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  1. Is my game updating?

    Okay cheers for the help Hunter! Mods feel free to lock. Apologies!
  2. Is my game updating?

    Well I hadn't any active saves prior to the update and when I started a new game it asked me to select database which I chose default, but then under that it said version 15.0.0. I have just checked the main menu however and that says 15.1.3 so I can assume it is working okay and even though when I start a new game it says version 15.0.0?
  3. Hi guys! Sorry if this is in the wrong section and feel free to move/request me to post it in the correct place. My question is regarding updates and the version of my game. I bought FM15 on launch day and have it installed via Steam. Now I noticed a couple days back it downloaded an update but each time I open my game it still says version being used is 15.0.0. Should this number change with each update? Or am I being a bit dim here. I'd appreciate any help I can get as I wouldn't want my game to not be updating correctly. P.S I downloaded the fix so real names of competitions were used and the German National team is fixed, would this affect my game updating at all? Cheers
  4. Messi

    I often play Lower League teams so don't have much experience of being able to use Messi or any other world class player in my teams. What I am most interested in is after the year Messi has had (85+ goals), has anyone had anything comparable or better than this in their saves? How good can Messi be and how many goals can Messi potentially score in a season? My personal best in Lower League is around 45 goals for a player in a single year so wanted to see what has been achieved with Messi!