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  1. I loved when FMC was released. But I´m an editor man. I simply don´t have the time to play the full version. However, I had so much fun creating and customizing things that I can´t enjoy a game without my tweaks. I can´t figure it out what´s the problem with editing the classic game.
  2. Thank you , Lucas. Found something on my game that is a little weird but might be on purpose: all the league matches are played simultaneously. Is this supposed to be like this? You can, using the editor, fix some games to saturdays, sundays... And the "near stadiums" tick doesn´t work well if you have all the matches played at once. In fact, I just saw two games played at the same time, at the same stadium - Maracanã. Can this be reported as a bug, or the FMC DB has its limitations?
  3. Maybe it´s too early to ask, buy has any new feature been approved for FMC 2015?
  4. I second that. I´ve been a loyal customer of FM since the CM days, more than 15 years ago. I can say that I bought the 4 ou 5 last editions just to check how the game was; the idea of actually playing the game wasn´t very good to me. Too much work, too much detail. FMC is a whole new thing, a real fun game. Of course, we all hope that the idea will improve in the future: editing (I really loved the editor), the skin is awful. I can´t understand yet the concept of "tactic familiarity" in FMC, but I guess it´s there, but hidden. Am I right?
  5. First of all, thank you for the effort. Tried to do something like your patch last year, but could not make the state lower levels work properly. Could you make it? Cheers,
  6. I´d like to create international tournements without linking it to a nation. And the possibility to create an Apertura-Clausura system.
  7. I have a simple but cool idea that might not be useful for europeans. One of the most dramatic aspects of latin american football is playing at high altitudes. Teams from Brazil or Argentina always struggle when playing at Cuzco (3,300 mt), Bogotá (2,900), Quito (3,000) or La Paz (3,600). Playing at Potosi (4,100) is a nightmare, players usually can´t run during the second part of the match, we can see players using oxygen masks, etc. Well, maybe SI can find a way to implement this in the game. Away teams could get tired quickly when playing at some high places, just like everyone does when playing in hot of damp wheather.
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