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  1. usually time waste plays an important role. if you play with very low time wasting, you will often see your wingers running down the line and immediately cross, which will often lead to useless balls, since there is badly someone waiting in the box, as the wingers just too quick, but if you play with a bit time wasting, they will just stay and wait to get tackled, as you described. maybe setting crosses to often might help
  2. mate, just dont pay attention to those. had these kind of problems a few months ago in another forum, when I was new to the forum and released a tactic, which completetly put all the other under shadow, then the first guys came and started to ask me questions like "why is counter attack not ticked on, when you describe your tactic as counter attacking system, why do you play with offside trap, why does you striker play like a poacher, hes set as a complete forward and so on..." if you pay attention to every single of them, believe me mate, you dont even have that much time or lets say, you don
  3. so you didnt change the settings of your cms just the playing style to very rigid? if yes, than its absolutely ******** that they play much better because of the philosophy. as long as the settings are changed individually, the team philosophy will have no effects on the style of play!!!
  4. sir, I think the philosophy slider is just there, to have a certain mentality system. so like rigid means, no matter whether your striker is on a support duty or not, hell be always havin a higher mentality as for example your amc or winger with an attack duty. in a more fluid system your players mentality will be as close as possible to each other. but it will definately have no effect, if you chose a fluid philosophy and change the mentality of any single player individually so that you have a ultra rigid system in which all the 6 def. players are defensiv and the 4 attacking players ultr
  5. so what did you change so far? giving both mcs no rfd? and what about your fullbacks? are they allowed to make forward runs?
  6. lol I was writing about how to stabilize the midfield, since I wrote that giving tight zonal marking to your CENTRAL MIDFIELDERS will lessen the gap between your midfield and defence, since your central midfielders will not stay that high up the pitch!!! but I wonder why youre complaining about your defence, when I see your screens^^
  7. mr hough, I have changed my 4231 deep to the manU 451 with the central midfielders, one amc and 2 wingers and I must say that its unbelievable, well must admit, that giving your two central midfielders tight zonal instead of tight man marking will definetely mean smaller gaps between d-line and midfield. just try it out, I have one cm with defend duty who has mentality 7 and closing down 12 so acts more like a backup for the 4 attacking players and his partner. as I SAID, pls try using tight zonal for your 2 CMs it will definetely improve your defense. also giving my covering central defend
  8. mr.hough, im now playing a flat 4411 and have some defensive problems. as the invincible tactic does not contain a DMC aswell, I though your tweaks might help me aswell. so you said, you just dropped the d line to very middle and thats it right? you didnt make any other changes like changing the mentality/closing down settings of your defensive players and so on? logically, if you are solid with your tweaks, I guess I might be even more since I have an extra midfielder who supports the team defensively. would be nice if you could help me!!!
  9. couldnt you still upload it? or do you think, it would be a little bit disrespectful towards the user?
  10. mr.hough, could you upload this invicible tactic, which you have tweaked to a 4222? would be very nice, as I want to see, what kind of changes you made
  11. well a diamond formation is still something else than a 22123 lol even the 451 of ferguson, which some people compare to the legendary 4123 of mr.hough is quite something else. remember, in mr.hougs tac the two side strikers are regarded as normal forwards and not very attacking wingers. the role of the offensive winger is being considered as AMR/L so for example, I want to play with manutd and wanna use his tactic. do you think, nani and valencia would fit to the role of the side strikers?
  12. well mate, looks not bad, but I guess what we fm users dont neet more is another narrow tactic. we want to have winger tactics similiar to what top teams irl play. so 451, 4231,442 and so on. did you ever see manutd or barcelona, ac milan and so on playing with this kind of a tactic? or a tactic with 1dmc, 2cm and 3 main strikers?
  13. guys, do you think, giving my striker more than (10) for creative freedom would help him to find better chances and so on?
  14. ok thx. I got time, but pls test it with d-line 12 notches aswell. seems to me much more solid, since the opposition can not run so deep into my own half!!! anyway good luck and have a nice day
  15. mr.hough you could also increase the d-line from 8 to 12 notches, since ive observed, that the opposition has to much time in my own half and can come very deep into my third.
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