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  1. As the title says, how do you increase the number of coaches allowed for either U23 and/or U18? My current path is U23 >> Staff >> Coaching >> Upper left corner Coaching team click the + and ask for more coaches allowed The problem is this screen leads to a conversation with the Chairman for First Team coaches.
  2. One more thing that is more evident - players needing a rest. This is across human and AI teams. They're all spent and its only Dec.
  3. The update coincided with the start of my second season (Chelsea). Fixture list was not kind - Arsenal (A), Liverpool (H), Man Utd (A), so a little frustrated by those results like, but even through pre-season I noticed: Lower penalty success rate (as noted above) Goal keeper mistakes. Went all of last season without anything glaring, this time in 5 games twice he has dribbled out, been tackled by striker, and scored an empty goal. I have since changed role to Sweeper Keeper Defend vs Support and seems better Freekicks - they go in, a lot Goals seem more spectacular, which is fun to watch The above is all muddied by new signings and coaches etc, but was a perceived difference.
  4. 35. Started mid-90s with Italia Manager, which I believe was 1995 and I was 12. First in UK, my golden CM years at Uni (so much time :)), then had family bring the game with them to the US. Steam was great for me! Skipped a few years around 2012, but FMT got me going again, and back to full version now. Beyond breathing, CM/FM might be the second highest activity in my life.
  5. Thanks - stupid oversight by me. That's what I get after a long week at work and still playing at 3am!
  6. Not sure where this belongs but in my game Donnarumma has an age of 27 in the first season, but DOB is 7/7/1990
  7. In recent years I've been playing FMT more than FM. This year I can't settle on the purple in FMT, and want to delve back into FM. I have one gripe that I can't solve. In FMT I created a manager appearance using a pic and editing. Not quite me, but it works. Some might say an improvement! Using the exact same picture in FM, I look like the devil with stark white eyes. No matter what I do or how many times I attempt this the profile just looks odd, and I can't stand looking at the computer generated image of the Manager in my profile. My question is, can I copy the file that has my FMT appearance to the folder for FM? If so, where is this file located?
  8. Thats exactly where my head was at. He went from a leading FB to somewhat mediocre (in comparison to other premier league FBs). Considering Cahill never plays, he is by and large the leader of the team, and I didn't see enough last year to suggest such a downgrade. On that basis, Alexis Sanchez should be greatly reduced also.
  9. Thanks again. Appreciate the context, and believe me I did my utmost to remove my blue bias!
  10. That's fair, just seems a little underrated IMO and is the challenge with the subjectivity in rating across continents. Thanks for the quick reply.
  11. Chelsea feedback - Kepa seems underrated. Hopefully reflected in his potential ability, but the gulf in class to other PL keepers (e.g., Allison, overrated) is concerning. I'd recommend an adjustment to his kicking. After years of watching Courtois, Kepa is so far head with kicking (Courtois 15, Kepa 12) - Jorginho's technical attributes seem low also (relative to say Bakayoko or Kovacic) - Azpilicueta seems to be toned down vs. prior years; any reason for that as he is consistently one of Chelsea's best performers - Emerson is potentially overrated - leading PL LB, but as said above, he doesn't even feature
  12. What a fascinating thread this turned out to be. Credit to Neil and SI team for candid responses. I do question some of the responses saying to add more staff - if only it was that easy in the real world! I’ve been playing FM since floppy disk days. Love it. Always have. It’s part of life. I have less time than ever to play now. FM Touch 2016 was a breath of fresh air for me. FMT 2017 was immense. I’m disappointed in FMT2018 as I feel that game is edging closer toward the full game with unnecessary complication. Anyway I digress. Keep up the good work. Someone mentioned earlier the hours played for investment. It’s hard to beat that. Going to the movies costs $50 these days. Buying FM for a similar price feels quite fair (I buy FMT on iOS and steam). Shoot there was a period I’d have to wait for family to visit from the UK to bring a version over to me - I’d have paid $100 back then! I always look back to secondary school and university days and recall the versions of FM. Way off topic but I live for each iteration to recapture that magic.
  13. Long time player (Italia Manager), yet to pick up FM18 and migrated to Touch two years ago. Checked out football manager.com website to learn more about this years iteration earlier today. Delete this thread as needed, but wanted to highlight that “touch” and three animated arrows pointing to a certain area may have been a design prank or accidental error.
  14. I'd agree and was going to post exactly the same. Played FMT17 on iPad Air 2 in 3D graphics without issue. FMT17 in my opinion is unwatchable. I've reverted to 2D view for matches. Unfortunate.
  15. I may have solved this. My iPad uses US App Store, I just happen to be in London over release date. I'll wait till midnight east coast time!
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