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  1. The ME and the AI team is very difficult to develop but the key point is that SI stop to support the game after the 3rd patch, because they have to start working on the new one. It is clear that the IA has a problem with aggressive and attacking tactics, and they should find a solution for FM2015 and not for FM2016. I know they are a small team, but with this policy the risk to lose customers in the future is very high.
  2. This is one of the best post i read. I can't understand the reason why after 3 patches this issue still persists ( and probably never fixed since we understood that no other ME fixes will be made for FM2015 ). And the answer cannot be " your tactic is not realistic, please change it ". In real life, if a team plays every match with an extremely attacking tactic for 90 minutes, they will start losing after 1 or 2 matches. The real issue is the IA that this year is too easy to exploit ( even unintentionally ) and honestly it is not acceptable that we have to pay another Football Manager (2016) to get it fixed.
  3. There is just a pool referred to this issue: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/283877-FM2012-difficulty.
  4. Unfortunately SI into another thread has confirmed that there not will be any adjustment of the AI in this FM version
  5. I would like to buy the game but this "game is too easy" is worrying me about the purchase. I like the competition in the games! Are there future patches planned to improve this?
  6. Hi! Compliments for your skin, it is amazing!! I have only a question for you, is it possible to change manually the opacity (or the color) of the red showed in the picture below? Many thanks in advance for your answer and for this fantastic skin!
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