring over 40 goals this season. The stats he has I'm now expecting at least 30+ a season to live up to that 'world class striker' statement. Gabriel Jesus done some work for us out wide and after a great start to the season he went missing for a large part due to his injuries, however he's done great to get the most assists. As you can see we done pretty well in the Champions League making it to the Semi Finals where we got knocked out by eventual winners Real Madrid. Over the two legs we went out 2-7, which personally after a 2-2 game at home I thought we could have nicked it but Real didn't go by the story line. Winning the FA Cup two years in a row was another fantastic achievement especially against Sunderland who recently have been splashing the cash on some ordinary players which they shouldn't really be doing. Firstly the players that have left were all first teamers but they were pushing on 29 years old which unfortunately I don't like to keep them after that. Man like Mitrovic I was very disappointed to lose but the price they offered was silly money and I had to accept or it wouldnt come around again, another massive hole was Bailly our best defender for the past year or so. We brought in the likes of Montes from Monterrey to replace Bailly and he had a bloody great season for us and he picked up the tagline of a 'world class centre-back'. We also bought Bernardo Silva from Man Utd as I thought he could have created some magic in the middle but he was a little hit and miss. Also picking up Dura from Real Madrid for a measly amount especially how he's going to be a 5* centre back! Great!
  15. Newcastle Sixth Season Another season in the UCL which was definitely my aim at the start of the season, obviously with the players we brought in I definitely thought I could have challenged for the top 3 however with the money that the league is spending I usually like to make money instead of spend it. Next season I may have to splash some dollar to push into the top 3 and challenge the likes of Man United who seem to be dominating everything. We used a load of strikers this season due to poor form or even long injuries however my man Mazurek came out as top scorer, with the personality of 'perfectionist' you'd expect him to bag atleast 20+ a season. He also created a boat load of chances and he was by far our best player based on numbers however Hunt took the highest average rating place. Lewis Cook got the best pass completion and to be honest his head wasn't in it this season as Man City, Man United and Juve all wanted him throughout the season and he kicked up a fuss a lot too. Gabriel Jesus with the most MoTM's which I'm not surprised with he played really well wherever he played on the pitch throughout the season. Firstly the big competition in the UCL was a nightmare, we got out the group with Barcelona and then draw Real... however we showed great performances against both and with Real we took them to extra time. With the money they spend you really can't complain at all. After this we won both of the domestic cups which you really cant complain with, a few of the games were very dodgy and we were lucky to go through but hey we won didnt we. As you can see we didn't spend much as the players we brought in last season were coming through and we had many youngsters battling for first team spots. We got rid of the players that wouldn't be playing much or we got too much money to turn down, especially the likes of Baba Rahman we nearly snapped Marseille's hands off for the £30m. Shokry, Daniliovic and Franzke are all classed as wonder kids and they all went back out on loan to get as much game time as possible. Breach our 21 year old CM who's now worth £40m bossed it in the World Cup. Great performances from Bailly too, even though he wanted to leave for 75% of the season due to Barcelona, PSG and Man United wanting him.
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