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  1. Glad you're having fun, Hess. You may donate via PayPal through the link in the first post of this thread. It would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Due to coronavirus, I've got some time to finish the file and reuploaded it on Steam. Got impacted by Covid-19 as well, so please donate if you enjoyed this project.
  3. In the game, if RB Bragantino is relegated from Série A, Red Bull Brasil automatically gets relegated from São Paulo Second Division. This is a misunderstanding.
  4. I am facing this issue with an edited file that recreates the Brazilian pyramid. Random teams that never played in top divisions get in top 10 or top 20 of clubs listed by reputation after five year or so. Particularly in my case, I fear it has to do with created "Other Division" competitions for lower state tiers, but it's interesting to notice that teams that climb up in the reputation list are always the same, no matter what they do in different saves. Everything is properly set in the editor before you ask. I ran some tests and apparently it doesn't happen when there are no edited files us
  5. There's an issue with the Fixture Schedule Across Groups in the editor. Imagine two groups of six teams, and each team play each other from the other group once. It was supposed to generate six dates in the competition schedule for a total of 36 games (six per matchday). Instead it creates more dates than that, so the 36 games are spread in more matchdays, which causes fixture congestion.
  6. More than 1k subscriptions in one month and not a single penny donated. There's a moment in life that you just can't do things for free. It was a good run. Mrt90 retires.
  7. There is a bug in the game with the relationship between affiliated clubs. The function "Cannot play in same division" doesn't differentiate National Division from Other Division. Take Bragantino and Red Bull Brasil as examples. In the game, when Bragantino gets relegated to National Second Division, Red Bull Brasil gets relegated from São Paulo Second Division, as if it the two clubs couldn't be together in any same tier tournaments at all (no matter if National or State division), when in fact it doesn't work like this. National Divisions are one thing, and Other Divisions are another.
  8. Currently, without the state lower divisions, promotion to a state championship is based on reputation. About the clubs colors, you can download files that fix this in FM Scout, Sortitoutsi, etc
  9. Copa Libertadores semi final legs should be played on 23/09 and 30/09 in 2020. The dates are incorrectly set in the game (30/09 and 21/10) http://www.conmebol.com/sites/default/files/calendario_2020_aprobado_consejo_13_06_2019.pdf
  10. MRT90 BRAZIL - FM20 Featuring: National First Division National Second Division National Third Division National Fourth Division (qualification via State Championships) State Championships (all divisions) Brazilian Supercup Brazilian Cup Northeastern Cup Green Cup State cups Subscribe to download and have automatic access to future updates: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2070652116 Did you like it? Donate to help us improve our work
  11. Currently waiting SI to resolve an issue with History records
  12. Sometimes the file is placed in the wrong folder after subscribing. Unfortunately it has to be copied manually. You can find the file under "C:\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\". The file has to be copied to "C:\...\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\editor data".
  13. Updated with promotion/relegation between Séries A, B, C and D
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