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  1. Funnily enough I just remembered about this when I had to payout for losing the work sweepstake today @Readingfanman is good for it, he probably just forgot
  2. 2 assists in less than 2 games worth of minutes (Spread across 5) is plenty more than some of our attacking players did in Southgate's systems. Not defending Baptista's excessiveness earlier in the thread but I think Grealish and Sterling are the only two attacking players to come out of this tournament in a better light than they were going into it. But I put that down to the cautious approach more than anything.
  3. Cheers for running this again RFM
  4. I'll quietly take my money and **** off thanks lads
  5. Rice was excellent tonight imo. Should never have been taken off. But I thought Phillips was great after he went off. For me the change at that time (And maybe 5 mins earlier) was Mount for Henderson to try and help us gain a foothold In the middle of the park. I have absolutely zero complaints about us over the tournament looking back on it. We got to the final which is a hell of a lot more than I expected and we weren't far off winning it. Bring on Qatar.
  6. This made me laugh because this could easily be a genuine Talksport caller
  7. I almost forgot about this. Only time I haven't wanted to win a sweepstake
  8. Good performance. No complaints. Ukraine were poor and offered very little but a professional job done. Semi finals here we come
  9. If it was all Sterling then how come he couldn't do it before the 70th minute?
  10. This thread is hilarious Got Barry telling us Grealish's part in the goal doesn't count because he had the ball for less than a second followed by an aj telling us Grealish keeps the ball too long I don't think he was the our best player last night but face it. We wouldn't have scored when we did without him on the field. I think people are just looking to pick holes because of all of the media hype around him and possibly trolling a bit to wind Baptista up The way I look at it is we got the line up we expected and when Southgate could've turned to Foden/Sancho/Rashford/M
  11. Both goals scored after Grealish came on, involved in both of them. I'd say we know a little bit anyway
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