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  1. Hi Matt, I was wondering if you could advise me how I can turn football manager to offline playing and how this works, so that for example if I am out and dont have an internet connection that I can still play the game. I was also wondering if you can advise me if football manager can be played on netbooks as I had previously installed my FM2009 on my netbook but it wouldnt let me play the game saying "unable to open full screen mode" Mick
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can tell me how I activate my football manager to use if offline and not logged into steam Mick
  3. hi wonder if u can helpi pre-loaded the game but it keeps givine me an error when trying to play. i could play demo ok
  4. So you must have the patch first, so am i correct in thinking that it will be a few weeks till the patch is out or is it available now, so you will need an internet connection till the patch is added
  5. Hi Matt, Can I just check that I understand the way it will work for me as I am buying through steam. I can install it and on first use I can set it to playing offline, thus meaning if i gave up my internet connection I would still be able to play the game, that correct, sorry i am making you repeat yourself I am new to these forums