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  1. of course yes - running every league should be possible, Can't wait
  2. yes fair enough, but when you win the league by 21 points, something is going right on the pitch!
  3. The comment from the board has disappeared but when I dig deeper the point about performances on the pitch is still viewed as a criticism. To reiterate I won the league with 98 points, 21 ahead of Milan in 2nd. I was offered a new 3 year deal. The dressing room atmosphere and manager support are both “excellent” In the coach reports, some players comment that they enjoy our style of play. I am also not breaking any club philosophies. Its very bizarre.
  4. 2029, so 10 seasons in. Tottenham have an opening and I’ve been linked with that. I’ve put so much into Lazio but this has really pissed me off that I might speak to them
  5. I manage Lazio in 2029 and have just broken the duopoly of Juve/Milan's winning sequence of 10 consecutive titles before them. This was Lazio's first Serie A win since 2000 under Sven. The previous year I won the Coppa Italia in what was my first silverware for the club in 6 years, so it did take time to win things. I've finished 3rd in each of the 4 seasons before this one. I won the league at a canter, with 4 games to spare; Milan can't catch me with 5 games to go. The Board have offered me a new four year deal which I accepted. My general style is to sign wonderkids where possible, and sell players who are approaching 27/28. Tactically I'm quite flexible, we've played some great football this season, and this forum has been a fabulous resource for improving my tactical knowledge to get there. However, I've seen something I can't explain on the Board feedback page. Delighted at the Serie A win, but they are "concerned that the club is not held in the same regard since I took charge". I have a decent relationship with the chairman and he rarely denies any requests; he is looking to sell the club ASAP and there was 1 failed takeover attempt during the current season. So I delved a little deeper to see if there were any conflicting philosophies. I don't have any philosophies that I'm being judged on. I then looked into more detail on the club stature on the Board > Confidence page. It says "The club's stature is being tarnished by the team's performances on the pitch since you took charge" So it has nothing to do with finances or philosophies. I accept that it took a few years to turn the club around and win silverware, but the squad is looking very strong and we won the league very easily. What the actual?!!!!
  6. Yes it was the entire squad that demanded a meeting, and I mainly resolved it I think. I deseprately wanted to sign the guy, he was an excellent Bosman deal, but I accept that I didnt take the non-EU factor into account
  7. yes thats true, it's fine to ignore the assman, but when the squad are kicking off and demanding a meeting, it could have serious ramifications if handled badly... I wish the game could be a bit smarter and understand why they're on the loan list, as they're not registered and need game time.
  8. Due to non-EU restrictions in Serie A, and me for basically not being a good administrator, I have 3 unregistered players that I have placed on the loan list. The squad has just kicked off that I didn't register them for the latter stages of the CL, but I was simply unable to. My assman has said that they all need to come off the loan list, because they have a part to play at my club (Lazio). However, they are on that list to give them some playing time, and next season I hope to fully assimilate them into the squad. I wish the game was able to see why they're on the loan list, and that I'm not overlooking them simply because I don't want to include them?
  9. I highlighted it in the original post, the spaghetti map/movements of the players. I don't use them at the moment and feel that I'm missing out
  10. I'm quite interested to know how people use these in the analysis tab. I've looked on youtube but cant see anything relating to this specifically
  11. none that I'd even consider having a long term future at the club. I try to sign young players by having them scouted, and buy them for the U20 and U18 squads The dream scenario would be the HOYD telling me that the crop is a golden generation. Not saying I expect that, just wondering what else I can do to improve the overall standard
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