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  1. Hi. Apologies if this has already been asked or is already in the game. Add an option to train the team in a specific formation so the training modules are locked to that formation. I always play a narrow, through the middle formation and I want the team and individual training to reflect that. Thank you.
  2. Thank you for the response. 1) I will give it a go and see what happens. 2) I understand. 3) I have unsubscribed from every subscription that I am subscribed for, but I still get emails that I do not read. Surely customising the type of emails received can be considered for FM21 or FM22?
  3. Hi. 1) Has any played FM with no press conferences? If so, how is it? 2) In relation to #1, how do I build relations with other managers if press conferences are turned off? 3) Is there any way to limit the number emails you receive in the inbox? I receive so many emails that I have no interest in reading.

    Match UI

    Hello. Is it possible to add Split View? Like in FM 17?
  5. Hi. In the Player Attributes section, is it possible to list/add the attributes that affect that particular attribute? There are some already there but not as clear to see. By list, I mean under the description i.e. Strength, Positioning and Anticipation (Marking), Acceleration, Pace, Balance (Agility), etc. By add I mean add them to the description but in bold or underline to highlight them. [Edit] Looking at the player attributes, this is what I have come up with from my understanding. I know that I will be wrong on some, quite possibly half of the combinations. I found th
  6. I was reading about something along those lines in the forums a couple days ago about how having average values in attributes is not always bad and can actually be beneficial. I can't find the link, but I am sure someone here will post a link to it. Furthermore, is there any way of knowing exactly how each attribute benefits and degrades each role? I know some attributes are self-explanatory, but most are not.
  7. I assume from your 'likely to be used at some point' response, you would give those attributes an average value, say 10 or 11 rather than 15 or 16? Just so the player does not spend much game time on it and keeps his focus on the attributes that he is actually proficient at and is used in the role he has been assigned?
  8. Hello. Another question relating to attributes. Each role has designated attributes assigned to it. They are key and preferable. Is it necessary for attributes that are not key nor preferable to be higher than 1? If the role does not consider them important nor suitable, then why do they need to increase?
  9. That I am aware of, and always steer clear of every time. It is self explanatory really.
  10. Thank you for replying. I guess #2 is accurate? The higher the number, the more proficient the player/staff is? Thank you for replying. I will leave the colours as it is as that has been set by the developer who know the game best. Thank you for the suggestion by the way.

    Training days

    Hello. Apologies if this has been asked before. Currently training is run on two options, general and individual. How about this for a training suggestion. We get to pick which coach/manager can train on which day i.e. the first team assistant manager trains the team on weekends and the first team manager trains on the weekdays OR a specific coach runs training on 3 days (Sun, Wed and Sat), the first team manager runs training on Mon and Tues and the assistant manager runs training on Thurs and Fri. Personally, I would like to train the first team on weekends and leave the res
  12. Hi. In attribute threshold (attached), 16 is excellent. 1) Does it mean that once a player has 16 in a specific attribute, he is considered world class and there is no need to go higher than 16? 2) I am guessing the reason why there is a number higher than 16 is to show how proficient he is in that specific attribute? 3) In relation to #2, is there any difference between 16 and 18 or 17 and 19?
  13. I know that FM does not visually recognise more than two coaches in one category, but does FM recognise more than two coaches internally? My guess it does not. From the way you have explained it, both Rugby and Football training looks and operates similar. I have heard of that name. Is he a goalkeeping coach?
  14. That is fine. I can wait until FM20. I am aware of fitness and GK counting towards limit of staff. I don't have the u18 train with the first team. I was just mentioning that both fitness and GK coaches train both teams, first team and u18. Doesn't coaching in Rugby differ to coaching in Football seeing they are almost completely different sports?
  15. Maybe FM 19 will be tweaked instead of FM 20? If not then I can wait for FM 20. Does anyone here have more than two fitness and goalkeeping coaches? It make no sense to me to have just two on each when there are many players to train and develop. Just two can't manage that much workload.
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