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  1. How do you want to use the target man is really the question. I had success for a couple of seasons using Mario Gomez as a Target Man (Attack) with a trequartista next to him, scored bunches of goals and the role limited him from doing anything "silly" (like trying to dribble past defenders, or pass, or anything but shoot really). But if you want your Target Man to be more of a support player, ie Emile Heskey, you would set things up differently, maybe have a Poacher as his sidekick, or an AF(A). The main thing would be to figure out who he was supposed to be setting up and making sure they
  2. My initial thought... if you're throwing both wingers and both wingbacks forward, a CM(D) or a BWM(D) isn't anywhere near enough cover for the two central defenders. My personal preference when playing with wingbacks is to not play with wide midfielders at all and just let the wing backs take care of it, and cover their attack by using a DM. But... that doesn't mean the set up you have can't work, would just be a matter of tweaking it I guess.
  3. Personal opinion : I tend to use "Hassle opponents" with "Stay on Feet" a lot. I like to press my opponents high up the pitch, but I don't like getting skinned all the time. The intention is to press the opponent into making a mistake, or at the very least, turn away from goal and pass backwards. I think any of the instructions can be useful depending on the situation, there have been games where I have had to turn off the Hassle because it was almost doing TOO well, keeping my opponent pinned in their own half in a tight compact formation making it hard for me to break down. As always, it
  4. Yeah I think Gomez is an oddity, I got him to finish top goalscorer my first season but I think that was more luck than anything, and I've managed to offload him before the start of season 3. He's really not what I would consider a "flexible" player, he finishes chances, that's it. If your tactic gives him a good number of opportunities, with a bit of luck his finishing stats are really good and he'll score, but outside of that, he doesn't give you much. The other strikers listed in this thread, the likes of Rossi, Rebic, even guys like Cerri and Paloschi can at least carve out a few opportuni
  5. I haven't managed to get around to doing a Bremen thread this year, been having too much fun with Fiorentina. The overall squad quality is considered to be pretty bad. From what I've seen Bremen are likely to get relegated if left to the AI managers. Since you ditched the wingers, have you considered a 4-1-3-2 using Garcia/Schmitz/Gebre Selassie as wingbacks (Ignjovski and Bargfrede make great fullbacks/wingbacks if retrained too)? You could have a set up with Caldirola/Prodl as DC's, Gebre Selassie/Garcia as really offensive wingbacks, use a halfback or anchor (Annan or Ignjovski?), with
  6. I agree with the posts above that say to put the striker on support. I still think the HB is ok, I use a similar setup defensively in a 4-1-3-2, but I have the wing backs set to full on attack.
  7. Mmmmm that 3-4-3 from Argentina, had almost forgotten that existed. Looks like a lot of fun with some of the possible set ups today.
  8. Heh, just finished my second season playing in the Serie A with Fiorentina. Roma got relegated, so take heart in the fact that the you aren't the only one having issues with Roma.
  9. I found Neto ok too, but I never felt completely comfortable with him, there were times where like Tyro said, you just felt he should have done better. I replaced him first chance I had, and he'll be leaving my team at the end of second season. I like my backup keepers to be homegrown just to fill the requirements for Europe and now that I have Begovic he is no longer first choice. I've actually just managed to get a good ways through toward the end of my second season, I should comfortably win the league, although I was just knocked out of the CL by PSG I'll do up a post at the end of the se
  10. It's something you have to be very careful with in Italy, I have a brazilian coming in 12 months time and yeah, have to be dang careful not to mess it up.
  11. I've started playing around with the 4-1-3-2 using attacking wingbacks and a half back, seems to be doing ok thus far, but the sample size is only about 5 games. The midfield I"m using an AP(A)/BBM/DLP(S) setup, which lets the AP go with a bit more freedom, whilst the DLP sits deeper and the BBM does everything in between.
  12. Yeah hopefully, someone with some really good tactical nous will help you out too. My first impression is way too many instructions, I personally like to start my formations with no instructions whatsoever and see how it plays and then add instructions as required. I work from the philosophy that the instructions are meant to augment an already good structural tactic. The other thing I would say is, that front 4. Shadow striker and poacher will likely be looking for the same holes, and the inside forwards will be tucking in and congesting things as well. If you intend to have the fullbacks
  13. Apologies for not responding recently, been busy RL haven't had a huge amount of time to play. On the topic of Capezzi, yeah I would keep him for at least a year or two to see how he turns out, he looks like he's going to be pretty solid on my save, he's already worked his way into the first team squad in season 2. And don't forget you'll need those homegrown players for the European squads if you make it. I've also used Salifu in my save after he finished his first season loan, same thing, does a job, nice and cheap. I didn't keep Ambrosini around, but peter is absolutely right, if you can,
  14. If you enclose the url of the picture in the img tags ie : "" it should show up straight away.
  15. Yeah I think in my game Stoke got relegated at the end of S1 at which point, he wanted out.
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