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  1. RUSHALL OLYMPIC First Season Update: Relegated & Sacked (22th place after 38th week) All Wins came in December and I win Manager of the Month. My transfers usually were old folks Marcus Tudgay epitomies that and Ironically his career finished with hip injury (twice) 28 apps 16 goals 1 assist Sorry for multiple pictures and not making it a story but I was very confident which I'm able to stay in division with Rushall.
  2. Just Started with Rushall (I'm hoping better results than people who used that team) I'm in love with my crazy diamond narrow.
  3. Level 10 England + Wales + Scotland setup Working well ... (Not level 22 because same clubs used to create others)
  4. 1- Is dafuge challenge make the points void? As I know hotseat games we are not getting points. But we're retiring first manager before picking our teams on the challenge. 2- If custom league files make the points void even we're playing in leagues are made by SI? I got some points with playing Turkish Lower League file (1 country 5 division) but not with worldwide journeyman file with extended leagues. I got points only with 51-115 country profile with all leagues made by SI.
  5. Actually this topic might be placed on Challenges Forum but I didn't think it's an issue. I'm always playing with 340.000 players and I'm really like playing with all players. But I want to understand everyones view in this matter. Just like Dafuge's challenge and Big Euro Challenge kind of challenges not allow you doing that.
  6. Thanks Claassen You're the best You're important for the community And Now I can start new career with going over the 51-115
  7. For me Claassen's files giving me more motivation to play even from all new ideas of SI team and Miles Jacobsen. I hope he finds his motivation for updates. Because 51-116 is boring.
  8. It's seems some Turkish rules are wrong in your lower league pack for Regional Amateur league & Third League: @claassen 1- Foreign Player Rules in BAL / Regional Amateur League : There is 4 foreign player Allowed in that league. (Actually 2 under 18 foreign 2 over 18 foreign but of course hard to implement) (3rd league rules in this status is correct - No foreign player allowed) 2- Age Rules: There is some annoying age rules in Turkish Lower leagues. It's hard to comply as a FM player but realistically a must... Third league: Age rules not affecting registration but affecting matchday squad. Only 10 1992 or older born (26 years old) players can put in first 18 (Matchday Squad) There must be at least 8 player born 1993 or younger in first 18 (Matchday Squad) Amateur Leagues: (BAL / Regional Amateur League): Age rules not affecting registration but affecting matchday squad. Only 5 1988 or older born (30 years old) players can play in first 18 (Matchday Squad) There must be 2 1998 (20 years old) or younger player in first 18 (Matchday Squad) (2003 born players not allowed to play)
  9. I let them be grey. But gave the goalkeeper a contract. (He was best GK around) I scouted Tuvalu until the league start and bought the best players other teams (bonus to being an Amateur team)
  10. Just Started with 225 Country 384 leagues (claasen's 382 & Turkish Regional League file from another source) here's some tips First of all it's really slow but I like it I'm reading my book and doing my work while waiting Earliest Start date for all files > (with 51-117 setup were brazil 25/11/2015) Congo / Equaterial Guinea / Myannmar 16/11/2015 (These leagues will start at 21/12) I will restart with today's new files but last week I started in Tuvalu and I didn'T add any new player to official 350000 (maximum) there were 60 real player and no regen (regen dates changing with claasens file from previous non-playable state specially in Asia & Oceania Leagues) Still with claasen's file I don't reccommend to you add players to playable teams & add key staff... Usually grey players more useful then start of the game newgens.. In my experience I started at 16/11 and find a job in Tuvalu starting with christmas cup at 18/11 and in February league is started (I finished the league as champion in april ) Of course I might be continue that save but Starting with non-FIFA member not in my plate
  11. Last year I tried once and I sacked middle of the first season so my performance is really shows his colors... But I'm trying This year with Barwell & Here I am...
  12. I am always playing with narrow Diamond with an obsession with these AMC (Enganche) , FOR1 (Triquartista) , FOR2 (Defensive Forward - support) DMC (Regista) I bought FM16 with Lunar New year sale... So what can I use in 2 MC / 2 DC and (Full backs Wing Backs) as Roles ?... For this year... I like 2 BWM but this year not seems work for me still leaking... What's your opinion ?
  13. Watching Right Now Spengler cup on TV... So Spengler Cup & CHL are my requests... For CHL no need Current Invitations Scheme... If hard to replicate... (Chl: Champions League Hockey not Canadian one of course )
  14. I'm always play with 311000 players and it was never ever be problem for me... Yes there is too many free players etc but game always limit itself with retiring them early etc...
  15. I had similar problem with avast but I solved with disabling all security softwares from windows control center and I re-enabled them when I saw %2 It's installed without problem after than... It's some kind hit or miss...
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