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  1. Subscribed to this one as well!
  2. Holly tuna! I'm finally at the last post. It took me a while to read all of them and "American Calcio" on top of everything. Amazing story so far 10-3! Can't wait for the rest of it. Now, onwards to read "Ace of Spades" and "Cherry Bomb".
  3. wow, just found this now and I don't know how I missed it. Amazing job with the story!
  4. I would love if you beat Steaua, even though I'm Romanian. ) Well done getting past Dnipro, which is usually a really strong team.
  5. Awesome results. Congratulations on the promotion! Didn't expect to see the team so fast in the first league.
  6. Zimmerman like Zimmerman, but that is a really really good sequence of good results in the league. Congrats!
  7. Really great job getting in the Cup Final. Go on and do the Giant Killing. I can actually imagine you'll be doing the same thing if you beat Basel. Hell, I used to do the same thing when winning cup matches.
  8. I have a game running using Mr Hough's tactic just for fun. I play it at work during the breaks or when i don't have anything else to do. Ghanian regen, absolute beast. Never wastes a one-on-one, which is good, cause he gets in that situation pretty often. Still have 3 more matches to go(1 league game, Champions League Final and Russian Cup Final), so he might get to 100. But the truth is that the Russian league is pretty bad in quality, with only Zenit, Anji and CSKA putting up any kind of resistance.
  9. My bad. I researched a bit more and this is what I was thinking about: "Fifa recently removed the age limit for players who want to switch national allegiance. Previously players who had represented one country at youth level had to make the choice to change by the age of 21." So, it shouldn't affect you if you get to be manager of Liechtenstein.
  10. Even if you give them a selection, you have to do it after their 21st birthday. I think it's a rule made by FIFA that allows them to change to the other nationality, even if they had a senior cap for any other country before that. Something to do with better judgement when you're older, or something like that. I may be wrong.
  11. Yep, same here at Rubin. I have a romanian and a czech player, both youth prospects and both with Russian nationality.
  12. I think you'll start getting swiss only if you have better youth recruitment than other teams near Lichtenstein's border. Also, having a swiss feeder club would also help on getting swiss youth.
  13. I'm pretty sure that in the last patch the youth rule doesn't apply any longer, except in the Russian Cup.
  14. WOW.. U Craiova in Europa League.. I only dream of that. The is currently disaffiliated with the Romanian Football Federation so it cannot play any competitive match. Could you let me know what their results will be in Europa League? Just a small small favor for a sad Craiova supporter.
  15. Cagliari seems like a surprise in there. Just like the lack of AC Milan, Juventus, Lazio, Udinese or even Genoa and Sampdoria.
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