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  1. what!?!? How can you not take this job. Big club in the biggest league in the world. Every FM players dream job surely To those of you moaning about Ipswich in real life, surely Mad Mick is slowly getting it right though? Going to take time and not a 5 minute fix. Give it a couple of windows of gradual progression via signings and you'll be challenging, mark my words. Could be worse....you could be Norwich fans...or even worse have Chris Hughton as a manager.....christ now that really is depressing at the minute! Keep up the good thread chap
  2. Fair play chap. Not seen his stats on fm14 yet. Loved him in the conference South on Fm13 but as I rised up the leagues like yourself he quickly became surplus due to his wages.
  3. Hows Dani Pacheco getting on for you chap? As a Norwich City ST I can tell you we love the little guy despite him only spending a short time here on loan! Top chap in real life and great vison.
  4. Ortega squad number 99? Did you pick that or did a new gen have 99 as his favoured number lol! Keep up the good work chap. Itchy feet yet? heading off or settled in brazil?
  5. YES!!!! NCFC stayed up! That has just confirmed to me that FM14 is highly unrealistic though as in RL were on the crazy train to the championship lol. Check Stoke out! Arsenal in 9th! Wowzer! Solid season for you though. Saints are always going to capable on fm14 and the job with Cardiff was superb.
  6. Superb looking thread chap and totally agree on your views of finding a club and getting attatched! In real life im a home & away Season ticket holder for Norwich City. Always have & always will be. BUT I rarely actually play FM as them unless I get appointed somewhere along my journey. I usually only play 1 or 2 long term saves every FM and thats it. Not a new game every two mins kinda guy. So obviously I start unemployed with sunday league experience and just see where I go. Ended up getting really attatched to some sides over the years as I end up playing as them for many seasons. Viking in Norway, Havant & Waterlooville in Conference south, Seattle in the MLS, AGOVV in Holland to name a few.
  7. Snodgrass is certainly the better, but crickey hes taking some obvious (sort of deserved) for his bellow par performances this season. Bradley is just not a player I rate, like, want....but understand others do like him currently at NCFC. For me he does the muscle job in MF ok (ish), but we constantly lose the ball when its at his feet because he lacks the technical ability to find a player with a pass even 3 yards away from him. Luckily he never gets close enough to goal to blaze a awful shot over anymore. Howson is quiet but does a job but like you say goes missing often. Personally for me there stuck in a team under the wrong management. Becchio needs to leave, hes been taken for a fool at NCFC. Every player could be injured in the squad and the manager wouldn't play him, why on earth he signed him I dont know. Some say he wanted rid of Morison so much he took him as part the deal but I dont know. :s Silly thing is hes never done anything wrong in game situations to warrant being so disregarded.
  8. Good man! lol. Must be the more localised Norfolk Leeds fans who cant see the funny side. (I wont count twitter trolls, everyone has a moan on there lol). Lambert signed some gems from Leeds but Hughton is sadly a lump it forward chap over quality. He signed Becchio oddly and refuses to play him. Beyond a joke, the guys never had a chance (I quite like him along with other NCFC fans). Howson looked distinctly average last season but hes been about the only Success story under Chris Hughton...looks a changed player! Keep the great thread going guys.
  9. You may get him back soon from us only kidding, but god is he taking some stick from my fellow ST holders. Last season those same people around me worshipped his scuffed free kick goals and constant (obvious) cutting in.....this season they are moaning like anything at him for sub par performances. Noticed on last years FM Snodgrass would always be transfered almost straight away from Norwich (usually to Saints). Has he been improved for FM14 or is he still constantly getting sold?
  10. Lol! First Leeds Fan i've seen take light hearted approach to Norwich's transfer dealings. Good to see and superbly layed out thread. Good work chap! Dont panic I think NCFC will be leaving Leeds Utd players alone for a long while now Lamberts no longer here. Need manager prefers opening a cheque book for players on huge wages that dont actually fit his system but hey ho! lol Byram was a name I mentioned to other NCFC fans though in pub talk
  11. Gotta be time for Nanetti to move on now surely! I struggled to get anymore than Conference National out of him on fm13 with Havant & Waterlooville. Keep up good work chap
  12. YES! the Klopp gif again! loving this! Maybe need to start slipping in a few more gifs here an there when certain times require them! Brilliant thread!
  13. So pleased to find someone else who feels that way. Living in the UK I'd always shared others view & laughed at the MLS. But when I was becoming increasinly frustrated with the ease I was obtaining success back on FM12 I decided to give the MLS a go. Ill be 100% honest and swear on my little boys life, it was the most fun i'd had on FM in years. Once id taken time out to learn the different rules that had previous scared me and others off I loved it. Really did light my FM fire again. Liked it so much I follow MLS in real life as well. Great thread tom keep up the good work (and head over to the states!)
  14. Gutted you didnt take the Houston Job! Great passionate fans, nice area, Good players. All in good time though so Understand your reasons for not heading there. Keep up the good work
  15. Understand hes the must have player this year and ive seen the spoiler regarding his potential ability, but id hardly call him a monster at 5ft9 lol. I'm 6ft3 and would eat him for breakfast lol
  16. Bookmarking this thread for certain! Very enjoyable! Keep up the great work
  17. Superb and fully justified usage of the Klopp gif!!! The setup as you mentioned does look very similar to the MLS. If thats the case I may well give the A-League a go when I get round to buying FM14. Your comments certainly remind me of my MLS save, when you mention about having no marquee player but not being bothered as saving you money. My usual problem with that theory is eventually one of my lower waged gems get to big for there boots and demand marquee (or DP in my saves case) wages. Expect that to happen for you before you find a marquee from outside the club.
  18. Superb looking opening post chap. Not played fm14 yet (waiting for patches etc...) is that a standard skin? looks amazing.
  19. Always thought this would be a superb idea but now its actually here im sceptical. Never been a cheat but I wonder how much my resolve would be tested should something happen that frustrates the heck out of you. Easy to say you wouldn't use it etc but I wonder how many will buckle should there top striker get injured before the champions league final etc....think ill pass on purchasing it unless something really game-breaking happens. Have not read the spec fully yet but I assume silly stadium names will be changable using the in game editor, in which case I may give it a download.
  20. Good thread chap, love how they've tried to do fancy profile pictures for the players like alot of clubs are doing these days. Only problem is Pablo Garcia's photo makes him look about 25 stone lol! I wont deny im a bit of a boffin when it comes to keeping track of where players are, whose signed who etc....but I had no idea Liam Lawrence had ended up at PAOK! Good on him!
  21. Does drive me a little mad how much time I waste with loaning my youngsters out. I always have to negotiate a recall clause in because my pet hate is sending a player out, being told he will be a key player, and he sits in there reserves. Even if I offer a player out with the recall clause, usually about 20 clubs offer without it.
  22. Feel like im in a minority as i've disliked FM's pricing in the market for a few editions now. I usually end up signing youthful players/new gens but not through purposely trying like most. Just better value in the long run and even the most average players are over priced heavily. Usually I play journeymen saves so I start low down the ladder and work up with clubs with very limited budgets as it is. Fair enough its easy with the big boys to go out and blow 20 million etc....spending 500k is usually a massive decision for me lol. My usual transfer tactics are....scout and find the best newgens for value and long term goals, real players who are transfer listed and avaliable at much lower cost, or loan players.
  23. Steams fine, but I often play without internet connection etc.....and it just winds me the cluck up when itll randomly says cannot connect etc....im use to just clicking the play offline option and away we go.
  24. You said play my long term save! Cameroon, Egypt & Ivory Coast have not had a manager for.....(wait for it).....3 years! Pretty sure you could land those jobs.
  25. haha! Yes! cant wait for whoever does our 'good' team guide thread to write...."we beat bayer munich in germany"...end paragraph. lol At the time I quite liked Alan Lee when he came to Norwich as it was during a very depressing time for the club and he was really one of the few players that provided any passion to the cause. The rest were nameless loans who showed no emotion.
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