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  1. Hi I am Salford City in league 2 I have Tottenham as an affiliate club and they can send player on loan to me. I am playing FM 18 in previous versions of FM if you are in the transfer window you get a sent a list of players available for going on loan I can’t seem to find the list of players in FM 18 does anyone know where I will find the list of players?
  2. Hi guys I was wondering if it is possible to change the appearance of the manager during your career save? I wanting to upload a picture so I can edit my 3d face? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Guys in previous versions of football manger when you are searching for players by positions you could select all defenders etc but now you can only a certain position can any one help? Thanks Keith
  4. Hi Guys I looking to buy a new laptop only for using FM and the internet I only use 2D Classic not that bothered by 3D. I am looking for an 1.7 processor and 12GB RAM my budget is £600-£700 Thanks
  5. Hi I downloaded a English league database that gives me the league up to 8 from the editors hideaway. I have been playing as Salford city but after my fifth season in league 1 my game didn't set up properly for the new season it had the friendly fixture and the carling cup ones. I a not sure if it is the the database as I thought in the editor you test the database before you can use it. can anyone help? thanks
  6. Hi I need some help, When I am watching my highlights in 2D Classic I managed to change the pitch from vertical to horizontal and I don't know how I did it. l is there away to change it back? Thanks
  7. thanks for your help. I ticked the box prevent use of editor in game. when I loaded it the editor still worked what does the box mean?
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