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  1. Hi all, Possiblly a strange one, I've used the up and down arrows on my keyboard to navigate through emails in the inbox. I've found this temperamental this year. For instance: Once continue is hit and processing finishes, hitting the up or down arrows navigate through the sidebar menu. Hitting space to move to the next message works but not the up and down arrows to navigate through them following this, I am wondering if it’s just a behaviour I have or possibly by design?
  2. I wondered over time during a save if that rule ever changed to enable more non-eu signings, a little like brexit I guess!
  3. Has anyone had the rules on Non-EU signings ease over time? Currently set as two Non-Eu players signed a year. Just wondering!
  4. This makes a lot of sense, thank you for the great explanation @herne79 I'll stop getting rid of players now!
  5. No injurys to speak of, I can only think this comes down to training setups.
  6. Hi All, Can anyone explain the attached images with the drop in stats yet the player is playing the best football he has yet as shown in the match stats?
  7. Why Are The Suitable Substitute For Positions Not Highlighted On The In-Game Tactics Screen?
  8. Hi All, Just a regular player of the game, is there a way to change the font in FM18, the defaults don't look clean.
  9. I can see this point of view, I would say though it's not very realistic given the current culture within football.
  10. Can we tone down the colours on the scouting info?, When playing with the dark skin (who doesn't?) it's an eye killer.
  11. In general nice work, Not sure about the music, very FIFA. Issues so far are mainly around the UI, it's really not user friendly and slows gameplay down in areas. Below is a case in point, the in game tactic screen compared to the full tactics screen, this is now an extra click away, after the work that's gone into the main tactics screen for this year it doesn't make much sense to use this basic menu. If anyone knows of a way to switch this around for good do let me know. 7 Full tactics screen: Small thing but I've found myself brushing passed t
  12. Hi Guys, This seems to be a trend of late, any explanation to it? My guess it they can't handle the move at a young age??
  13. Thanks Olly, seems this is right as seen below in 2017-18 season, would you happen to know what the qualification credentials are, I've seen finishing 3rd and 4th mentioned?
  14. Hi Guys, Having played many versions of FM i've noticed a slow down in play mainly due to UI additions but most noticeable during commentary with the max speed seeming very slow Comparing the general game speed of FM 16 to FM 14 there has been a big slow down in processing I don't wish to go into pc spec talk as i'm running an i7 ssd 16gb machine, this is more of what seems to be a focus on interface rather than game speed with such a long term game this seems to be the wrong way to go. Am i the only one to feel this way?
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