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  1. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    Well I am still keeping my eyes peeled for more updates and hoping maybe perhaps the match engine will address some of the tactical issues. But it is quite simple actually. The tactic video update said a lot but did not address the problems of stale 90s tactics. If a football management simulation game can't even get the most basic in shape (tactics, AI, match engine), is there even a need to try the demo? Mind you, we are not talking about the peripheral stuff but the main thrust of the game. I don't see how I can play a football manager game when I can't get even close to the tactical realism of the modern game.
  2. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    I am done with this game for now too. I can't spare the thought of playing a football management game (that prides itself on real world similarity) that still has a lot to catch up on with regards to modern football tactics. It just feels like I am playing a very flawed football management game, when I want so much to be able to replicate modern football tactics with it. In fact, out of 10 points being a 100% match (which is impossible), I don't think SI is even a 5 at this moment. I have spent enough time on this game. Time to stop wasting my time.
  3. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    You said it. It is an improvement, for sure. It seems like the interface is clearer now, with the ability to do more, easier. But if one seeks to play the game in a way that mirrors real life he will be disappointed. The defensive part of the game is very lacking, as are things like pressing triggers, passing lanes, when to pass, where to compress play... In short, the tactical ship has sailed, and SI is trying to play catch up in a paddle boat.
  4. Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    Appreciate that little insight Neil. My thought was that if pre-orders are high it might lead to SI thinking all people will just buy anything that they put out, which might lead to complacency haha. Anyways I understand better now. I just hope that the team will continue to crack on in terms of the most basic elements of this game: tactics, AI and match engine. Basically, realism to the modern game.
  5. Football Manager TV: Dynamics

    For me, what is turning me off the game that I have played for so many years is the fact that the tactics, AI and match engine have not even reached a minimal level of expectation for a football management game. I used to just enjoy the game without thinking too much else. But as I get older and develop a better understanding of football I realise how woefully inadequate SI is in terms of the tactical aspect. Football has moved on heaps in terms of tactics. I do not profess to be an expert in tactics but even with the little knowledge that I have, I cannot even implement it on my team and the individual players. It is frustrating and almost criminal for a game that prides itself as the best in the world with regards to realism to the actual game. I believe that the diehards are those who are still relatively young. Because once they start having a deeper insight on football they will probably realise what I found out, and chuck the game aside. My two cents worth is this: Rather than trying to add more fluff (which will probably create more issues, which will then put the bigger issues in the backseat) to justify the price tag, I think SI should spend the next two-three seasons to focus on improving the main aspects of the game, and releasing them at a discounted price. I believe doing this will bring back the fans they have lost over the past few years.
  6. Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    I agree. And I also feel that not pre-ordering the game keeps SI on their toes.
  7. Football Manager TV: Scouting

    To me this is a better feature than dynamics. More true-to-life, which is what we all want from a football management game. Having the scouting more closely mirror real world scouting will give the game a massive leg-up in terms of realism. Now, onto tactics.
  8. Football Manager TV: Dynamics

    I beg to differ. I don't think the AI is smart enough to handle that. lol I have seen countless times my attacking players, especially the striker, who finds himself having to defend a counter attack from a set piece, chases after a player till the middle of the pitch, fails to cover or put in a tackle and then runs back to his striker position. My defenders were still out of position and all he had to do was to track him long enough and hold up play for the defensive shape to return, but he freaking ran back! It was funny and frustrating at the same time. And mind you, I had instructions for all my attacking players to press, and I don't set up my team to be very attacking. I am a defensive-first manager. It is hilarious (and shocking) how the AI can still be so awful at this stage of SI's development. It has been like what, 20 years since SI have created this game? There are so many major issues with the game at the basic level that SI really need to focus on. I am willing to give this new dynamic feature a look-see and see how it pans out, but I honestly don't see how it can be a game changer. I really hope to see an announcement on AI soon, along with tactics. Please, SI.
  9. Football Manager TV: Dynamics

    I stand corrected on the tactics till i see the full launch of the 2018 game. but from the video it seems as though the tactical improvement is a minor part of 2018. let's see, i am happy to be proven otherwise. westy and mbarbaric brought up very good points. and a few other posters on here too. tactics are really inadequate and should really be the first thing that has to be improved upon, especially so for a football management game. years ago i used to be able to play FM without looking much at the tactics, just set a formation, put some instructions and play. but football has moved on in terms of tactics. it is a lot more in depth now. and through the internet I am learning more and more about it. the more I learn, the more i realise how woefully inadequate SI is in this aspect. and honestly, i have stopped playing the game ever since. in fact, I think it is hard for those with a decent level of knowledge in football, for example semi-pro coaches and above to even want to pick up the game and play. not saying that i have good knowledge. to have new features is good, and important but to me, nothing beats having a really up-to-date tactics implementation. just out of curiosity, does SI work with a team of football experts? or are they mostly developers?
  10. Football Manager TV: Dynamics

    I might have missed that. I will await till everything is revealed before I comment. I would like to see the different sort of pressing being offered, mid press, full press, 7 secs rule... Even tactics like passing lanes, how we defend set pieces, full man to man or mixed. Individual tactics like who triggers the press, who covers which part of the pitch. I don't expect everything to be, it is nearly impossible but a marked improvement would be great. again, i will await for more to be revealed.
  11. Football Manager TV: Dynamics

    Fair enough. I hope they announce the tactics improvement (if any) soon. If it is a big leap (as it should be) I was expecting it to be the first thing they introduce. But so far, from that overview video it seems nothing, yet. I do agree that there are casual players of the game and not all are keen observers of football. The tactics should still be updated to reflect the modern game, and let us choose what sort of tactic we prefer. It can be a simple 442, or a more modern Klopp style of football, for example. This to me should be the basis of a good football management game.
  12. Football Manager TV: Dynamics

    I would suggest this: fix the three biggest and most fundamental issues of this game: - Tactics (the lack of it) - AI - 3D match engine Something along these three issues, and at the same time, add small, important features like player interaction, stadium/crowd realism, celebrations... the likes. The problem right now if this dynamic feature is that SI keeps adding more and more layers to the game, which often add new issues to the game. And then they have to fix this new issues next year, which then puts the other bigger issues in the backseat. I personally feel that the features they add now should be more thought through and well implemented, if not they will just be adding more fluff.
  13. Football Manager TV: Dynamics

    You are taking it to the extreme. Tactics is the most important aspect of a football management game. But right now, tactics is so lacking it seems as though that part of the game is stuck in the 90s.
  14. Football Manager TV: Dynamics

    I don't disagree with you totally. I have nothing against SI having new features. This is something that I welcome, and I alluded to that in another post. In fact I don't think people are against them having new features. It is the lack of effort shown towards tactics that is giving people grief. My issue is on how the main thrust of the game, the tactics, has not been improved upon for the longest time. This to me should be the most important thing they do: overhauling the tactics. If the tactics are still stuck in the 90s then nothing else they do will really give the game a quantum leap. Let's face it, whether you like it or not, this new "dynamics" is not really that big a leap. Yes it is a good feature to have, not a must though. If there is a ranking of what should be changed, improved or added upon I am sure most, if not everyone will say that the tactics will be top of the pile.
  15. Football Manager TV: Dynamics

    it needs to be implemented with a lot of thought for it to work well. but the more I think about it the more I think that this new feature will open up another can of worms. as it is SI already have more pressing issues to fix.