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  1. At halftime during team talks, be able to tell a player on the bench to get ready, as you plan to bring them on a substitute. Not sure what benefit you could add to this? Maybe reduced chance the player would get injured when brought on, due to them getting notice to warm up. <link href="chrome://s3gt/skin/s3gt_tooltip.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet">
  2. After playing against a perceived 'dirty team', resulting in injuries to your players and you get the interview question asking about your opinion on their play style, an option to deflect onto the referee would be a nice addition. Blaming the refereeing, saying he failed to protect your players. Then your comments can run through the same scrutiny you get when you complain about ref penalty decisions.
  3. Unemployed Managers in the Media When the in-game media comments on the club you are managing, similar to how former players talk about your club in a run up to a derby or a player in form, they could have the comment via a non-player. Example, I'm doing crap at Tottenham and looking to fight relegation, when we were expected to fight for European football. A media comment could come up from BBC, which has Alan Shearer (unemployed in-game) saying how I'm performing below expectations. Depending on the non-player, and any previous relationship I have with the non-player, the comment could range from controversial and damning, to doing me a favor by deflecting blame onto my players and that the club should back me more by allowing more to spend. So example, I'm the Man Utd manager, and had a few tussles with Brendan Rodgers in the past, so he dislikes me. He eventually gets sacked for whatever reason and is unemployed. I underperform at United and then get a media comment from TalkSport interviewing Rogers saying I should be doing a lot better with the resources available to me, that I've lost the dressing room and maybe United should be looking for a manager who more suited for the job with such high expectations. This could then lead to me more likely to be sacked. The opposite example being, I'm the United manager and Ryan Giggs has retired after playing for me. He clearly enjoyed his time under me and has me as one of his favorite staff. I'm once again under performing and Giggs, as an unemployed non-player is interviewed by a newspaper stating that the club needs to back me more by making more transfer funds avaliable and the players are letting the manager down. This could result in a variety of events, such as the club giving me more funds to spend, giving me more time to turn the situation around, maybe re-evaluate the end of season expectations, possible even an employed managers commenting on Giggs' comment. In all scenarios, I could be asked to comment on the quotes from these non-players, either defending myself, shrugging off the comments, playing them down or agreeing with them.
  4. Eastern Europe region split Would be nice if we could have another region, to reduce the number of countries in Eastern Europe. Moving the likes of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia into their own region, into Central Asia, or some other nations into the Southern Europe region. Would reduce the load a scout has to do on a region search, as well as tidy it up a bit. Overall, something to reduce the number of nations in Eastern Europe. The Caribbean is pretty full too, have some South American nations in there, but otherwise, not sure how how you would reduce their number. Of course I'm talking purely cosmetically and in relation to how the scouting and player searching works for these regions. I'm guessing they have other functions, presumably how contienal competitions treat these nations.
  5. Assessment of Injuries at Half-Time Would like to see the game give feedback to the user, recommending whether to take their injured player off, or if they are ok to stay on the pitch at half time, when they have more time to assess the injury. Similar to how you would see in real life.
  6. Crash Save There is nothing worse than making a bunch of tweaks and changes to your team, for the game to crash. Having to revert back to a previous save from the last weekly (ingame) auto save and having to do all the changes again. For me, as I'm sure it is for everyone else, it is a real FM mood killer. Is it possible to have some sort of recovery save that is generated when a game crashes?
  7. Newgen's Favoured Clubs (Supporter) It seems rather rare that a Newgen comes through a club, wile favouring a different club as a supporter. Example, you are unlikely to see a Newgen supporting Man Utd when they spawn as a Youth Candidate for Arsenal. Even more odd is when you get foreign Newgens coming through clubs and they support the club they spawn at. Though it's understandable, to a degree, that a foreign player may support a globally recognized club like Bayern Munich, it is kind of odd if I get a Spanish player coming through Plymouth Argyle, who also supports them. My suggestion is that when deciding a Newgen's favoured supported club, it should look at the place of birth and look at the clubs based in that city, deciding by the reputation of the clubs in that area. So if they are born in Madrid, they are more likely to be a Real Madrid fan, smaller chance of being an Atletico Madrid fan and even more so for Getafe CF and Rayo Vallecano. So now if I get a Spaniard to come through my Plymourth Argule academy, and his place of birth is Madrid, he may, for example be a Real Madrid fan. Secondly, I suggestion, though it may already exist, that Newgens that come through that had been at previous clubs before joining yours as a Youth Candidate (as shown in their history), may have their previous club as a favoured club, either as a supporter or player. Edit: ignore the second suggestion, just checked, it already does exist, at least for the supporter variation.
  8. Club Philosophies At the minute, I believe their attached to the Owner/Chairmen. I propose that they should be connected to the club, similar to how you can setup a club's formations and tactical style. Example, a club like Barcelona will always expect the manager to play tiki-taka and promote Catalan youth, regardless of who the owner/chairmen or manager is. A Chairmen/Owner can then have their own preference and another attribute which determines their likely hood to override a club's traditional philosophy to implement their own. Like a controversial figure buying out Manchester United and reshaping the club to play Long balls would be unlikely, but if they exist, they could have fan issues (think Tan at Cardiff), would could also take into consideration the supporter attributes that already exist in the game. Could also have a threshold for a club on how willing they would be to bend their physophies, depending on their current situation. If they are in a crisis, they would be more likely to allow different styles of football, instead of their tradional expectations. Like Van Gaal will most likely do at United. On the other hand, if the club is doing well, they might be more strict on the style of football. Like Capello not winning with good enough football for Real Madrid, even though the won them the league.
  9. Not sure about FM14, but in previous editions, often from my experience, I couldn't get Feeder type clubs from anywhere except in North America (Costa Rica, Jamaica, etc). Though this might change if you get your club's rep exceedingly high.
  10. 2014-15 Notable Transfers Summer: In: DR - Alexandru Mățel - £1.5M - Astra Giurgiu ST - Paul Onuachu - £625K - FC Midtjylland DL - Brahim Boudebouda - £400K - ES Sétif DR - Roland Diallo* - £135K - ASEC - Screenshot AMC - Dennis Sørensen - FREE - FC Vestsjælland DR/DL - Lars-Kristian Eriksen - FREE - Odd DL - Thiago Carleto - LOAN - São Paulo Out: AMR - Jens Stryger Larsen - £3M - FC Groningen AML - Mario Ticinovic - £1.9M - Sparta Praha MR - Mark Gundelach - £1.9M - Al-Arabi (QAT) AMC - Kasper Lorentzen - £1.4M - Sochaux AMR - Oliver Thychosen - £575K - Rangers ST - Nichlas Rohde - £54K - Gornik Zabrze GK - Thomas Villadsen - FREE AMR - Oguzhan Aynaoglu - FREE AMC - Emiliano Marcondes - LOAN - Anorthosi DL - Nicolai Johannessen - LOAN - Aberdeen MC - Hakan Redzep - LOAN - AB ST - Kristian Lindberg - LOAN - SønderjyskE AML - Bassel Jradi - LOAN - Saba Qom January: In: AMC - Mike Black* - £1.9M - LA Galaxy - Screenshot Out: AML - Bassel Jradi - LOAN - Sogndal * Newgen Continued the overhaul in the summer, the fullback position being the priority. Mățel has been a quality rightback in FM for awhile now, but often too rich for my transfer budget. With the wingless formation, I need very capable players in the fullback positions so I decided to spend big, bringing the Romanian in, a little cheaper than I hoped, often valued in the £2-3M range. I got him for a bargain £1.5M and made him the highest paid player in the team, with highest wage clause. Boudebouda, an old favorite of mine, was a target last year, but he turned me down for ES Sétif. Originally would have cost me 100K, I managed to nab him this time but had to pay a premium after he had made his debut in the Algerian national team and shortlisted for the World Cup squad. Diallo* was spotted by one of my African scouts at ASEC, perfect to deputize at rightback and with very good potential. ASEC also has a handful of other good young talent who I plan to come back for in the future. Paul Onuachu was brought in from FCM to give me depth in the Target Man position, after his successful loan spell at SønderjyskE. Paid more than I would have liked, but being that he is from a rival club, with 18 Jumping, and 14(!) Pace, he is a great prospect, well worth the price. Dennis Sørensen, Lars-Kristian Eriksen were brought in for depth, playing third choice in various positions. Lastly I had to bring in Carleto on an emergency loan (suggestion from my DoF), after Boudebouda went down for 3 months in pre-season and Mtiliga decided to get sent off 4 times in a row in the first few matches of the season. I also said goodbye to a handful of great Danish talent. Not ideal, but with the formation I play, under performances last season and one or two of them on their final year of their contracts, I cashed in. Ticinovic always seems to go to Sparta Prague, even in last year's edition of the game, not sure why. Got less than I wanted for Lorentzen, but being one of the few that had a year remaining, it made sense to shift him on now, specially considering his age. And was pleasantly surprised to get as much as I did for Gundelach, who had a decent season at SønderjyskE on loan, but who wasn't what I was looking for to play in my fullback position. Though could have stuck around for depth if I hadn't brought in Diallo*. Thinking about it, I should have kept him instead of bringing in Eriksen for third choice, but oh well, I'll take the cash. Little happened in January. Had been tracking Mike Black* for awhile. He was on loan to Pohang Steelers in South Korea and had returned to LA in January. I hoped his value may have taken a dive, but it didn't. I had actually changed my tactics at this point and needed someone to challenge Uffe Bech in the AMC role to play as a Shadow Striker and can also play as a Playmaker. Bit more than I would have liked to spend, especially considering the quality I already have in that position, but I'm bound to get my money back on him if I eventually move him on down the line. New Youths Most notable youth prospect(s) to come through the academy are: AMC - Kenny Vestergaard* - Danish - 4 Star Potential - Screenshot ST - Peter Mertz* - Danish - 3 1/2 Star Potential - Screenshot * Newgen Pretty average intake. Vestergaard* looks to be a good playmaker, though I like my players in the middle of the park to have a little better Bravery than 3. Worth keeping an eye on. Mertz* with good physical stats, and solid Finishing for his age. With an improvement to his Composure, he'll make a good striker for the Superliga. Worrisome that I've had no decent defensive youths come through, most of the other youths have been anywhere from 1 to 2 stars, so will have to look at the transfer market to strengthen my youth team. Formation and Lineup Most commonly used first team. As you can see, I've added a second formation. I guess it would be called a 3-3-3-1 (?), or as I often refer to it, the Vase. Was having a few issues with the diamond mid-season and felt like I needed to become a bit more solid at the back while retaining possession. After reading llama3's great article Pairs and Combinations: The Complete Series I was inspired to create the Vase. I've since then rotated between the two formations depending on the opponent, with varied success. Not many changes, Hansen retains his position in goal and Jensen hasn't given my any hassle about playing backup. Ifa has settled a bit more in defense (who got called up to play in the World Cup for Tunisia), often paired with Runje, who has been consistent. Gregor and Maxsø saw more play time this year thanks to the 3 DCs in the 3-3-3-1 formation. Mățel was an absolute rock at rightback, Diallo* seeing very little time there as backup, I don't think Mățel was ever injured. Leftback was hellish at times. Boudebouda started injured and was slow to break back in the team. Mtiliga decided to put on his best Roy Keane impression, getting sent off 4 times in multiple competitions. Eriksen couldn't be relied upon, so loanee Carleto filled in for 3 months. Vass and Haugen traded the DM role, the position was for Vass to lose. Stokholm at 39 is still holding down a first team role, keeping out Petry and Oumarou at times. AC getting play time when fit, though was injured on and off, which saw Issah getting called up to the first team. Upfront was once against Maierhofer and Nordstrand, though Bech saw more play time with Nordstrand's slow decline and Onuachu getting rotated in for minutes. Søren C. and Dennis Sørensen very much playing bit parts in midfield, attacking midfield and upfront. Season Superliga: Was closer than it actually looks. AGF, much like AaB last year, pushed me right to the end, leading the top of the table for much of the first half of the season, after an early collapse by my team. Had high hopes at the start of the season, with a 6-1 thrashing of newly appointed Kasper Hjulmand's Brøndby on the opening day of the season. Looking back it was more of a statement of Brøndby's poor quality than anything. Alarm bells started ringing as early as the third round with a big 2-0 loss to Randers, which didn't help with Mtiliga getting sent off. Poor form continued for the next few rounds winning only 1 game out of 5, often failing to create chances. Aarhus really put their statement of intentions down in the 7th round, dismantling us 6-3 at NRGi Park. AGF would go top and hold the position until late March the following year. At this point I was torn between whether it was the bedding in peroid of the new players, or my tactics, I decided to create my 3-3-3-1 formation (as seen above), which helped us get back on track, seeing us go on to win our next 9 matches, including a record 5 game clean sheet. AGF would continue to be hard to beat, holding out for a 1-1 draw at Farum Park, in the last game of 2014. The league continued in March, starting with a few games in hand due to the Royal League. We would go on to beat the previous 5 game clean sheet record, going to 6 games, 5 wins with a single 0-0 draw, until a surprise loss to Silkeborg at home. We were one point from going top at this stage, and pressure was on, Aarhus would once against beat us soundly, 3-0 to stay top, players struggled, goals leaked, Hansen looked dodgy in goal, I had to drop him and promote Jensen, who would only concede 2 goals and kept 4 clean sheets in the last 6 games of the season. The title was won in the second to last game of the season, as AGF struggled to win their remaining games and Maierhofer, Bech and Onuachu saw us across the finishing line. Brøndby would shockingly be relegated, after sacking Hjulmand, and selling Makienok to Palermo, who had carried them last season. Stefan Maierhofer ended the season as our top scorer with 21 goals in all competitions (2nd in the league with 14, behind Aleksandar Stankov's 17), followed by Bech and Onuachu with 16 each. Nordstrand had a few injures, missed games, and didn't score as many as he should, with only 6 goals, but did become a bit of an assist machine in the 3-3-3-1 as a False Striker, racking up 9 assists, most of them to Bech. Mățel was outstanding, 16 assists and 8 goals from rightback and getting the Superliga player of the season award (Bech got 2nd). Stokholm was our consistent midfielder, scoring important goals. Runje and Martin Hansen would break into their national teams, including Oumarou, who has gained interest from PSG, but is yet to perform as he should for us in the league. With Martin Hansen's dip towards the end of the season, and only one year left on his contract, his position could be up for grabs next year. I'm very happy with my fullbacks, though Boudebouda still needs to settle and Mtiliga broke his leg, so he decided to retire at the end of the season. Could be looking at another DC as Gregor and Maxsø weren't setting the world alight when they played, especially when I'm playing with three DCs. Vass is most deffinietly underperforming in the DM role, if he doesn't step it up soon, I might look for a more utility DM who can offer something on dead balls. AC's contract has one year left, so a decision is needed there and Nordstrand has become second choice, and may very well become third choice, as Marcondes looks ready for the first team after his loan in Cyprus. Overall, I got some major decisions to make, but preferably don't want to lose any more Danes than I already have, as it is vital for the team to not lose their idenity. Super Cup: Final Won: N 1-1 14-13p Vejle Super Cup Champions! Should have been an easy Super Cup against surprise Danish Cup champions Vejle. Vejle shocked us with a goal in the 33rd minute, we were lucky to tie it before half time, thanks to Maierhofer. No extra time, the game went straight to penalties. Believe in the current match engine, the penalty miss rate is very low, as I've seen some ridiculously high penalty results. Ours went to 16 penalties, which included the keepers taking one each. We fortunately won. Champions League: 3rd Qualifying Round Won: H 3-1 Sheriff Draw: A 2-2 Sheriff Playoff Draw: A 1-1 Celtic Lost: H 0-1 Celtic Eliminated in the Playoff! Qualify for the Group Stage of the Europa League! Fortunate with the Sheriff draw, even with Mtiliga's sending off in the first leg, we looked to be in a good position but got pushed hard in the away return leg. The playoff we weren't so fortunate, though it could have been worse. Our defense put in a good display, keeping the score 1-0 to Celtic, away from home, we failed to create any real chances, until a great piece of individual skill from loanee Carleto, who snatched us an away goal. We failed to capitalize at Farum Park, going 1-nil down early and couldn't get back into it when Vass got sent off shortly after half time. Europa League Group Stage Draw: H 0-0 Galatasaray Draw: A 0-0 AZ Draw: A 2-2 M. Haifa Won: H 2-1 M. Haifa Draw: A 2-2 Galatasaray Lost: H 0-1 AZ Finished 2nd, qualify for First Knockout Round! 1st Knockout Round Draw: H 1-1 Stuttgart Lost: A 1-2 Stuttgart Eliminated in the 1st Knockout Round! Draws galore. I always seem to over perform against Turkish teams, which continued here against a strong Galatasaray. We were struggling in the league at the time, so maybe we could have got a win if we went into the game in better form. Disappointingly got a draw against Maccabi Haifa after a cluster F@&$ of a game, with two sendings off and an own goal, when we should really be beating them. Our chances of getting out of the group stage was slim at this point. Showed better composure in the return leg at home, their single goal being an own goal from Bech. Managed to take the game once to Galatasaray, at the Türk Telekom Arena. A very much a seat of your pants game, which we led 2-1 until 94th minute goal from Drogba to salvage them a draw. It all went down to the AZ game, who had already qualified. They didn't go easy on us. Some how Galatasaray lost to Haifa, giving us 2nd place. AZ finished top with 11 points, FCN second with 7, M. Haifa third with 7, but 1 less goal difference with -1. Galatasaray under performing with 6 points. Stuttgart would prevent us from another Semi's run in an uneventful 1st Knockout Round. As for other Danish teams in Europe, AaB and FCK both failed to get out of the Europa League group stage, Aalborg coming 3rd in a group with Inter, Braga and Sparta Praha and København coming bottom in a group with Dnipro, Maccabi Tel-Aviv and a surprise 3rd place Bayer Leverkusen. Danish Cup 3rd Round Won: A 3-0 Nordvest FC 4th Round Lost: A 1-2e AGF Eliminated in the 4th Round! 4th round again, argh. AGF, who I've failed to beat all season beating my rotated team in extra time, a game we very much chased and I had hoped to push into penalties. With the success we had this season, it pains me to have the Danish Cup being the main black spot of the season and look to rectify in the next campaign. Royal League Group Stage Won: A 5-1 B36 Won: H 3-0 MYPA Draw: H 2-2 Hammarby IF Won: H 3-0 B36 Lost: A 0-1 Hammarby IF Won: A 7-0 MYPA Finished 1st, qualify for Quarter Final! Quarter Final Lost: A 1-2 Rosenborg Won: H 3-0 Rosenborg Semi Final Lost: A 2-4 Malmö FF Won: H 4-0 Malmö FF Final Won: H 2-0 AaB Royal League Champions! Big improvement to last season, winning the group comfortably, though we failed to get a win over Swedish side Hammarby. Our big 7-0 win resulted in their manager Toni Korkeakunnas to hate my guts! Tough Quarter Final draw against Rosenborg, probably the hardest opponent I could have gotten (København hadn't qualified). The Malmö game was a disaster, with Boudebouda getting sent off in the first 7 minutes, I was fuming. We got the game tied 2-2, until a 74th minute penalty and conceding again in the 93rd minute. Absolutely destroyed them at Farum Park, I threw both Maierhofer and Onuachu at them, desperately knocking direct balls and crosses at them, which paid off. We'd faced last season nemesis Aalborg in the final, who we'd beaten all season, including 2 out of the 3 matches last season. Comfortably going ahead 1-0 early from a set piece, we ended the match champions with goals from Gregor and Runje. Who Won What? Superliga: FC Nordsjælland Danish Cup: AGF Danish Super Cup: FC Nordsjælland Royal League: FC Nordsjælland Champions League: Juventus Europa League: Tottenham European Super Cup: Dortmund Club World Championship: Atlético Mineiro
  11. Done a couple of test runs, had a mini world career game (managed in the Faroe Islands and New Zealand before calling it quits), I've now started my proper FCN game and will document it here. I'll try and condense my journey down a bit more compared to last year's log. I've added some custom databases, expanded the Danish pyramid to include the Denmark Series (4th tier), revived and added both the Royal League and Danish Super Cup. The Royal League will include teams from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Faroe Islands, additionally I've added the Faroe Islands league, and made all Nordic countries playable in hopes of keeping the region fairly dynamic and feel more alive. 2013-14 Started with my standard Sunday League experience to add to the challenge (plus it's fun seeing your rep increase). Aiming to win the league in the first season, at least qualify for the Champions League and blood/rotate fringe players in the Danish Cup and Royal League, which often back fires for me, but I find it a necessary evil. Notable Transfers Summer: In: ST - Stefan Maierhofer - FREE DM - Ádám Vass - FREE Out: AML - Bassel Jradi - LOAN - Randers FC AMR - Oliver Thychosen - LOAN - AaB AMC - Emiliano Marcondes - LOAN - Silkeborg IF ST - Kristian Lindberg - LOAN - Fylkir January: In: DM - Helge Haugen - End of Contract - Hønefoss MC - Franck Oumarou* - Unprotected - KSA - [link] DC - Bilel Ifa - £600K - Club Africain Out: AML - Andreas Laudrup - £600K - Pohang AMR - Joshua John - £1.6M - Reading AMC - Martin Vingaard - £1.5M - Al-Rayyan AMC - Kim Aabech - £250K - Ross County ST - Joe Sise - £350K - Fredrikstad MC - Hakan Redzep - LOAN - AB DC - Andreas Maxsø - LOAN - AB * Newgen Due to my wingless formation, I had to do a lot of shuffling, playing players out of position, as I didn't want to overhaul the squad in the first transfer window. I did send a handful of younger players on loan, Marcondes I could have kept at the club, but he wouldn't have got much play time and with my midfield heavy formation I really needed MCs and DMs. I brought in Vass initially to play my Halfback role. At his young age, and great defensive attributes, he's bound to be a big hit. I needed a solid Target Man, and though I did glance at Brøndby's Simon Makienok, he was going to cost way too much. I found Maierhofer on a free and negotiated his contract down by giving him 50% of his future transfer fee, which wasn't going to be much, if anything, considering he is 30 years old. With 19 Jumping, he gives me the perfect target to hit crosses on to. Come January, players that failed to assimilate to their new roles were moved on. Laudrup was actually sold in the final moments of the summer transfer window, before his contract became unprotected, but I guess the South Korean transfer window didn't open again til January. John didn't adapt to playing as a striker, so he went for good money to Reading. I had planned to keep Vingaard, and with Lorentzen have them compete for the AMC role, moving on Søren C. before his contract expired, but Vingaard got a 6 month injury, where his attributes took a huge dive, so I cashed in on him while his value was still high. I did plan ahead with the signing of Haugen, as I could have brought him in earlier, putting pen to paper in July, but I wanted time to see what I could do with the current squad, so he came in January. Also had to plan for the future of my defense, with Jakobsen's loan expiring at the end of the season, I didn't plan to activate his agreed fee. I couldn't find any good free/end of contract options in December, so went ahead and paid good money for Ifa, well rounded, can play DR in a pinch and has youth on his side. Lastly need strength in the MC position, with under performances from AC during the first half of the season (and plenty of sendings off) and Stokholm's potential retirement around the corner. My African scout spotted a 5 star newgen in Cameroon, with added bonus of being on an amateur contract, I snapped him up and slotted him straight into my midfield. New Youths Most notable youth prospect(s) to come through the academy are: ST - Kenneth Madsen* - Danish - 5 Star Potential - [link] DC - Peter Hagen* - Danish - 4 Star Potential - [link] AMR - Mike Hansen* - Danish - 3 1/2 Star Potential - [link] DM - Torben Simonsen* - Danish - 3 1/2 Star Potential - [link] * Newgen Think Madsen* is my first ever 5 star newgen to come through any academy I've ever had. Solid physical stats, would like some more height, but the rest can easily be improved, providing he has the potential that my coaches are telling me he has. Hagen* looks to be the next best product to come through, could see him becoming a backup in the next few years, similar to what Gregor currently is. Hansen* isn't exactly useful to me as an AMR, he can play DR though, so he'll be re-trained for there. Simonsen* seems nothing special, though good in a few key areas, think the coaches may have over exaggerated on him. Overall, excited for Madsen*! Formation and Lineup Most commonly used first team. First off, I want to note this years FM edition is the first time I've ever really played without wingers. Traditionally I often play with either a 4-3-3 or 4-2DM-3-1, both of which I've failed to get either formations to perform this year. I found success with narrow formations, with two strikers and flooding the midfield with bodies, relying on the wingbacks for width. It's worked so far for a few saves, though it relies heavily on the quality of wingbacks and having good centerbacks to win balls against opposition that exploit our flanks. As for my lineup, Hansen was undroppable in goal, with Jensen playing backup for Cup games. Maierhofer and Nordstrand were my staple front choices, without a lot of consistent depth, John and Aabech deputized in the first half of the season, both failed to perform the roles when called upon, and were promptly let go. Bech and Rohde (back from loan) admirable replaced them for the final stretch of the season. Bech I wasn't sure what I was going to do with, he's not a great playmaker, and with no wingers, he seems to have adapted well to becoming a striker. Vingaard was my first choice AMC, and started the season well until his injury and eventual sale. Lorentzen has been inconsistent and shared time with Søren C., who also saw time in the center of midfield from time to time. Vass dominated the DM role, though not spectacular, I don't think he had a single terrible game, I'm sure he'll build on it next season. This kept Petry out of the position, so I moved him forward into MC, rotating him in with Stokholm, who was injured on and off throughout the season and AC, who saw a lot of bookings and red cards, with poor form when he did play. I can see Oumarou* becoming first choice in midfield next season, unless AC improves. As for defense, I did look at bringing in Sean Franklin for rightback, but LA renewed his contract before I could snatch him up, so I opted for Larsen and Ticinovic trading out the rightback role, both performed ok, Mtiliga did brilliantly at leftback, when fit, Johannessen playing backup. Lastly Jakobsen and Runje were first choice in the middle of defense. Runje did well, though gave up a handful of penalties, Jakobsen had a slow start but did alright. Gregor and Maxsø were their backups, both saw little play time, Gregor seeing the more of the two. Sent Maxsø on loan in January when I brought Ifa in early to give him bedding in time for next season. Clearly my main weakness was right fullback and consistency in midfield, which will be something I'll be looking at next season. Surprisingly my strikers, though having little depth, mostly stayed fit and came up big when I needed them, though I probably rode my luck there. Season Superliga: Very solid start to the season, which we needed with the upcoming Champions League qualifier games cluttering up my fixtures, winning my first 4 games, including a 2-1 home win over FC København, who struggled earlier in the season. My first loss came against AaB, whom we'd deck it out with for the rest of the season for 1st place. We struggled again in and around the European fixtures up until the 10th round, where we would start our 9 game unbeaten streak, consisting of 3 draws and 6 wins, which was rudely interrupted by a 2-0 away loss to Esbjerg. Penalties seemed to be a real bane for us in the first half of the season. I'd estimate we conceded around 10 penalties, 2 were saved and about 6 of them either costing us a win or resulting in a loss. Not sure what happened, never had that much of a problem with this formation before, including with lesser quality players, but it seemed to have sorted itself out by the restart to the season in late February. Martin Hansen was quality in goal. Not expecting a lot from him, especially considering he just came into the club, but he out performed expectations, winning the golden glove at the end of the year. Mtiliga missed most of the first half of the season and Maierhofer seemed to find better form in Europe initially, rather than in the league. The season restarted in February, Aalborg and us were ahead of the pack. At one point we were 7 points clear at the top, which we some how threw away thanks to a handful of draws and a couple of losses. Eventually we were knocked out of all competitions, with no excuses we still struggled in the final stretch, with two back to back 0-0 draws against OB and SønderjyskE. Eventually losing our lead to AaB, who were top on goal difference. 3rd game from last, we played Aalborg at home, which was vital for us to go back top and put some distance between us, I took a gamble putting on the young super newgen Kenneth Madsen*, who I had got through my academy in March, and he rewarded me with a 1-0 win, becoming the club's youngest debutant and youngest scorer. The title would go down to the final game of the season, AaB 2 points behind us, we drew 1-1 to Brøndby at home on the final game of the season, thanks to a double booking to Mtiliga and a dodgy penalty given away by Stryger Larsen. LUCKILY AaB drew 1-1 with AGF, sending the title to Farum Park! Maierhofer and Nordstrand finished with 34 goals in all competitions between them. I think I could get more out of Maierhofer with better wingbacks, Mtiliga providing 9 assists and 3 goals, Johannessen who saw a lot less games than Ticinovic and Stryger Larsen provided more assists than them with 6, they gave me 5 and 3. Stokholm was my best midfielder, which was kind of sad, considering the amount of time he spent in the physio room, with 8 assists and 4 goals, more than my first choice advanced playmaker Lorentzen, who was playing higher up the pitch in a more attacking role. Bech did surprisingly well considering coming into the team late into the season, playing out of position. Sadly there isn't much else to get excited about. Looking forward to how much more I can get out of Maierhofer next season, and going to make a decision whether to keep Marcondes at the club next season to replace Lorentzen or send him on loan again. Either way a very close season, with room for improvement. Champions League: 3rd Qualifying Round Lost: A 1-2 PSV Won: H 3-2 PSV Eliminated in the 3rd Qualifying Round! Tough draw against PSV. Not a bad away performance, getting the vital away goal, went into the second leg with some hope. We put in a very admirable performance, going 3-0 up in 29 minutes, until the penalties started kicking in, Runje giving one away in the 36th minute. We still had a chance, until PSV scored their second away goal in the 89th minute, killing out Champions League hopes and missing out on a big pay day, eliminating us from the Champions League on away goals. Overall we were punished in both legs by Park Ji-Sung, who knew! Europa League Group Stage Draw: H 0-0 R. Betis Lost: A 2-3 Spartak Moscow Draw: A 1-1 Udinese Won: H 4-1 Udinese Won: A 2-1 R. Betis Lost: H 1-3 Spartak Moscow Finished 2nd 1st Knockout Round Won: H 4-2 FC Red Bull Salzburg Draw: A 1-1 FC Red Bull Salzburg 2nd Knockout Round Lost: A 1-2 Tottenham Won: H 2-0 Tottenham Quarter Final Draw: H 3-3 R. Betis Lost: A 2-4 R. Betis Eliminated in the Quarter Final! Went straight into the Europa League group stage, the draw was ok, hopeful I could snatch second. Russian teams have always been tough for me to beat, losing to Spartak over both legs, we thrashed Udinese at home and put in good shifts against a strong Real Betis. We finished 2nd in the group, with 8 points, behind Betis with 13, ahead of Udinese who had 7 and Spartak Moscow with 6 (which was from beating us twice!). Usually never go far in the Knockout Rounds, I think my record in last year's edition was the 2nd Round against a Russian side in a close game (think we got eliminated thanks to a poor ref's decision). This year we had a nice draw against Salzburg, who I knew we should be able to beat, winning 4-2 at home thanks to our rear guard scoring goals, and holding out for a draw at Red Bull Arena. We got Tottenham in the 2nd Round, and I pretty much threw in the towel when I saw the draw, especially considering how risky it was getting in the league at the time. Still, I put out my strongest squad and Tottenham didn't demolish us at White Hart Lane. Threw Rohde on as a roll of the dice, and got us the vital away goal. I don't know what happened in the second leg, Tottenham didn't show up, they played a strong squad, and we were brilliant, destroying them 2-0 with goals from my two strikers Maierhofer and Nordstrand. Real Betis was our Quarter Final opponent, and had high hopes considering we had them in the group stage, beating them once, drawing the other. They pushed us hard, putting 3 past us in the first 45 minutes in the home game. My players didn't roll over, we got 3 back and gave them a run for their money away from home, but we collapsed, conceding 4 goals. We probably wouldn't have made it to the final, as Man City were our/Betis' opponent in the Semi Final. Heck of a run, though I think it cost us a few points in the league. Should really help the Danish coefficient, with FCK finishing 3rd in the Champions League and going all the way to the 2nd Knockout Round of the Europa League. As well as an impressive performance by Randers, getting into the Europa League group stage, finishing 2nd, but went out in the 1st Knockout Round to Leverkusen. Danish Cup 3rd Round Won: A 1-0 FC Midtjylland 4th Round Lost: A 2-3 Viborg FF Eliminated in the 4th Round! We messed up in the Danish Cup. Got a tough draw against FCM, during a heavy schedule, my squad rotation got a 1-0 win out of them, and then got Viborg, who we should have beaten. The team underperformed, though I did get a MotM performances out of Redzep. This match was the last line for a few players, that saw them get the boot in January. Probably for the best in the end, we would have really struggled with Danish Cup games and the long Europa League run. Royal League Group Stage Lost: A 1-2 Helsingborg Lost: H 1-2 Valur Won: H 4-1 HB Lost: H 1-3 Helsingborg Draw: A 2-2 Valur Won: A 3-0 HB Finished 3rd, Eliminated in the Group Stage! Big embarrassment. The Royal League kicked off just as the Superliga and European competitions calmed down for the winter, I decided to use it to rotate the squad, similar to the Danish Cup, but not as extreme with the youth. The first two games both squads didn't show up, we had to claw back the single goal we scored in both games after going 2 nil down. HB, the Faroe team should have always been a win, wasn't so worried about them, I knew in the second game against Helsingborg I had to beat them to stand a chance of staying in the competition, so I played my complete first team. Destroyed at home 3-1. Pretty much out at this stage, so rotated the players based on fitness at that stage and left them to it, with a better performance against Valur away from home without even trying. Sad. Should have had a good chance of winning this competition. None of the Danish teams shone themselves in glory in this competition, with Esbjerg and FCK both getting eliminated in the next round, in the Quarter Finals. At least it mixes it up a bit, as usually København win it. Who Won What? Superliga: FC Nordsjælland Danish Cup: Vejle Danish Super Cup: FC København Royal League: HJK Champions League: Real Madrid Europa League: Dortmund European Super Cup: Chelsea Club World Championship: FC Bayern World Cup: Portugal
  12. He must have done something remarkable at his previous position from the start of your game to 2016 to increase his rep, making him a viable candidate to manage England.
  13. Good read, gratz on the Cup. Don't forget you got Aabech who can play upfront. He did surprisingly well for me in one save as a poacher (forced into it when I was testing with existing players only). John out for 12 months is a killer, hopefully he doesn't decline. I'm interested in seeing who you bring in next season for rightback, upfront and potentially in defence, unless you pull the trigger on Jakobsen. How did the rest of the league table look? EDIT: Oh, and the owner AKP is pretty easy going. FCN had a history of being relegation candidates for years (fortunately always staying up) up until the last few years, so he has a lot of paitence if you don't meet expectations.
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