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  1. Damn, thanks guys! Now I have high hopes that my code went through. *clap*
  2. If we could even get sent the custom sleeve as a .pdf file (which we/I didn't) I would LOVE nothing more to print it out myself. Has anyone gotten this thing to work at all?? Or did everyone get an error "page" and were unable to use the password again? I PM'd my password as well, but no stress.
  3. Glad I wasn't the only one. Same story for me as the OP. I kept wondering if it might be because I'm from Norway and used Å and Ø when writing down my address. So I felt a bit stupid when I dropped those for AA and O instead, and then got told my password had already been used. So as someone mentioned, it COULD be registered then and happen to drop in the mail in 1-28 Days. And I know, it's just a cover, it ain't no biggie, but it's a fun thing and it was the special thing about the play.com pre-order. The thing that got me worrying was when I didn't receive a confirmation email. Thank you bcooper for checking it out for us.