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  1. You can do it. The centre backs you want doing it should selected as BPD’s and also should have brings ball out of defence trait as well as play out of defence team instruction and distribute to central defenders.
  2. Same on both accounts with me. If it helps I signed Buvac as ass man on my save if you haven’t found a new one yet
  3. How often would you get Henderson to sell the club to them and declare interest in them?
  4. What was your process for unsettling these players? If you don’t mind me asking.
  5. That would bother me as well usually but they both have age on their side especially Gjoni within a season or 2 their anticipation should rise to at least 15. Those players would fit great into the tactic that I’m using that’s based on Rashidi’s tactic in his Kop diaries. he starts explaining the tactic just after the 3 minute mark
  6. Think it would be useful if the player also had the ppm comes deeper to get the ball
  7. I retrained Henderson for left wm on my Liverpool save on fm 17 also did same with bentacur in later seasons and also Koke from athletico Madrid is a natural across the midfield
  8. Yeah similar here. When I tried renewing it wouldn't go through due serbia's national rank but towards the end of my second season I was able to renew it
  9. I find a lot, especially if they have more than two years left on the contract that using the "you've got plenty of time on your current contact so no new contract" usually works they'll come back with "I can't say I'm not disappointed but I do understand where you're coming from" did that 3-4 with Coutinho, Firminho, Lovren and Can ( although last time he did it I had to promise him a contract offer at the end of the season which given how'd he'd performed for the season I didn't have any issue with plus I negotiated him down to 85k a week when he opened up wanting 130k)
  10. There's a Brazilian LB/winger called Jorge (99%sure of spelling) I haven't played much yet so haven't had a chance to sign him but he looks immnse for a 18/19 year old
  11. Have a private chat with him and recommend that become a coach, if he ask if you want him to start straight away? Then say yes and he will the staff attributes panel, within a month or two he will leave his agent should able slightly reduce his wage. He's 33 on my save and I've got him down to 105k a week plus he's got good coaching stats which was a bonus for me
  12. I've only ever renamed one player and that was back on CM03/04 I bought Dagoberto for Liverpool I nicknamed him Dagored. I had seen the movie M*A*S*H one of the characters was nicknamed Dagored so when I saw the player on the game it kinda seemed like kismet Plus it helped that he had heaps of potential and ended up being world class probably my favourite player in my CM/FM carrier
  13. Have you tried recommend that Kuyt become a coach if says do you want me to get started now then he will get coach attribute panel and within a month or two he'll part ways with his agent, he should be a bit easier to negotiate with plus if you are lucky he might have good coach stats. I always do this with Gerard, Kuyt and Cara in the first season makes it a bit easier to negotiate with them
  14. Well according to guidetofootballmanager.com the player needs very good Technique as well as good Finishing, Anticipation, Composure, Creativity, Decisions and Flair.
  15. I signed him for my Liverpool save he is amazables, great goal scorer from corners and free kicks mainly from corners though if you get the right set up awesome defender! with Coates, Agger and Wilson (if I train him right and tutoring goes according to plan) my central defence is set for years to come!
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