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  1. I think Miller is right though about waiting for payday
  2. The first time I saw it I said no way. Then watching it back on the replay I said yeah I’d probably give that having seen a replay. Pretty much exactly what the ref did
  3. Runners up and most yellows. Will settle for that and France winning in my work sweepstake
  4. Bit off topic but as well as Croatia in this sweepstakes, in the one at work I drew England and France so a French win tonight and I'm Quids in either way
  5. Iirc Lowest points was Panama. Lowest Goals conceded is a farce imo because Uruguay conceded 0 in the group's but 3 in the knockouts. Iran and Peru conceded 2 each in the group's but never made the knockouts much like other teams that conceded 1 in the group's but have then gone on to concede more in the knockouts. So I will leave @Readingfanman to clarify that one Fastest Goal so far is Denmark's first minute goal last Sunday I believe. Card details here (Argentina & Panama lead with 11 Yellows each, Croatia and France have 8 each, Belgium on 7 & England on 5): https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/world-cup-2018/fairnesstabelle/pokalwettbewerb/WM18/saison_id/2017/plus/1
  6. Ok. You're going to have to explain it then
  7. Japan's goal is credited at 6 mins. The penalty and sending off was given after 3 mins. Ronaldo scored in the 4th minute twice or am I missing something :confused:
  8. Think Portugal are fastest goal aren't they? Ronaldo in the 4th minute in both games he's played.
  9. Will settle for that. Could have been much worse
  10. Sorry mate, completely forgot about it. Sent it now
  11. I agree. I personally think it's Iceland or Hungary. Either way we'll probably lose to whoever we play so it doesn't matter much
  12. What if Iceland beat Austria by more goals than Portugal beat Hungary? Does that not put Iceland top and Portugal 2nd too?
  13. This. Roy picked his squad based on a diamond and then went 433 with his only two wide options, with no like for like replacements when they went missing after an hour.
  14. But most children that do that are infant/toddler ages that go through a phase before learning better of it. Suarez is 27 years old ffs...
  15. I personally think any team that thinks whatever punishment taken against Suarez is too lenient should just refuse to line-up against him for fear of their players safety.....
  16. Right then, I've opted for a major overhaul but not having any luck clearing the likes of Hutton or Bent out in order to raise money. In Sebastien Boenisch - Free - Needed a LB, costly in terms of wages, wouldn't take less than £34k p/w, but he's solid enough based on previous versions of the game. John Mensah - Free - For £11k p/w a Centre Half with his ability and experience can't be ignored. Future Ins: Hargreaves (On trial atm, will probably make permanent, was 2nd choice to Reo-Coker who joined wolves :confused:), Craig Gordon (Free). Outs Given - Chelsea (£500k), needed him off the wage bill Warnock - Southampton (£2m), again ridiculous wages and wouldn't have made my starting XI N'Zogbia - Tottenham (Loan - £675k p/m, Future Fee: £7.5m, 100% Wages), got a good deal out of this, wages gone for at least a season and will make around £6m for the season Bowery - Watford (Loan), He'll benefit from it, will be nowhere near my first team so the odd championship game will do him some good. Future Outs: Want to try and offload Dunne, Hutton & Bent before the opening window, wouldn't be too fussed if Bent doesn't leave though as I've gotten the wage bill down significantly and hopefully with the additions of Hargreaves and Gordon (And possibly another 1 or 2 bargains/loan signings) I'll have improved the squad.
  17. Right then, had to wait a few days to pick up my copy of the game, but finally got round to installing it this afternoon and I'm about to embark on my traditional Villa Save. Good thread by the way
  18. I thought he looked more like:
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