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  1. Currently waiting SI to resolve an issue with History records
  2. Uploaded as Brazil.fmf. You may test this issue with Acre State Championship (also Potiguar, Paraná, etc)
  3. The "Champion Without Playoff" function seems to not work anymore after patch 19.3 Now it records three times one year in a tournament's History screen, when the same team wins both stages. One is correct and the others are (obviously) wrong.
  4. Sometimes the file is placed in the wrong folder after subscribing. Unfortunately it has to be copied manually. You can find the file under "C:\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\". The file has to be copied to "C:\...\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\editor data".
  5. Updated with promotion/relegation between Séries A, B, C and D
  6. Of course there are teams playing Série D and non-league teams in Brazil, which might make you think these are two separate divisions. But you could also imagine it as one big National Fourth Division with lots and lots of clubs in which just a few of them can actually play the tournament per season. I've set this way in the past - the news you received are the remainings I forgot to delete (this is not causing the issue you had by the way). The problem is, by making this way, it may confuse players right in the add manager window, it's not so straightforward to pick a team that is not actually playing Série D and I remember it doesn't register the Série D campaign in the team's league history graphics. Nothing that can ruin your save, right, but it's a bit annoying.
  7. There is a bug with the league fate actions panel. In my file, I created two competitions just to establish promotion and relegation between two divisions. It worked like a charm in FM18. Now in FM19... In "Classificados para Série D", in each stage I added "Set Other League Fate" to make teams from these stages have Promoted status in Lower Division. When testing rules, I see in the Events tab of "Classificados para Série D" that it seems to work, as "Promoted, add history to manager" and "Process boost or reduction after league finish, Promoted" are assigned to the correct teams. But the "P" league fate (the one that appears in-game and actually establish which teams get promoted) is assigned to some correct teams but also incorrect teams. I ask you to review this issue because my file very much depends on this particularly promotion/relegation system. There is a creative workaround, but I wouldn't like to be obliged to use it. As I have stated before, it works in FM18... I have uploaded the file to SI Cloud Service. It's the "MRT90 Brasil.fmf".
  8. Well, we now have found a bug... I'm gonna have to report this issue and wait for them to fix it. There is a workaround though.
  9. Mind this table regarding qualification to Série D: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CBF_ranking So, when playing in Rio, exclude all teams playing in Série A, Série B and Série C. Also, exclude those which managed to get promotion to Série C at the end of the season. The three best placed teams from the Rio State then qualifies to next year's Série D. But remember: qualification matters even for teams currently playing Série D. If you aren't promoted to Série C, you'll need to have been one of the best teams from your State division to play Série D again next season. There are two "competitions" I created to help identify which clubs are playing Série D next season (Classificados para Série D) and which are not (Não Classificados para Série D). They're available once Série D gets to the semifinals.
  10. Thank you for pointing this out. This issue has now been fixed.
  11. MRT90 BRAZIL - FM19 Featuring: National First Division National Second Division National Third Division National Fourth Division (with qualification via State Championships) Playable Non-League Clubs State Championships (including all divisions from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo) Brazilian Cup Northeast Cup Copa Verde State cups Subscribe to download and have automatic access to future updates: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1566392576 P.S.: Due to some sort of bug in Steam, sometimes the file is placed in the wrong folder after subscribing. Unfortunately it has to be copied manually. You can find the file under "C:\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\". The file has to be copied to "C:\...\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\editor data".
  12. I have exported an edited file from FM18 with all the database changes cleared beforehand, so I could only import to FM19 editor the structure of a nation created with the advanced rules. Then, I have corrected all the database errors between the FM19 database and the custom nation structure (like number of required teams to competition). When I test rules, I get a series of errors. Some of them I figured out because you have excluded/changed some editor features (i.e. "Champion Without Playoff" is now "Champion Without Playoff When Inactive"), which causes the file to load with rules set incorrectly, different from those set in the FM18 editor. But there are errors that doesn't make sense. In this same file imported from FM18 editor, I got the "two rules found for competition" when there is just one. Changed the mode to "Fixed Format Rules" and the error prompted is "second leg on same day". But the cup stages in said competition have only single-legged ties. I believe the rules set in the original database conflicts with the FM19 editor test rules tool when we test rules from a file imported from the FM18 editor. And I believe so because I created this same competition from scratch in the FM19 editor and I got no errors.
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