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  1. Very interesting concept chap. Will be reading for sure. One question though, is the image back an old one as alot of badges are not up to date etc...Cardiff, Everton etc on league table. Thats my only frustration every year with FM and its why I always wait until Xmas to purchase FM as I like to have all the face packs, kit packs etc up to date (as well as all major bugs removed via patches) before I start my usual 1 or 2 long term saves. Look forward to reading your next update
  2. Horrific in real life more to the point! During the awful Glenn Roeder Norwich Manager era where he loaned in about 20 players despite the limitations of how many you can play we got Omar Koroma from Pompey & old uncle Harry saggy cheeks. One tiny glimpse of the lad and other than that was just another at NCFC for a journey down the leagues. Seems to have just floated around FM for a few years now without his ability etc getting adjusted. Great thread as always SRL88, now reading through
  3. WOWZER!!!! lol Well done chap, guessing it was a week off work job lol. Im incredibly jealous, but my missus wouldnt utterly destroy me if I did that! I can dream!
  4. I always use to select nearly every league playable with a large database on fm12 and the game ran like a dream. FM13 came an like most people reported, I could no longer play with anywhere near the amount of leagues loaded as it take 5 real life days to process 1 day. On FM13 I ran with a custom database and less leagues (around the 7 core ones). My reason being.....When playing my ultimate pet hate is playing against a side which features a large number of greyed out filler players. Whether its an early qualifying round of champions league or whatever it just hate that. Using the large database I still found this happening so I ran a custom database with basically all top flight teams players loaded. Still quite slow processing but playable just about.
  5. Similar happened to me on FM13 with Havant & waterlooville. Left me most disappointed. Just couldnt understand why they green lighted the project and took the money. Usually 9/10 times its fine though. I just put it down to unpredictable finances at lower level.
  6. Id love to go back to a happier time when Norwich City gave everyone a run for there money, made europe and even beat Bayer Munich in there own backyard.
  7. Not a knock on you Kriss but I just cant understand how people fly through the seasons so quickly. Im 28 and first to admit, with a full time job, missus and 2 year old boy I dont get as much time to play these days but still get a good few hours each evening while the missus watches the soaps etc....I dont even view the games either as a time saver. Just read commentary and watch replays. Yes I attend all press conferences myself which I know others dont but just takes me forever to complete 1 season let alone 4 lol! Pre-seasons, when ever it comes to making a majority of my signings takes blooming ages without even clicking continue sometimes. Always feel like im missing something with how quickly everyone manages it. Shame about the database issues but i've not played the beta. Hopefully wont be anything to major missed.
  8. this is one feature im really not looking forward to when I get FM14 around xmas. Does it actually have an effect on those who've played the beta. If you spend 'x' amount etc...
  9. As a NCFC fan in peace I think your list of quality internationals produced needs looking at....Titus Bramble....Wickham....Dyer....gulp lol Good layout though chap. Cant believe you released Alan Lee......never forgiven him I assume
  10. Superb Idea chap! Hope others give you credit when they pinch the idea!
  11. No Ian Wright in club legends or Icons? Im not an AFC supporter but was shocked to see that. Great thread either way chap
  12. Every u18 footballers worst case scenario.....Roy Keane as manager.....be scared.....be very scared. lol. Great thread chap!
  13. It does happen in real life though, and has with the player in question in the OP. Annoying but does happen when someone gets stuck at a club on massive wages they want rid of
  14. Top stuff chap. Well explained on the rules for the league as well. A few career threads neglect that part of the help guide. Have to remember not everyone viewing the page knows the rules. Well done. Look forward to reading more.
  15. Good start chap! Liking the idea for choosing your manager name! Would it be the first street you lived or just the street you generally grew up on? Either way mine would be David Crewsview or David Culzean lol like it!
  16. lol! lovely twist! Surely Florent can still do a turn down under though good luck chap!
  17. Very good chance of it. Totally unappreciated by Hughton. Chris is the opposite to Paul Lambert who was in charge. Lambert Appreciated the players who technically can pick a pass, make something happen. Chrissy Hughton is more a 'defend and hope we draw 0-0' type and would rather fill the midfield with muscle men with limited technical ability. No problem one of those types being there to counter certain threats but we try fill the midfield with it at the expense of Fox, Hoolahan types etc....we've suffered as a result. Heres hoping for Barnsley. Top guide either way chap
  18. Thats my only bug bare with italy! The co-ownership rules. Drives me round the bend more than the MLS rules! lol on a topic related note I hope they fix this staff bug. Gutted to hear of another bug in italy.
  19. You know what builders are like Seriously though ive noticed past FM's the time scale differs from club to club. Not always as you'd expect either. Smaller clubs ive managed sometimes take forever while big teams dont, and also roles have been reversed. Monitor it a while longer and report back
  20. Staff bug? sounds new? Got me worried now! Not a bug in Italy again :'( !!!
  21. Ah right, I feel your pain. Despite living in England, having a season ticket for Norwich City etc....I rarely play within the UK, until late in a journeyman save. Like you, I Never purchase FM until January now. I prefer to wait until a majority of the key bugs are ironed out, while also ensuring I have all the latest facepacks, kits packs etc....ready to implement. Fingers crossed all goes well for this FM so you can purchase and enjoy.
  22. I was lucky! I hadnt noticed the bug on my journeyman save on FM13 when I noticed the italian clubs had dramatically fallen from grace on my save, value dropped etc...(other then Spezia who had a tycoon). By luck the same day as I was considering a move to AC Milan I noticed on this forum the problem. (was a massive thread with 100s of pages!). Despite it being adjusted it spooked me and I kept away from Italy (a country I love). People still complained it wasnt right but to be fair I felt FM got it spot on in the end.
  23. Agree! As a NCFC season ticket holder I oddly never have a NCFC save. (Various reasons - but mainly because I like to start at the bottom and work up). But this season we are going to have a mint squad based on who we've signed CA/PA on FM13. Hopefully they've not been nerfed as RVW, Leroy Fer, Snodgrass, Hooper, Bassong, Ruddy should be mint this FM. Ill be keen to use them to there potential, rather than how Mr Hughton uses them at times
  24. During the NCFC back to back promotions (League 1 to Champ to Prem) David Fox was so key. If a teams making effort to be a passing side then he will fit in. Constantly comfy getting on the ball, recieving from the back line and keeping it moving. The link between defence and attack that so many more simple minded managers bypass in exchange for other use of muscle. He often gets forgotten but I can still watch the League 1 and championship highlight dvds and lose count how many goals hes involved in. May not always get the final assist but usually instrumental starting a move. Model Pro too! Deserves to be playing 1st team so im glad Barnsley came in. Add Butland, McCourt into the mix and Barnsley are certainly heading in the right direction.
  25. Was going to reply to someone elses thread before it got closed regarding managerial changes and applying for new jobs (especially on Journeyman type saves). Usually (if all goes to plan) I start as low as possible and achieve massive success with a club who've never experienced a remote bit of glory. On FM12 Id quickly notice myself being linked with every club in the news screen when someones job is under threat or someones sacked. Id then act accordingly if I fancied the job and applied without the fear of being told to apologise or quit (which is highly unrealistic or annoying given the potential features that could be implemented here). On FM13 however I virtually never got my name linked (infact im struggling to remember one instance) despite achieving the same success and more. Of course this always left me puzzled what to do. Often you'll get laughed off for applying for someone and then oddly offered the job in some cases lol! Being a journeyman save without knowing whether I stood a chance of being considered it made it tricky knowing what jobs to apply for. For example I just know as soon as I apply for another club ill get the annoying and unrealistic message from the board saying resign or apologise. Surely this could be expanded by now. If you apply for someone after achieving nothing or apply for a club no better than the club your at (or a rival) then fair enough you deserve that message. Different aspects could be looked at. For example, imagine you got a league 1/2 side promoted to the championship etc....and applied for a newcastle or liverpool esque type. If that club was interested they could then request permission to speak to you regarding an interview etc....then even more avenues open up as your current club could refuse permission and you could either quit, talk to them about wanting to speak etc....very similar to how it works in real life. Very rare a manager applies for a job privately and then the application becomes public knowledge, the board go mad and the fans want your head....until you the manager go public. The current system just seems minimal. You apply, 90% of the time get told to apologise or quit. Just seems a bit basic. A message gets put in news about hoping you'll stay. End of story. Just feel theres potential to make it really true to life and interesting. Keep up the amazing work guys, Loving the look of some of the new features!
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