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  1. Hi Is there anyway you can view the attendance during match in FM21. Thanks in advance Keith
  2. Hi When I confirm futures transfers the seem to disappear from the Transfer Activity its happened to 3 players. I have uploaded my game Its called Transfer Activity Thanks Keith
  3. Hi I uploaded the game to the cloud called broken game Thanks Keith
  4. Hi When I use the staff search then I select the role and Attributes it dotes not filter properly. I uninstalled it was still the same Thanks Keith
  5. Hi I asked the board for increased Percentage of transfer revenue they said yes but it stayed at 60% see below pic
  6. Hi Guys I looking to buy a new laptop only for using FM and the internet I only use 2D Classic not that bothered by 3D. I am looking for an 1.7 processor and 12GB RAM my budget is £600-£700 Thanks
  7. Guys Need a new lapop thinking about buying this one , just need it for fm, browsing the net and downloading music. Do uz think this will do the job? http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/Acer_Aspire_V3-571_1303145.html Thanks Keith
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