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  1. I strongly disagree but this isn't the thread for it.
  2. Would you consider Hamsik as a Mezzala? As he seems perfect for that role, especially as it should in theory help create more overloads with Insigne.
  3. I keep on getting recommendations for players that I've tried to discard. I've changed all of my settings but I'm still getting loads of things appearing in my inbox, 40/50 recommendations on the same players every week. It's really annoying having to do all of the clicking. Anybody found a way to fix?
  4. Ca'n't wait for this, very much appreciate your effort as this was a fantastic skin last year.
  5. I've never done an Athletic save before but I think they're definitely on my agenda for this year, especially after reading The European Game.
  6. I'm quite fancying doing a Rayo Vallecano save whilst trying to emulate Jemez's tactics. Also the usual restoring Saint-Etienne to glory save. I'll also probably start as Milan in the BETA just to get to grips with the game before the full launch.
  7. I really fancy doing a save with Rayo Vallecano, especially as there's now some reading material that's relevant to them and would give me some more knowledge of them other than what I obtained during the Paco Jemez years. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Working-Class-Heroes-Vallecano-Forgotten-ebook/dp/B07675WCP1/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1508686158&sr=8-1&keywords=Rayo+Vallecano There's also a chapter in the excellent European Game by Daniel Fieldsend dedicated to them.
  8. Not a role but finally being able to get your centre backs to bring the ball out of defence has been very much needed.
  9. What a great read this is, truly inspirational.
  10. Decided I wanted to do another season with us (hopefully the last when we're in the Championship!) whilst aiming to replicate Rafa's solid tactics. Especially as on FM I always think that it's harder to try and keep clean sheets than to score lots of goals. Season's going well so far on that front...
  11. Managed to beat Leverkusen in an absolute cracker 4-3 away and Bayern 2-0 away in my first two games back after the winter break.
  12. Yeah man it's this one. http://www.fmscout.com/a-tcs-fm-2017-skin.html
  13. Drew a few games at the start of my second season but went on a roll and this is the table come the winter break. I finished 3rd in my Champions League group being pipped by CSKA Moscow and PSG (despite a 5-0 home win against PSG!). The game that cost me was away to Basel in which we dominated but they snuck a 1-0 win with a goal on the counter in the 90th minute as we were going for it. My new signings of Amiri and Driussi have been sensational. Even though it goes against the philosophy I couldn't resist buying Badstuber for £5 million in January 2018 too.
  14. Been drawn against Spurs in the Champions League play-off.
  15. What are you playing Forsberg as? He has been quite poor for me.
  16. One more game to go and I'm joint fourth with Hoffenheim and Hamburg, but I'm ahead of them on goal difference. Werder at home next who are 17th, but I've struggled to break down teams that just stick men behind the ball.
  17. 4th now with Leipzig with not long of the season to go. Took me a while to get there as I drew too many games at the start of the season before getting my tactics right, was something mad like 7 of my first 10 games. Now I've settled on a very fluid 442 with lots of pressing going on and blitzing teams on the counter with the pace of Werner and Selke being particularly devastating. Just beat Dortmund and Schalke at home by counterattacking, great to watch. I haven't been able to buy anybody yet as there's no transfer budget which surprised me, so I took a gamble and sold Poulsen at the end of January as a good offer came in, just in the hope of building something for me in the summer.I've just pre-arranged a transfer for this guy Papa Alioune NDiaye from Osmanlispor in Turkey, he's got unbelievable physical attributes so should fit right in. Also Kaiser has been incredible for me.
  18. I really fancy doing a Leipzig save, but I'm going to wait until the official January update is released by SI as I'd imagine a few Leipzig players may have had a slight boost in attributes.
  19. Looking forward to reading and keeping up to date with this. Being a local lad I'm very interested to see how you do. *subscribes*
  20. Thanks man. I'm thinking of giving this a download, has anything been done for injuries? I'm thinking people like Bolasie and Gundogan being out for the season etc.
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