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  1. who is your favorite FM Youtuber?

    Golden FM. Like his career series and FM experiments as well.
  2. 842 Hours (Some of that idle time). Thoroughly enjoyed my journeyman save and the game in general. By contrast, I haven't played FM16 for a while now...
  3. demo not beta

    When game is released I think so Friday
  4. Is there a 10in notebook that can play FM decently? I thought small notebooks were for internet browsing and word processing.
  5. Top of the world regens

    In my FM15 save, the first time a newgen featured in the top 3 for either the World Player of the Year or World Golden Ball awards was in 2026, and was first won by a newgen in 2027.
  6. FM 16 Beta Plans

    I'll be starting my long term save straight from the off again. I've never been sensitive when it comes to bugs and as long as it's not too detrimental, I really don't care and enjoy cracking on with the game.
  7. Beta version fm16

    The game gets worked on aggressively until about 2 days before release, and this state of code forms the official release day version of the game. The beta period is really used as a beta because thousands of us playing the game in different ways in different leagues, will bring up plenty of bugs that were not picked up in their own testing, and reporting in the bugs forum will help improve the release day condition of the game. Data lock was around the 8th Oct but there could possibly be some data changes. If so, they would be minor and probably achieved via a release day patch. If you are really worried about it, then just do what many others do and do a 'beta' save and wait till November 13th to do your 'real' save.
  8. Yeah I've got to agree with Cougar here. As far as I can remember, I pretty much always played on the left hand side of a strike duo even though my left foot was pretty weak for a number of years. My movement, playmaking etc, just seemed to be far better operating more towards the left side of the pitch/box and I also preferred beating players to my left/their right which is odd for someone that was strongly right-footed.
  9. Pick U18's team

    Apparently if you set a player in a position, they will get played, so it's like targeted development before the proper options to guide development for younger players comes in in FM16.
  10. It's just a quirk of your game save. I won 8 straight league titles with Man City ranging from my most dominant title win with 104 points and 2nd place Man Utd with 82 points, to my lowest championship points tally of 92 with 2nd place Man Utd with 90. In my save, my prem years was pretty much us vs Man Utd for the title every year. They came second 7 out of the 8 and even missed out once by just one point. Chelsea and Arsenal were up and down with their competitiveness for Champions League spots, nevermind the title. When one missed out on top four, a Champions League spot got taken up by unusual teams like Southampton, Everton, West Ham and even QPR one year.
  11. FM16 - best prices

    I contacted GMG support about this and they replied with this. Awais (Green Man Gaming) Oct 15, 11:16 Hello Jme10 Thank you for your ticket and for your purchase of Football Manager 2016. We can confirm these are official keys from Sports Interactive and will contain full access to the Pre-Purchase Beta along with the An Alternative Reality Documentary. If you have any other queries please don't hesitate to get back in touch with us. Thank you for shopping with Green Man Gaming. Kind regards, Awais Green Man Gaming & Playfire Customer Service I've never had problems with Green Man before so I hope they do have the keys again. I think I'll just wait and see if GMG let me down in 2 weeks lol.
  12. The features? or the method of marketing? I don't know for sure but like a few people on the forums have been saying, these forums like many others, are being used less as people abandon it over time or interact with it less. Social media is the beast that occupies many people's free time and it's clear that SI have responded to this and used a rounded strategy utilisng Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to distribute info and build excitement/reach new people.
  13. Nope. The features video was replaced this year by the intial annoucnement of the game and key new features (create-a-club, fantasy draft mode etc), and smaller features announced daily on twitter every day till game release. Here's a decent amount of the info that's been released so far but you need to check out Miles' twitter account and the Football Manager twitter account for all information. http://www.footballmanager.com/football-manager-2016-key-features http://www.footballmanager.com/football-manager-2016-features-plus
  14. To echo what has already been said, your reputation hasn't improved sufficiently to get the jobs you are applying for. For significant improvements in reputation on football manager, you need to WIN (i.e get to finals, get promotions and win trophies). In general, your manager reputation needs to be around equal or better then a particular clubs reputation to be considered eligible for managing that team. A good indicator would be your manager profile as it will show your reputation in the nation you are managing in. If your profile says your rep is regional, there's little chance you can get a job managing a team whose club has a national reputation for example. Furthermore, if you are eligible but there's an A.I manager that's applied with a better reputation then you, you will lose out in that situation. So in short, keep working as you have to be both eligible for a role based on reputation, but also have a better reputation then any other candidates.
  15. Biggest Win?

    Having a quick check of FM15, best I've done is 10-0 in Champions League. I'm pretty sure I've bested that in older FM's though.