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  1. Hi Neil i completely removed Norton using their remove tool and it’s no longer on the system. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game but I am still having no luck getting on the game
  2. I have uninstalled norton from the pc and then done the same for the game. I’m still having the same issue though so doesn’t look to be that
  3. I appreciate you trying to help with this. I haev compiled the report and sent it to you ina private message. Have you received it?
  4. I installed my own version of the game and I believe steam was already on there but I used my account before downloading any games
  5. I agree about the conflicting. I don’t know how to check for malware etc but I don’t think I do. The only things that are running on the side is steam, Bluetooth for keyboard and sound. There was also nvidia centre but I closed this before trying the game. it’s still not running.
  6. I have tried this step and I’m still having the same issue. It won’t load and I need to press control, alt and delete to shut down the computer. As as I said before, it’s as if it’s trying to load but can’t. I think this because the icon keeps reloading at bottom and the cortana box in corner keeps playing same message and then deleting over and over
  7. I have now disabled all the apps on there and tried starting the game from steam but I’m still have the same issue.
  8. Ok I’ll try that shortly, not sure why I have this also as I bought the PC from a friend so may have had an amd in there at one point or another
  9. I canT attach files because the screen won’t let me whilst it’s processing fm. I can only press window button and can’t access paint etc
  10. I have attached some screen shots of applications running in background. I have tried ending obvious ones before starting like anti virus etc but still no luck. As said before, the icon appears at the bottom and then the screen freezes as if its running in background. I will attach screen shot of this happening.
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