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  1. Has anyone had any issues with the home screen on 21.2? My views defaulted back, and any time I change the panels to preferred items (e.g. player stats) they do not hold. Edit - nevermind - the option to automatically override was selected. Now I just don't recall exactly what I had before! It's not the same, but I don't remember haha
  2. Playing as Chelsea, finally sinking into a game. Just reached Feb and thoroughly enjoying the game, but a few observations / quirks below: I understand playing as Chelsea makes the game easier (been doing since the 90s), but to date P31, W27, D3, L1. My tactics aren't that good, but am enjoying the successful escapism from day to day! Board expectations - given the above, I just drew away to Everton. Board are very unhappy with that (a little perspective please!) Team stats Goals Allowed - 11 Worst. This is in fact the best in the league, and looks like the high/low readi
  3. This is great - first time using. To those only displaying half - download the dark transparent skin linked in first post (its a non purple version, looks like FM20). My question - is there a way to make certain screens less transparent? For example, the squad screen with Chelsea is actually quite hard to read with Stamford Bridge behind it. If I could tweak the skin transparency it would be perfect.
  4. For anyone having stutter/lag issues in the match engine, reporting that mine appears to have been resolved. The changes included 21.1.3 and the new Nvidia 457.51 driver released on Dec 2. I'm unable to confirm which one made the difference, but gameplay is now smooth again like the beta (for last two games). Running GTX 1080Ti very high settings.
  5. Same issue here on a GTX 1080Ti. No resolution yet. Never had this problem before or with Beta.
  6. Nicely done - very constructive. They almost look like two different games (different series). I struggle to think of any computer application in recent years that requires eyes to move so much for so little. Regarding the purple and white issue - jump to the editors hideaway and download the FM21 dark skin (pinned topic). It uses the same template, just dark.
  7. Would love an answer on this. I raised this very issue in the bugs forum also. Never had an issue with past FMs on this computer (i7 8700k, GTX 1080Ti), and had no problem with the beta. Unfortunately the stuttering is very annoying and have switched to 2D classic. My thread was closed when I raised this, and have since raised a ticket. To their credit they did reply, but am on day 5 now with an exchange of 3 emails. To date all we have done is exchange dxdiag and system reports, and tried launching the game in a forced very low setting. It made no difference, and am yet to hear from th
  8. This reads as very good news and am sure it will be welcome by all. Quick response also - look forward to playing with 21.1.3.
  9. Does anyone have any thoughts on adding Brazil and Argentina for an English start, especially given Brexit? While no official benchmarking, I've tested 4 game setups all playable and simply go on holiday for one week and observe the processing time. I should probably skip to a deeper week in the season, but was still using this to gauge initial speed. Given I am still loading players from top division clubs in South America, I wonder if this is really necessary for ARG and BRA to be playable for regen purposes. The game just feels a little slow for my speed when doing so (i7 8700k). D
  10. Does anyone know how to change the colour of the nets (is this possible in the editor)? Playing as Chelsea (as always), and the dark blue nets at home are awful. We haven't done dark nets since 04/05, and they simply need to be white nets.
  11. That is a really interesting idea. Feels like something that might even suit Touch or Mobile. Concept is fascinating. If it didn't work, they could easily expand the four categories with more, say 1-20, and include the number! Kidding, but 5 feels the sweet spot. I don't know why.
  12. Haha thats pretty funny. Anyone else think Timo is underrated and Tammy is overrated in the game? Plan on starting my annual Chelsea career this evening, although would like to sign in first window. Looks like a limited budget though so may be future deals. What kind of DB size are you all playing on?
  13. I've said before - this years version of the game is a tremendous effort and very enjoyable. However, one issue that simply has not been addressed and every time it is raised it is closed/locked with a circular resolution process. Never seen this approach from SI before and really is an approach to customer service that I detest - you simply don't get to absolve yourself from a customer issue. That out of principle will stop me buying future games (purchased since 1994). Anyway, the issue is stutter/jumpy match end graphics in 3D. - Raised in bugs forum, and here; bugs forum closed
  14. I've submitted a support ticket on this issue. Tried every solution detailed in support threads and FAQs but no change.
  15. Loving this years version of the game. As with anything, a few gremlins, but one that I really hope is cleared up quickly is the match lag that I now have (was not present in Beta). In 3D view, no matter what camera, zoom, height, etc, the engine stutters/lags for 1-2 seconds and then starts over again. Looked this up in the bugs forum, but unfortunately every topic raised just redirects to the FAQ. Fortunately the FAQ in the sticky thread references lag! Unfortunately, there is no section on lag when you get there.
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