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  1. Hmmm.... I dont know why im getting such long time frames then. Never experienced this before in the series.
  2. I'm still feeling this is an issue in tis years game. Weeks and weeks and weeks... Is anyone else experiencing this?
  3. I've applied for the Spurs job having taken Newcastle far enough. It took nearly 4 weeks in game just to get an interview. I'm up to 3 weeks later on, still nothing about the job. This is a ridiculous amount of time to be told yes or no...missed out on loads good transfers too. Anyone else experience the same of feel its about right?
  4. Thanks, I'll take a look over there. Why was that decision made if you dont mind my asking?
  5. Unless I'm being really daft, I can't see the dark skin? Has it gone? Any other skins at all?
  6. Oh and yes, i've used the 'ask agent' feature - i like that, but i've not used that for any of the random players appearing on my shortlist
  7. It must be linked to the scout reports? I almost entirely never have players over age of 23 on my shortlist. I don't even really look at players above 28 I've just checked my shortlist and there are 8 or more players on there I've not even looked at, Pato being one. I guess as he's a free, my scouts have seen that and he may have been one they've recommended me to look at but i just disregard. I've also changed the 'general' scouting to 25 years old max but still getting my shortlist filled with players i'd never consider.
  8. I keep getting random players being added to my shortlist - who's doing this? Scout? Asst man? It's one of many incredibly annoying new things in FM. Is there a setting to turn this off, or is it a bug?
  9. Wow, this thread is my saviour...I thought it was just me and my approach. I'm currently running a save with Man City, 1st season. Naturally, doing well but then come up against the likes of Chelsea and especially LIVERPOOL away and I cannot find any way atm to even sneak draws. I've read loads from lots of threads before posting here, so implemented lots of the advice. It feels like no matter what, I am not competitive with the big teams away from home - or it's overly complicated to even be competitive. Great thread, I'll post if/when I get any success.
  10. Yep, some good advice there. I am really getting fed up with playing aggressive big teams away from home and coming away with nothing...even when I'm managing a huge team. I am implementing the tips you've put in, higher tempo and being more aggressive - sounds like it shouldn't work as I'll be less solid but I've read other threads where this approach may work better too. Lets hope we both get progress
  11. Still torn between 4-1-4-1 (DM) and 4-2-3-1 standard... I'm getting some amazing results with possession in some games but typically, against more aggressive teams away, I can often struggle to win the ball back and keep it - I suppose this is very true to real life for many teams. D-line to much higher - risky defensively? I keep mine on standard...maybe I'll try that too. My def's all have reasonable pace, so balls over the top may be dealt with ok. I'll keep you posted - thanks for sharing ideas again.
  12. Supposed to but from watching many matches, there is little evidence of this that I can see. In fact, the Mezz role is out of the 3, the least effective. I tried CMA...again, not a huge impact either. Always something I've had struggles with in FM - 3 midfields, always seems to be one that isn't working! We're moving off topic a little here. Has OP made any progress? I'm also tweaking to win the ball back. I had hoped a Mezz, as it's aggressive, might help but I'm not so sure. Maybe I will try an aggressive BMW?
  13. Feels like that would leave very little help covering at the back? I've used the DM role now as a DLP and pushed the central 2 CM's into more attacking roles. Kept RCM as Mezz A and LCM as AP A.
  14. And also, maybe @Experienced Defender can offer some guidance here. (despite what they may think I think of them, (which I don't btw) I hugely value their tactical view points on topics)
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