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  1. I know that FM does not visually recognise more than two coaches in one category, but does FM recognise more than two coaches internally? My guess it does not. From the way you have explained it, both Rugby and Football training looks and operates similar. I have heard of that name. Is he a goalkeeping coach?
  2. That is fine. I can wait until FM20. I am aware of fitness and GK counting towards limit of staff. I don't have the u18 train with the first team. I was just mentioning that both fitness and GK coaches train both teams, first team and u18. Doesn't coaching in Rugby differ to coaching in Football seeing they are almost completely different sports?
  3. Maybe FM 19 will be tweaked instead of FM 20? If not then I can wait for FM 20. Does anyone here have more than two fitness and goalkeeping coaches? It make no sense to me to have just two on each when there are many players to train and develop. Just two can't manage that much workload.
  4. I use a lot as both the first team and u18 are trained so having just 2 on each will not suffice. I don't have any u23 coaches as I use u23 as a dumping ground for unwanted players. I read a while back that other users would employ a high rating coach initially to fill the slot and backup the lead coach with a low rating coach to get to five stars but at the time, I thought nothing of it and just carried on with my own play style. Many moons later and the response is still the same. Are star ratings even realistic in FM and implemented in real life? I don't think it is. It is not realistic to have two 4 star coaches, one 4 star is the lead and the other only fills up one star where logically and practically the backup can do what the lead coach does. This means the other three stars for the backup are ignored by the game. This is unrealistic in my view and should be looked at.
  5. Hello. I was wondering as to how many coaches you have in your save and how they are assigned. I usually have two first team and u18 coaches assigned to each training category (ball control, defending, shooting, etc). Three to five fitness coaches and three to four goalkeeping coaches. They are specialised in just one category so their focus will be down one path, but then I would go over the advised limited set by the club. On the flip side, I can do fewer coaches who specialise in multiple categories. Which is better? Multiple coaches specialising in one category or fewer coaches with multiple specialities?
  6. Hello. Can someone please confirm the definitions and value ranges for the tactical attributes within the pre-game editor if possible? The following thread provides an insight into this. https://community.sigames.com/topic/390624-ai-tactical-attributes/
  7. That is true. But as mentioned above, Player and Youngster Knowledge does not affect training nor does Adaptability. I don't need Adaptability as I am a one-club man and Player and Youngster Knowledge are for manager who sign players. I don't sign players as I use the club's youth intake and u18 squad to get more players. I will be maxing out most mental stats as mentioned above. Determination, Level of Discipline, Motivating and Man Management. The rest I do not need.
  8. I was more of a tactician because of these two attributes as I thought it was to do with training as it said attributes in the i icon. Now I know the definition behind these attributes, I will be going the opposite direction. I will keep Determination, Level of Discipline, Motivating and Man Management high and the rest at one.
  9. 1) So these options have no bearing on training despite the i icon saying attributes? 2) Shouldn't it say information or details instead of attributes if they are to do with scouting? 3) If I set them to 1 each, will sending scouts expand the player search list or can only scouting packages do this?
  10. Hello. On the Managerial Style screen, there is Player Knowledge and Youngster Knowledge. What are these used for? Clicking the i icon states default player and youngster attributes knowledge respectively. Is this to do with scouting and/or training in any way?
  11. Hello. Is there any benefit to assigning GK and fitness coaches to both first team and u18s? Is the workload and training affected? I always had it separate so the workload is spread out.
  12. I was going to suggest that the AI use these blank base roles too to their advantage, but you beat me to it. Maybe this can be considered for FM 19 or FM 20? I certainly would welcome this feature as it gives us the power to set our own PIs without role/tactical limitations. This will most certainly allow us to create our team to our tactical preferences and coaching styles. We can also tailor training to these open roles too.
  13. I have checked and in the midfield line, there is not. Not sure about full backs. This would be great as we can select the PIs to our specifications and managerial styles. I understand if real life managers do appoint these roles, but a player should not be tied down to a specific set of instructions because of his role. For example, an Anchor Man can still be a passing threat without leaving his role zone by using his Vision, Decisions, Concentration and Passing (I am sure there are others) attributes with PPMs of Tries Killer Balls Often, Long Range Passes, etc to spot a through ball or a teammate who is making a run.
  14. Is it possible to have a base role for each position with no pre-selected PIs? In fact, is this how real life managers assign roles and PIs and FM has mimicked this? This might sound like the sliders from FM 14/15(?).
  15. But it is not as in depth as the one in the link. Would it be appropriate to say maybe merge the guides together? I like how the website lists the key attributes for each player role as well as the PPMs.
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