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  1. Anyone still playing in the A-League on FM13? Promised myself Id experience the A-League on fm13 before getting fm14 and finally growing board of my 1 long term save so picked the first Oz side I got randomly and that was Melbourne Heart. Looking for pointers and advice.
  2. Glad this threads still going! Still playing FM13 and decided to give the A-League a bash! Picked the first team that came up randomly and got Melbourne Heart! Can anyone tell me whether they've had trouble attracting coaches and staff? Dont get me wrong ive managed in the lower rep leagues plenty of times and understand some staff etc wont be interested. But using the usual staff search screen and ticking the unrealistic targets box literally only returns about 8 coaches to choose between and thats before I start looking at attributes etc. Seems odd as usually you'd get 1000's ranging from the complete rubbish to out of my league. Looking forward to it. New test for me as the A-League is one league ive never tried! Got my head round the MLS years ago so time to try this. The squad limits may prove to be hard as there doesn't appear to be much quality out there youth wise. Any other helpful tips guys?
  3. Looking forward to reading more on this one! Using a custom database downloaded? Not purchased FM14 yet but on FM13 there was a few good downloadable databases for the lower leagues in the states!
  4. Im still playing FM13 now. (Never play FM14 until all fully patched up and ive obtained all the graphic packs for player pictures, club logo's etc.) Its not been my favourite (and ive been playing since the dawn of time) but i've no major, game breaking gripes. Certainly nothing that warrants the hatred ive seen on these forums. If I had to pick one thing that really winds me up (and to be fair its not specific to just FM13) it was having to re-create a couple of tactics that work everytime there was a patch. Not everyone had this problem, but I always found my tactic that was working perfectly would suddenly stop working after the patch was installed. For example I had a tactic involving Attacking wingers.....then suddenly after the patch they would be totally ineffectual. Like I said some didnt have issues but this caused me great problems and id have to spend valuable matches trying to get a working few tactics again. I think its natural, especially for long term players to be a little bit overly picky without realising it. I mean we all go, "its not as good as such and such a version of FM"....but if we'd never had that version and it was released now we'd probley pick holes in it just we do all the current versions. (if you get what I mean).
  5. Just checking in again and keeping up to date. Keep up the good work chap. What ever happened to the 5-2 odds of you becoming valencia manager? Did they ever approach you?
  6. Great thread chap, get some more info on the staff in there! Just literally (and quite sadly) spent 3 days over accepting the Bayern job on FM13! Ive built a superb Feyenoord side that easily dominates Holland and even made it but lost in the Champs League final. In the end though I decided that you just cant say no to Munich. They've given me 65million (wouldve been more but the departing Klopp had already spent 25m on one average player lol!), and still got nearly a million to blow on wages out of the 2m wage budget. Squads a little different to current real life one though. Im in 2016 and Robben, Ribery & co have retired. Lahm still hanging in there at 32 years old luckily. Got a job on my hands as Munich have finished 2nd for 3 years straight. Will certainly be checking back in here!
  7. No what I meant chap is at the time I can understand why Sir Alex allowed him to leave. Dont disagree with his talent. Superb talent. Big fan of his, follow him on twitter and like the bloke. He does have injury concerns against him though. Im not a fan of Welbeck at all but hes not used in the same sense tactically that Rossi would be so bit unfair to compare really but hear what your saying. Dont know its Rossi would be happy being 4th choice behind RVP, Rooney & Hernandez though.
  8. Im going to sound like a child when hes presented with his first real book at school, but i'd like to see more pictures lol! Great read, and great success so far but I'd love to see some more pictures of the club, team, stadium, players etc....on your journey. Especially as there not your average everyday run of the mill teams that you see many people taking control of. Keep up the good work.
  9. Lol nice surprise to Austin Aries appointed manager of Plymouth! Fits in perfectly on the club information screen lol! Good start chap.
  10. spot on and saved me the time replying. Im not even a Man Utd fan but know that. Pogba was a bizarre one but can totally understand why Fergie allowed it. To be fair it was kind of taken out of his hands as for a player so young Pogba and his agent had a right attitude. Pique as stated would always leave if Barca came knocking. (I.E Fabregas and others). Rossi is a tricky one. A Little similar to Dani Pacheco at Liverpool. Rossi was always highly rated but at the time Utd felt they had better options and in fairness he hasnt exactly been better than Rooney, RVP & Hernandez & co however much I rate Rossi. He like Pacheco was allowed to leave and they've never really made there respective clubs regret it. Was lucky enough to see Rossi play in my teams colours (Norwich City) in a testimonal match for an ex Man Utd youth player who had to retire at NCFC. Oddly Sir Alex allowed Tim Howard, Louis Saha & what he called then '2 youth players' which was Chris Eagles and Rossi to play in the game in a NCFC all stars team. Rossi scored a brilliant goal from his own half.....but it was against Darren Huckerby....yes the attacker Darren Huckerby who had swapped positions with Robert Green for the 2nd half lol! Sir Alex doesn't let many talents slip through the youth system net. At least not many that come back to haunt him.
  11. Good thread chap! Nice layout and good to see different features from the norm....like your section for the local derby! good idea! As a Norwich City home & away season ticket holder I've got nothing but good things to say about Swansea (where as I cant say the same about Cardiff). Me & the lads usually go in the away pub in Norwich after games which is a big no no but we know the bouncer on the door and usually lets us in.(unless its a certain team -Ipswich, Cardiff, etc...) Usually a wierd experience as were the only NCFC fans in there but we always enjoy the banter an a good chat with fans with different views other than our own if you get me. Swansea fans were utterly top draw last season & considering the distance travelled they were in fine voice and full of good humoured banter. (rare these days!) Swansea (as your made clear with your thread) are a superb team to control on FM14 should an outsider from the swansea fan base want a team to play with. Great foundations and heading in the right direction (something I wish I could say about my own team). Look forward to checking back in and seeing the derby banter!
  12. Superb! Wolfsburg are my German side if I had to choose one. Simply because like many people I always do a journeyman career when each FM comes out and that save lasts me until the next FM comes out. Doing that I obviously get attatched to some teams on my journey and Wolfsburg was one. Likely back around fm11 or 12 time. Great to see them get such a well displayed thread. Well done chap!
  13. theres a reason Sir Alex let him go from Man Utd. No many slip through the radar there. Think big sam was quoted saying that Sir Alex actually said to him that he hopes West Ham can get through to him as Utd had tried and tried and tried and if he can get through to him they have a real player on there hands. Something along those lines anyway. I think FM has represented that as accurately as possible. Bags of potential but will he ever mature enough to reach his maximum potential. Past FM's and early indications on FM14 suggest he wont no matter how hard you try.
  14. ah disappointing! Not purchased fm14 yet but liked the look of that bottom left hand corner image. Shame
  15. Apologies if you've been asked a 100 times but what skin is that? Looks great. Best bit is the bottom left corner part with the back of a players shirt with name and number. Is that a feature of the skin or additional add on chap?
  16. Brilliant thread chap! Love the look of the "K Block"....kind of passion that reminds me of my own club im season ticket holder at. Were D BLOCK though and minus the huge banner! same passion though. May give these guys a go when I get FM14
  17. Was thrilled to see someone else in the MLS. I personally love the league despite being a UK based fan. Once you devote a bit of time to learn the vastly different rules, it becomes quite enjoyable and totally different from anything else you'll experience normally within Football Manager. I usually find myself trading off any deadword for international slots as in my experience there is so much free transfer talent obtainable from South America (Brazil especially) at low wage cost. Ill also stalk the struggling MLS clubs in an all out attack to gain there Superdraft 1st round picks so I get the best young talent. As a result (normally) I find it quite easy disappointingly to assemble a unbeatable side for that part of the world. (I didnt in FM13 though thankfully as my Columbus save was much harder!). Always found anything but 1st and 2nd round superdraft picks are worthless and will trade them off asap. Was just about to press post and noticed you've left the MLS. Very sad at this bombshell! Good luck in where ever you head next. How on earth do you fly through the seasons so quickly if you dont mind me asking. Im 28 and have a 2 year old and missus as well as work and RL footballing commitments most nights so it takes me blooming forever to get through a season let alone many of them. I watch games on fastest speed as commentary only (with replays of goals) and ive even started doing something I swore Id never do, in letting my assistant take team talks. Takes me forever! Keep up the good work on the superb thread chap
  18. Finally got myself up to date on your career thread after leaving it over a week to let a few chapters build up. Superb read, and very well displayed again chap. Must say its so nice to read a career thread which isnt just success, success, success....and thats not a negative. Its nice to read a career that feels more real. Some threads get so boring whether the person is just stupidly good at the game or cheats or what ever when you just know without reading on that, yes they will win everything by the time there 3 years into the game. You've had a few downs but loads and loads of positive ups and its kept interest going in the story Disappointed your save corrupted but glad you've ended up back in spain. Im still playing my long term save on FM13 and im desperate to tip my toes into the spanish league as i've been literally everywhere else on my own journey and not visited spain for a fair few FM's. Keep up the good work chap!
  19. "Curtis Park"....the curse of the Football Manager new stadium name strikes again! No disrespect to Mr Curtis who im sure is a club hero in real life......but im fairly sure you yourself will be deemed a bigger club legend by the stage your up to in the game lol! I mean your only the man who took the club further than its ever dreamt of going. Were talking non league virtually to Premier League! Used the editor to change that chap? Im trying not to skip ahead and spoil anything for myself so will carry on catching up! Superb stuff again chap!
  20. Oh how I wish this would happen in real life to my beloved NCFC! Great thread....left it for a week and now catching up Super stuff
  21. 475k for Pilkington? Utter bargain considering the outlay we paid for him in RL. If you can keep him injury free hes a handy player for us in RL chap. Keep up the good work
  22. Must have been my motivational pep talk on here bigging him up lol
  23. Dam! does not sound like him at all! Always smiling usually lol. Ability wise FM14 sounds like they've got him right. Back 3-4 years ago when we had him on loan during are championship winning season he was spoken of as the next big thing for Liverpool and he looked the part for us. But the following two seasons saw him go out on to various spanish sides where he hardly set the world alight and now hes permanently left LFC. Shame as he had such potential. Keep up the good work fella, fingers crossed Pacheco comes good. Good playing in the hole in real life.
  24. Sadly it looks like FM14 still has a long way to go towards being realistic
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