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  1. guys, very very good news for you first of all sry for not putting the tactic online on monday, as I promised, but believe me guys, im on a good way and I just needed to go sure, that this time, its really perfect, so that I dont need to close the thread after a few days i used the tactic from fm11 and with the games passing by and having finally played enoug games to see where the changes are, Ive tweaked my fm 11 tactic a bit. its not a big change, but the results are fantastic so far. its still the deep 4231, just need a few more games to go sure, that it still works tonight is gonna be a good night!
  2. when I read the op, I just remember, how I became fan of west ham it was in fm 09, when I was looking for a traditional team from england, who should have some potential, aswell as should be in my favourite city london. at first, Ive fell in love with their beautiful emblem, so thought to give them a go and this was probably my longest savegame ever. I usually get bored afer 2-3 seasons, when Ive won everything, but with west ham, I went till 2018 and played until the new version of FM was released. then, a friend of mine told me, that there was a film about west ham and its fans, so I came to Green Street Elite luckily, in 2009 we made a trip to london with my english class, I asked some friends, whether they would be interested to visit a game of west ham and after collecting 6 friends, bought the tickets for the little london derby against fulham the atmosphere and all the surroundings were just amazing, especially if youre a freak like me, who has probably watched GSE 10-12 times and still watches them over and over next season, I am going to visit my cousin and I hope to visit a premier league game of my beloved west ham again.
  3. so, finally finished the season. all in all, I am quite happy, could have been much much better, when I just had noticed this team talk problem earlier... anyway, since I changed my team talk strategy, Ive only lost to barca and real and the rest of the games have all been won. reached the semi finals of the champions league, but unfortunately got drawn to the team, I hate most to play against and we did very well, unfortunately conceded 3 goals in camp nou without giving them one ccc and I was also leading... won the spanish cup aswell Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us tactic and a new thread coming tomorrow. I did 2 little tweaks and need still some testing...
  4. thx for the support guys, Im almost done with the first season, so today its going to be finished and by tomorrow or maybe tonight, am gonna do the new thread. Ive made a little tweak in my tactic, the last results, you can see in the general forum, in my "annoyed" thread. currently playing spanish cup final, being in the semi finals of the champions league and 3rd place in the league, but have collected more points than any other leader from the other top leagues, but barcelona and r.madrid's performances are just unreal and you cant really beat them in the first season
  5. my experience tells me, that it all depends on whether your players are motivated or not. its not only for the attacking midfielders, when youve used the wrong team talk, or your players morales are low, then your DMCs, defenders and so on, will also hesitate to go into challenges, to make tackles and so on... I am currently using my fm11 tactic, as its still the same ME, at the beginning, I had a lot of difficulties and got really beaten by lower division teams, because I just couldnt get the right team talks and so on... then Ive found out my own way and now can see completetly different results. not only the results, but my wingers closing down the full backs, my amc is trying to go into these rebound challenges, my DMCs are doing their challenges and my center backs dont watch the opposition striker running free till my own box, much rather try to tackle him away. it all is connected and dependant on morale and team talks. thats what Ive learned in FM12
  6. currenty in my everton save, Ive managed to only concede 5 goals in 11 games and only score 18 goals. had a lot of 1-0s 2-0 2-1... in my villarreal save, I had the best defence in the league and the 4th best offence. so, still enough to show, that its not right. it all depends on your settings. can you show me one team, which plays this 4231 as you do? all these big teams are playing a 4231 with 2 holding midfielders and not central midfielders. germany did it with schweinsteiger and khedira, real is doing it with khedira and xabi, inter did it with cambiasso and motta when they won the champions league. no team in the world is playing this formation with two central midfielders. it would mean suicide. would be too attacking and thats, what is unrealistic. how about trying it with two DMCs?
  7. just check my thread and see my results with the 4231 deep. since 2 years, its been one of the best tactics out in the community. so its enough to say, that you can have success with this tactic
  8. definately mate. I have two exams to write. on 13th february, Im done for this semester, so I am going to have a lot of free time. Im still looking to create something, but as the previous times, had 2 good tacitcs, which I had a very good run with, one was the barca 451 with villarreal and one was a tweaked 4231 with betis sevilla, when I had a run of 11 games unbeaten, with a goal difference of 43-7, but unfortunately, like the other tactics, it suddenly lost its effectiveness and I started to lose and lose and was almost getting sacked, when I didnt chance the tactics. team morale and team talks have much more impact on the results, than the tactics itself. for example, in fm 11, I had problems with complaceny aswell, but it was never that big, that I suddenly started to get dominated at home against a lower division team, in which I had only 5 or 6 shots at home, while the away team was absolutely dominating me. it was much more a problem of strikers being to complacent in front of the goal, were missing a lot and so on... as soon as I have the feeling, that this one hasnt changed in the new upcoming patch, I am not going to play this game and much more continue with fm11. everyone has its own preferences and style and expectations from a game. I regard football manager as a football simulation game, which should be as realistic as possible in terms of transfers, players attributes, match engine, modern tactics and so on, but it should still be a computer game, in which you can challenge the AI with your tactics. I want to say to myself, look, youre playing with a much weaker team, but due to your tactical knowledge, youre able to beat any opposition. I dont want to waste hours and days on a game, trying to create something and then just see, that it probably is not my tactic, which failed, but much more other factors like team talks, team motivation, morales and so on... yes, it might be more realistic, but irl, you also have other options to chose from, like when a players has low morale, because he has been dropped from the national squad, I can have a talk with him irl and can promise him, that as long as he works on himself, shows some good performances, your national manager will regard you as a option in future and so on... if SI has the opinion, that this part doesnt need to be changed, then they should give us by far more options to motivate our players, to be prepared for more than 1,2 typical situations, in which the players are demotivated.
  9. usually time waste plays an important role. if you play with very low time wasting, you will often see your wingers running down the line and immediately cross, which will often lead to useless balls, since there is badly someone waiting in the box, as the wingers just too quick, but if you play with a bit time wasting, they will just stay and wait to get tackled, as you described. maybe setting crosses to often might help
  10. mate, Ive used your tactic to get some ideas, tweaked it a bit, used a deep 4231 formation, unfortunately ****in corner bugs and an own goal gave me the end in the first game. what Ive noticed is, that I had much more possession and created much more chances, when I switched from very short passing to defaul (very middle) Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  11. definately FM12's fault, rather than the tactic itself. me myself have had so many experiences like that, when I had some really good runs of 10-15 games and suddenly were dominated against wolves and swansea at home with my everton side. its because of the rigged team talks and player-interaction system!
  12. mr.hough youve shown me, that its still possible to create an awesome tactic in this years fm. you were always an inspiration for me, I had given up on fm 12.1.1 but now am motivated and gonna be on my way to try creating something special thx for the motivation mate
  13. horrible defending, horrible positioning when the opposition has a throw-in in my own third, wingers acting like headless chickens, crosses and wing play just dont exist, the trequartista (moves into channels+roam) just plays one dimensional (only running forward or dropping deep, no running to the flanks, supporting the wingers, offering passing options on the wings), poachers dont hold the line and instead often dropping deep so that we cant play a through ball, players often acting selfishly, wingers and amc dont do anything defensively and just staying arround, horrible player-manager interactions, player morale system just awful, team talks having too much influence on the results, cant play 5 games in a row successfully since one week youre dominating at old trafford banging the hell out of manuth in order just to beeing outplayed by wolves at home and you wonder, where the problems lie and discover, that it aint your tactics and so on... THX SI, you finally did it! Im out guys, dont wanna waste my time with this rigged game anymore. maybe well see us in a few months, when SI has brought its latest patch and I can see some improvements in the ME. until then, am gonna play fm 11 and fifa manager 12, at least these games bring me the joy back and I know, that you can create something with your tactics and only your tactics have an influence on the outcome of matches. wanna thank you guys, for supporting me, testing my tactics, uploading several screenshots, giving conctructive feedbacks and for wating so patiently. feel very bad and pitty, but believe me, the last 10 days, Ive spent hundreds of hours to finally produce something, but it seems like the way I imagine how the game should run and the way it actually runs, dont fit together. in fm 11, I could only create this awesome tactic, because in contradiction to fm 10, wing play worked pretty well and also the match engine was much more balanced. with the right settings, you could get a solid defence with any formation, you could score goals by playing wide, playing very narrow, playing fast tempo, slow tempo, it just was a case of finding the right settings. but in this years fm, as the results of also other famous tactic creators show, its almost impossible. just look at mr.hough and other users! they upload their screenshots, showing great results, finishing unbeaten with norwich city, original squad and first season, uploading their tactics and theyre getting lots of different feedbacks. some have no success, some have just solid and some world class. but it all depends on luck, whether one tacitc will work for you or not. at least 6-8 famous tactics are online for fm12 and none of them have had the success or popularity, which mr.houghs legendary 4123, this tic tac magick tactic and mine had. I just hope, SI can improve things with the next patch, otherwise, I might look for this crap fifa manager again, since at least there, I am able to create a tactic, which produces the style of football, I want to have.
  14. welcome to fm 12 mate probably one of SI's new discoveries, in order to make the game "harder" to play...
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