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    OTF/FF World Cup 2018 Sweepstake

    Ok. You're going to have to explain it then

    OTF/FF World Cup 2018 Sweepstake

    Japan's goal is credited at 6 mins. The penalty and sending off was given after 3 mins. Ronaldo scored in the 4th minute twice or am I missing something :confused:

    OTF/FF World Cup 2018 Sweepstake

    Think Portugal are fastest goal aren't they? Ronaldo in the 4th minute in both games he's played.

    OTF/FF World Cup 2018 Sweepstake

    Will settle for that. Could have been much worse

    OTF/FF World Cup 2018 Sweepstake

    Sorry mate, completely forgot about it. Sent it now
  6. Well Justify was pretty awesome there. Cracking ride from Mike Smith.
  7. Very short price, might not get the race run to suit. But stable is in good form and a bare 2 miles is possibly not ideal if they don't go a good clip. Have to think he has a good chance with dicky back in the saddle though
  8. In the Belmont tonight undoubtedly Justify is the classiest of them but I have doubts over the trip. I'm all over Tenfold @ 12/1 ew, personally think that's a cracking bit of ew value
  9. Couple of fancied today: 2.25 Navan - Guiding Star @ 25/1 ew 4 places (Betfair/PP/Boyles/BV) 7.40 Wetherby - Stipulate @ 40/1 ew 4 places (Skybet) I've done an ew double at 25's & 33's as had some loose change in my Betfair account.
  10. Classic winners at big prices obviously runs in the family
  11. Zibriskie ran like a 100/1 shot Hazapour didn't stay. I asked my young lad to pick one out this morning (He's 7) and he picked Masar so I threw a fiver at it for him
  12. Gabrial the nearly horse 2nd again
  13. Would I be wrong to think there’s worse 100/1 shots than Zibriskie for the Derby? Held up off a slow pace in the Dante and finished quite well for 3rd, step up in trip is a bit of an unknown but I would think in a better run race he might have a chance of running into a place. Will handle the ground ok and seemed to handle the track here fine on seasonal reappearance, which was a race he probably needed. Might be worth a quid or two e/w