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  1. Not sure about FM14, but in previous editions, often from my experience, I couldn't get Feeder type clubs from anywhere except in North America (Costa Rica, Jamaica, etc). Though this might change if you get your club's rep exceedingly high.
  2. He must have done something remarkable at his previous position from the start of your game to 2016 to increase his rep, making him a viable candidate to manage England.
  3. Noticing a lack of fitness coaches generating at low level. Managing in New Zealand, club just turned professional and the players are upset because of the standard of fitness coaching. In 2016 and no former players have become fitness coaches, nor any regens, seems to be none in the region and no replies from the fitness coach advert for a few months now.
  4. Yes, indeed this has been a method for awhile. You can also negotiate to extreme transfer demands to set their transfer value high without them demanding it to be lowered, at the expense of either a) wanting a new contract or b) upset you didn't accept the offer from the big club. Usually 'a' unless it was Man United who put the bid in, for example. Though I've still had clubs make offers, when a player's transfer demand is at 200 million. The bigger issue, is that even with fringe, low quality and even older players, you can get harassed from clubs in the middle east, constantly. When every
  5. I'm finding it a lot more difficult than previous editions. It's taken me until now to get comfortable with the tactics, but the constant harassment from clubs interested in your players, which triggers 'player reaction' after 'player reaction' makes the man management tiresome. If they could tune them down a little bit, I'd enjoy my experience a lot more, rather than getting fed up with the whole ordeal and stop playing the save.
  6. I find the Aggression attribute to contribute a lot more to red cards in this years edition compared to prior years, regardless of the 'dirtyness' hidden attribute. I like my defenders and midfielders to have a lot of bite with Aggression and Bravery, which I've found to result in, for one example, 7 red cards in 27(ish) games, with stay on your feed shout and disciplinary man management on my half. Though this was in the earlier releases since launch. I've not played at a high enough level to have a lot of these types of players in the latest patch (doing a LLM world career atm), so no idea
  7. If I'm doing LLM I'll do like the OP says, take as little as possible. Generally not worried about job security. If I'm managing, say Man Utd or a team with high expectations within their league, I'll ask for as much as I can, for a long as possible contract, so they have to think twice if they get ancy when I have a blip in performance.
  8. Don't attempt to shoehorn heavy training schedules onto players. Player Development takes into account moral and happiness. I wouldn't set Heavy individual schedules on any players, unless it's for a specific attribute (Quickness, Agility, Passing, etc), and then adjust it a week later depending on the players response to the training, otherwise set it to average.
  9. Good find, gonna have to check him out. Usually struggle to find good and cheap left backs early in the game, I've usually had to buy Brahim Boudebouda over and over, so it'll be nice to mix it up a little bit with this guy.
  10. Does this just add the league or does it add/edit/remove any players also?
  11. Denmark: FC Nordsjælland http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/368189-FM14-FC-Nordsj%C3%A6lland-Rebuilding-The-Curse-of-Success
  12. Does this update put the players as future transfers or just moves them directly to their new team?
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