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  1. Great Season!!! I managed to finish 4th my 2nd season to qualify for champs league, I also won the Euro Cup. I'm looking to polish my team this summer and add one of 2 key players. I specifically need an inside forward LW. Does anyone have any suggestions? Got about 15m to spend, maybe a little more.
  2. Nice to_madeira! Keep it going I started to lose consistency late in the season, if you could get Champions League first season that would be amazing!
  3. Granada has been the most fun save I have had on fm13. Just started my 2nd season and managed to finish 5th in year 1 qualifying for Europe. With little money to spend and low expectations, I was limited in the market. Here are my first season transfers. Loans: Kozak - scored 15 goals Eduardo - disaster, terminated his loan Cossu - need a true playmaker for my 4-2-3-1 Transfers Femenia - I needed a versatile player who could play anywhere January: Lodi - Great DLP, got him for cheap Torpak - Strengthened my cb pairing, cheap I spent a total of 7.75m euros, it helped that my board gave me a better budget as I had some success in the league. I completely rebuilt the squad for Europe and my goal of pushing to qualify for the Champions League. I was given nearly 30m to spend. Here are my transfer for season 2. In: Ospina - free Igahlo - free boudebouz - free Andrada - free Muniesa - free Torje - 8.75m Kweuke - 6.75m Strandberg - 4m Maxi Moralez - 2m Capuano - 4.3m Bellusci - 4.6m Palombo - 3m Melo - loan De Sciglio - loan Elia - loan Few other young prospects Total - 34m Out: Fran Rico Yebda Diakhate Angulo Allan Ortiz Naldo Jona Iireny Kitoko Total - 13.25m I have really pushed to bring in lots of oyung prospects to build this club for the future. Things are looking good as I started the season 3/3 in my first few games.
  4. Thanks for the positive feedback rlipscombe, I am very staisfied with my football, thats what I set out to do in the first place. Just started my new season after a very good transfer window. It seems my team is on the rise again I have won 4-1, 3-1, and 5-1 so far. I'm touted to get promoted so hopefully Zemanlandia grants me this success. Mid season update to follow
  5. Jordan Cozzi's Italian Big Euro Challenge A.C.D Foggia Calcio Season Review 2013/14 First Season Treble!!! Champions Cup Super Cup Transfers Squad Zeman System Key Players: Nicola Pasini - A rock solid CB. Was extremely excited when I found him on a free early in the summer. He led my backline throughout the season Mateus - He has the quality to play for this club for the long run. Impressive attributes for Serie C2. He was solid playing in front of the back 2 offering support and spreading the ball out wide to my attacking wingbacks. Cristian Antonio Agnelli - My captain. He did everything that a Zeman midfielder needs to do. He was given the opportunity to move forward and join the attack all season. He didn't disappoint, 11 goals and 4 assists. Saved me on countless occasions. Elpys Jose Espinal - He fit the Zeman system perfectly as an inside forward. He cut inside with pace and was lethal with his left foot. A huge part of my attack with 16 goals and 8 assists. At 31 I don't know how much else he has too offer though. Caio De Cenco - Easily my best signing. Found him on a free very late in the first window. I struggled to afford his wages but I had to have him. If not for a 3 month injury layoff, his numbers would have been even better. 13 goals, 9 assists for my striker I have to say I couldn't believe this season went so well. I was a bit skeptical with the Zeman system being successful without quality players but I was wrong. We started the season off a little shaky and struggled throughout the winter, but we really picked it up after the break and went on a 25 match unbeaten run. The Zeman tactic really started to click and was very enjoyable to watch. We scored 65 goals and conceded 31 on our way to the title. I might have to make some adjustments as we move into a stronger league , but I will do my best to keep the Zemanlandia going at Foggia!
  6. Jordan Cozzi's Italian Big Euro Challenge A.C.D Foggia Calcio Associazione Calcistica Dilettantistica Foggia Calcio is an Italian football club, based in Foggia, Puglia. Foggia currently plays in Serie D, having last been in Serie A in 1995. The team gained nationwide popularity as U.S. Foggia in the 1990s when coached by Zdeněk Zeman because of its attacking, spectacular style of play, which brought Foggia continuously on the verge of UEFA Cup qualification, launching several players who later broke through at international level such as Giuseppe Signori, Francesco Baiano, Brian Roy, Igor Kolyvanov, Igor Shalimov, Roberto Rambaudi and Dan Petrescu. Once I noticed that Foggia was available to takeover for this challenge, it was a no brainer for me. My grandfather was born and raised in Puglia, and he has never stopped talking of his love for that province. I am an AS Roma fan in real life and Zdenek Zeman was appointed manager this summer. I always heard amazing things about his football from the past at both Foggia and Roma. I heard that he played a very high tempo 4-3-3 and scored more goals then anyone else but also conceded the most. I started reading into his tactics and couldn't wait for him to get started in Rome again. Unfortunately things didn't work out and they sacked him last week. However I was grateful to be able to witness Zemanlandia in Rome for the second time. Keep in mind that Zeman is responsible for the emergence of great players like Signori and more recently Totti. He has always been a manager that has given youth a chance and got the best out of players who no one else wanted. This is my ultimate goal at Foggia, to keep the books balanced while using my youth and some of the not so popular players around Italy. I'm looking forward to the long road back into Serie A. Manager Info Domestic League History Club Info Overview Squad I have alot of work on my hands with this club. Although they are one of the more financially stable clubs in Serie C2, most clubs in Italy struggle with revenue so I have to do my best with bosmans and youth. The squad expectations are to gain promotion while playing attacking football. The squad needs a complete overhaul in order to achieve greatness with my Zeman 4-3-3 and with a wage budget of 42k euro, I will have my work cut out securing contracts. I can only hope to get a parent club with lots of youth willing to play for me! Off we go, wish me luck!
  7. I saw that Foggia was potentially available and I was sold immediately. My grandfather is from Foggia and I remember how amazing they were in the 90s. Under Zeman they played amazing football. I am a huge fan of Zeman's style and I will do my best to bring it back to Foggia. On a side not I am having trouble posting images. It always says invalid url when I try. Any ideas?
  8. Has anyone had any success trying to create the Zeman style 4-3-3 currently used at Roma, also known as Zemanlandia? I have been trying with no success, it is similar to the set up of the beginning of this thread but more of an all out attack with a very high line than anything. Wingbacks offer any width while the wingers cut inside and shoot. The DM is the playmaker and the 2 cm's are expected to run up and down the field. Has anyone had any success with this?
  9. AS Roma signed: Mattia Destro from Genoa/Siena Federico Balzaretti from Palermo Ivan Piris from Sao Paolo You probably already know this but Bojan originally signed a 2 year loan from Barca, so he remains for 1 more season with the option to buy.
  10. I think its cause your not that good Craig
  11. We shall begin this Saturday. Get your popcorn ready folks! Get a preview post up asap everyone.
  12. It has returned!!!!
  13. We are looking for a couple new member if anyone is interested
  14. I can tell you that they play a 3-5-2 that sometimes turns into a 3-4-3. Hamsik and the wing backs are the keys players. Hamsik though truly an AMC likes to stray to the right making it a 3 pronged attack with lavezzi primarily left and Cavani central. The team presses Barca esque and play quite quickly on the counter. The WB's, especially maggio really gets forward in wide positions. Awesome to watch vs. the big teams, some of the best counter attacking football I've ever seen.