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  1. Thanks very much for the detailed response, much appreciated
  2. Hi, im currently in my 4th season, after having managed Kidderminster Harriers for 3 years I’ve just taken charge of Bolton. I’ve noticed that both goal of the month and goal of the season are appearing as blacked out for league 2, league 1, championship and the premier league (screenshot attached). Despite this, these awards are working fine in the national league (Kidderminster’s division) is this correct?
  3. At the end of a season, on previous FM’s there was a ‘season summary’ page detailing the best signing of the season, worst signing of the season etc for each division. Where is this located on FM 20?
  4. See the attached. A couple of those players are actually over 20 and on loans until the end of the season, yet it’s showing as 0 current long term loans
  5. The ‘0’ is showing up in the information displayed on the left side of the screen when I go to make a loan offer for a player, pretty sure it’s not referring to players loaned out . I’ll attach a screenshot
  6. Has your keeper on FM 20 ever scored higher than a 6.9? I’ve had several games where my keepers made a string of outstanding saves, but never seems to be able to score a 7 or higher
  7. Think I may have figured it out... all my season long loans are under 20 years of age. Could this be why they’re not classed as long term (I.e youth loans)?
  8. I’m sure on previous FM’s anything over 3 months was classed as ‘long term’, I’ve not played since FM 12 though
  9. I didn’t realise that mate, thanks for the clarification
  10. Playing as Kidderminster in the vanarama north on FM 20. League rules stipulate that there can be a maximum of 6 ‘long-term’ loans.... I have 6 players on loan until the end of the season currently. Despite this, when I go to make an offer for a player and click on the loan option, it states at the side that I currently have 0 long term loans? Has anyone else experienced this? Cheers
  11. I'll play a few more games, if I'm having the same issue I may have to start a new game which is a real pain.
  12. No, I've not delegated anything out to my Assistant. Hopefully it's nothing to do with installing the beta into an existing game and it's just a case of having less media stuff in non league.
  13. Hi All, Used to be a big FM player but not played since 2012, I recently picked up FM2020. I'm playing with Kidderminster in the National League North...… 4 league games in, I'm yet to be prompted to have a pre or post match press conference, nor a tunnel interview. Is this normal? I'm assuming it might be because I'm managing in non-league, but I downloaded the beta after having started on the previous update and I'm starting to wonder whether this has corrupted anything? I'd appreciate any clarification. Thanks
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