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  1. It seemed to work, not sure what he did but I was able to take control of my squad. Cheers mate
  2. Wasn't sure whether to post this in the online forum or this forum...but here it goes. My friend is the admin of a network game and my internet crashed right before I had some important things in my news feed. He started his match without realizing it and had an emphatic win against Man U. Understandably he didn't want to have to replay the match, so he took control of my profile to make sure, in my absence, the game didn't make any important decisions for me. He saved and quit. Today we are trying to play and he is still in control of both his team and my team and he can't figure out how to relinquish control of my team. Any ideas? Anything we are missing? I tried to post a picture of the status screen but kept getting an error, and also getting invalid URL when trying to add the Photobucket picture, but maybe the direct link will work - http://imageshack.us/a/img832/4098/kxca.png
  3. FM 13 Looking for thread

    Club: Chelsea Budget: Under $10M per player Looking for: Any position, U18 to rebuild the youth system With: 140+ PA Other: The younger/cheaper the better Season: 1st
  4. Any ideas on potential 15-17 year old youngsters to inject some quality into the youth program? They don't have to particularly be world beaters, just decent prospects (3.5+ stars) that clubs will sell for a decent price (under $10M or so). Looking to rehaul my youth system and am finding it difficult to find players that clubs are willing to let go.
  5. Young Talent?

    Hey guys. Playing as Chelsea and I usually like to start the game off by overhauling my youth system and swooping up as many quality (3.5+ star potential in previous games, but it appears now there are a lot more 4+ stars) players under the age of 18 (and preferably aged 15-16). I'm having some issues with FM13 - there seems to be a decent amount of quality out there, but clubs are being really obstinate in their willingness to sell. Any suggestions for young, semi-cheap, potential 4+ star players? I apologize if a similar thread exists, but most threads I see about wonderkids are seeking potential worldbeaters, I'm happy with guys with PA's around -7 or so, as long as they are available for under $10M.
  6. Cheers guys, starting up my FM13 save. I have a lot of questions because this year is quite different than any other for Chelsea and for myself in the game. I feel I have to utilize wingers because of our team makeup, and have never had a formation with Wingers before (in FM10/11 used a 4-1-2-1-2 diamond, in FM13 used a 4-3-3 with three midfielders/strikers). These leads to a few issues, however: 1) Midfielders. I need 2. I want to have a ball-winner (Mikel/Romeu) and a deep-lying playmaker (Oscar/Lamps). I feel that with only 2 midfielders, and 4 attackers I have (2 wingers, a Trequarista, and a striker), it's important to have a ball-winner. However where does this leave Ramires? In the past I've usually used him as a box-box midfielder alongside a ball-winner and a playmaker of some sort, but if I were to do that in this game I couldn't really use either Mikel/Romeu OR Lamps/Oscar as I'd want to - which seems unacceptable. What do you guys think? Ramires is too good not to use, but he doesn't have much place here. Can he be used as a winger/defensive winger on the right adequately? 2) Strikers. I always want a target man/complete forward of some sort. We know how Torres isn't what he used to be - though in the game he (judging from FM12) can still be really good. I want to sign a big man up front, and have some options. Sturridge is good but expendable, so I'm thinking of offloading Sturridge (or relegating him to a supporting role on the left) and signing someone like Ba, Llorente, Falcao, Cavani, etc. to be my main main up front. I can sign Ba for pennies ($12M) to be man up front for the first season, and then look to sign Llorente for free the next year, and have Ba/Llorente/Lukaku as my striking force for a few years to come. What do you guys think about this? 3) I've seen a lot of people want to use Hazard in the middle, but it seems like the game wants us to use Hazard on the left and Mata in the middle (Hazard as winger Mata as Treq). Has this panned out for anyone? Has it panned out with anyone who has used Hazard in the middle? 4) For the first time, it really looks like no signings are needed (except for maybe strikers since I want a more physical man up front as opposed to Sturridge/Torres - I feel that, in the game and in real life, we're lacking a real aerial threat up front). What areas has everyone looked to improve after the first year or so (if anyone's made it that far)? I usually go for youth in my saves and sign maybe one-two marquee players per year, but our team is stacked and this may be unnecessary. What wonderkids are out there that you guys have signed? 5) How has our defense been holding up? I'm not worried about our back 4 in the game (we have 2 leftbacks, 3 CBs, 2 rightbacks - one of which can play CB just as well). But I'm worried that the rest of our lineup is a little lacking defensively. Has the back four plus some sort of defensive midfielder (or perhaps box-to-box) been enough to keep the goals out? Who has been your better CB - Luiz or Cahill? And who has been the better RB - Ivanovic or Azpillicueta? Any insight would be appreciated, and good luck to all of you with your saves.
  7. For Cole: Jack Robinson, Alex Sandro, Domenico Criscito, or Cesar Azpilicueta. For Lamps: Depends on what role you had him in. Ramires/Meireles can play box-box, Marek Hamsik can play DLP or AP. Radja Nainggolan is a player I've been after in my game for a potential replacement, he looks incredibly good.
  8. My bad, was wondering about some of those names in there.
  9. You missed some good young goalkeepers - Alphonse Areola, Thibault Courtois, and Matej Delac are all very good options. Also you did not make mention of Salvatore Bocchetti or Cesar Azpilicueta - two world class defenders in my opinion.
  10. Yeah, have you ever done any reading on how training works? Didn't know this until recently, but all that matters is the ability of the coach (training the particular category) with the highest stars, and training is more effective if you have a 'light' workload. So having a 5 star coach and a 2 star coach on a category (as long as the workload is shown as 'light') is better than having any number of 4.5 star coaches for that category. I was wondering if you guys had any 4+ star coaches for ball control/shooting because I'd like to find some in my game, all my categories are 4+ except for those two.
  11. Anyone have a coach who is capable of 4+ star training in ball control or shooting?
  12. FM12 : Good Full Backs

    Name: Cesar Azpilicueta Age: 21 Nationality: Spanish Club: Marseille Position: Natural DR, Accomplished DL and WBR, Competent MR and WBL, Unconvincing ML, MC, and DM Value: $6.5M Sale Value: ~$20M Work Permit Needed: I believe so. Starting Salary: $32K/week Expected Salary: $65-80K/week first contract Recommended Position: Right back, but he can easily be a first-choice left back. Pros: Excellent teamwork and work rate. Has a truly professional attitude and approach to the game, potential long-term captain. His long throws are a huge threat. Also available for a very low cost for a player with his potential, but his salary demands might be slightly elevated. Hidden stats/potential ability: This is him at the beginning of the 3rd season. He's a very similar to player to Philip Lahm, and in fact slightly better overall statistically.
  13. Puzzled by goalkeepers.

    Cech usually ends the year with one of the lowest ratings of any of my starters (at between 6.9 and 7.1), yet FM easily recognizes him as easily one of the best keepers in the world. (I believe in FM10 Cech was rated the best at his role according to Genie, followed by Adler). It's not because he isn't good, it's because he only faces a couple shots per game and many of the goals that do go in are near unsaveable...so the ratio of goals conceded per shot faced isn't as good as some of the lower-level clubs whose keepers have to stand on their head half the game.
  14. FM12 : Good Centre Backs

    Name: Salvatore Bocchetti Age: 24 Nationality: Italian Club: Rubin Kazan Position: Natural CB, Accomplished Sweeper and DL Value: $10.25M Sale Value: ~$30M (note, American Dollars) Work Permit Needed?: No? (Easy to get if so) Bought him for Chelsea for $35M. 3.5 star potential (now 3.5 star rating). There is a picture of him going into my 3rd year. He's been my best CB by far, surpassing Terry, Luiz, and Ivanovic. Genie stats: Pros: His salary demands are not high at all, considering in the beginning of the game he's earning less than $25K a week. He is available for relatively cheap compared to many world class players, and he can go straight into the starting lineup of nearly any club. Cons: The $30M price tag might scare away lower-mid level clubs. Recommended role: Ball Playing Defender - Cover