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  1. Wow, this thread is my saviour...I thought it was just me and my approach. I'm currently running a save with Man City, 1st season. Naturally, doing well but then come up against the likes of Chelsea and especially LIVERPOOL away and I cannot find any way atm to even sneak draws. I've read loads from lots of threads before posting here, so implemented lots of the advice. It feels like no matter what, I am not competitive with the big teams away from home - or it's overly complicated to even be competitive. Great thread, I'll post if/when I get any success.
  2. Yep, some good advice there. I am really getting fed up with playing aggressive big teams away from home and coming away with nothing...even when I'm managing a huge team. I am implementing the tips you've put in, higher tempo and being more aggressive - sounds like it shouldn't work as I'll be less solid but I've read other threads where this approach may work better too. Lets hope we both get progress
  3. Still torn between 4-1-4-1 (DM) and 4-2-3-1 standard... I'm getting some amazing results with possession in some games but typically, against more aggressive teams away, I can often struggle to win the ball back and keep it - I suppose this is very true to real life for many teams. D-line to much higher - risky defensively? I keep mine on standard...maybe I'll try that too. My def's all have reasonable pace, so balls over the top may be dealt with ok. I'll keep you posted - thanks for sharing ideas again.
  4. Supposed to but from watching many matches, there is little evidence of this that I can see. In fact, the Mezz role is out of the 3, the least effective. I tried CMA...again, not a huge impact either. Always something I've had struggles with in FM - 3 midfields, always seems to be one that isn't working! We're moving off topic a little here. Has OP made any progress? I'm also tweaking to win the ball back. I had hoped a Mezz, as it's aggressive, might help but I'm not so sure. Maybe I will try an aggressive BMW?
  5. Feels like that would leave very little help covering at the back? I've used the DM role now as a DLP and pushed the central 2 CM's into more attacking roles. Kept RCM as Mezz A and LCM as AP A.
  6. And also, maybe @Experienced Defender can offer some guidance here. (despite what they may think I think of them, (which I don't btw) I hugely value their tactical view points on topics)
  7. Possession is an obsession... There seems to be a it of a trade off, 600+ passes can definitely mean less chances created. It's where my team is at currently. Previously, I've created tactics that thrash out 40+ shots at goal and 6-10 CCC's in a game...….which is lovely, but possession stat too low! I'm not sure I can get what I'm after in FM these days, the game is considerably more advanced now that in the 90's and 00's. I've got lots of nice passing and possession, now need to tweak the tactic and create more. I think the balance is nice but I may need to sacrifice some of the 'control' aspects of it, such as 'work ball into box'...maybe let the team try to create more without some shackles that help with possession. I'm sure there is a way to balance this where possession stat doesn't drop too low? I think your tactical formation is perfect for possession and this also comes from pressing high and winning the ball back - as you mention in your OP. I've not tried the 'split-block' approach and favour the high press as a team instruction. Maybe worth setting up a 'plan b' tactic that is at the start exactly the same as your original tactic and then tweak from there and compare (may have to play the same game over a few times - save before game, then restart - I know this is frowned upon by some but this is for research purposes, not to get the win you want and then move on)
  8. Hi. I'm still on my own personal crusade for the 'perfect tactic' (I know there is no such thing but if I really believe there isn't, I might have to spend time other than on FM...scary) and have thus been back to the drawing board with the 4-1-2-3 like yourself. I'm a possession freak too, which doesn't help. So basically, I want my team to have more of the ball...every game...and win - I guess like Pep Guardiola, especially when at Barcelona. Here is a pic of my current effort (below). We're doing well. I've bought Arthur and Werner in the Jan window, so they're just settling in. But ignore the players, it's the roles you may find helpful. You have 2 x IF's? I'd swap one to either a winger or inside winger. Probably the AWL one as I think this works better with the IF but as you can see from mine, I haven't done it that way as I prefer a playmaker on the left of the 2...again, no logic behind that, just something aesthetic for me/OCD...dunno. Midfield trio is exactly the same as mine :-) Maybe change one of the wing backs? Either on Attack or change to FB? Also not sure about BPD's - I don't think I've seen any 'defence-splitting' passes before, so I stick to CB's so that they just play short passes (helps me with possession stat) Hope this helps - update us on how you get on.
  9. May I suggest if you wish to communicate with me further you DM me to save the thread at least. I've seen your last post btw, again, feels like you are desperately trying to justify your unnecessarily militant approach to save grace. I will not respond to any more of this on here, it's not fair to the OP and/or thread. Kind regards.
  10. Man, I really wanted to just leave this but I feel I have to defend myself again - but this is it from me, this isn't healthy, isn't topic-related and will just spiral downwards. I'm not sure what your beef with me is to be honest. You seem to be overly sensitive and too militant in my view. The examples you have used to demonstrate that I have been argumentative and/or aggressive are at best, incredibly weak. So you are completely clear, there was never any intent to come across that way, but lets not forget, I was irritated because it was you that accused me of something I had not done - what do you expect from people when you wade in throwing accusations around? You did seem to take a step forward in apologising, then ruined that by further trying to justify your approach. You state that I "offered no advice/help to the OP" - ok, not directly I didn't but again, I make the point about discussions others can have that can indeed indirectly help others, discussion is healthy and we were on topic, certainly I was, I was talking about possession and sharing thoughts about it. The use of capitals isn't always seen as aggressive at all. It is perfectly acceptable to use capitals to emphasise a word/point but I will refrain from this if it is forum etiquette not to use in this way. I apologise for that. I think you should show far greater restraint/understanding/manners when policing threads. You have misunderstood my posts which feels a bit like this is a bit of a culturally instituioninal issue. I'm dissapointed about of all this to be honest but I'm mature enough to move on and not let this go on. All the best.
  11. Frankly, I'm a little alarmed and irritated by your response. I will only reply this once because I feel you should at least see my reply as that is polite, after this post, I'll not post again because it definitely is nothing that will help the OP. I must, however, raise some points. Firstly this. You wrote: "both you and tlm used this thread to complain about the ME" and then replied with: "You personally did not complain about the ME" Maybe you can see why I find your intervention irritating? I did not mention the ME at ALL - neither directly or indirectly or with any intent. Then again, how can you not 'indirectly' imply issue with the ME when the whole tactical game is based around the ME? Anyway...moving on. Your 2 points. 1. I didn't complain about the ME - so why post this? 2. Again, I struggle with this - i'd have no problem with anyone posting their own tactical issue on a thread I started because discussion HELPS. The OP Title is a WIDE question, not just about the OP's own tactic - Is it possible to get in average 55% ball possession? You're suggesting that I can't talk about my own tactics in answer to this, because why? I'm trying to help OP and ME and OTHERS who are like minded about possession. Is it not acceptable for conversations in threads to 'evolve' in order to seek to address the original queries? I think it is, I think what I was trying to talk about was entirely linked to the OP's query and the thread topic. Sometimes things aren't always a straight line. But if you continue to argue in this aggressive and unacceptable manner, following measures could well be more than just "draconian". Ok, wow. Where have I argued or been aggressive? And to finish your reply off, you make threats towards me ("measures could well be more than just draconian") I get your role, I get the 'rules' and I have a tonne of respect for the forum and fellow FM gamers. I don't need you to make false allegations against me or make threats towards me. I'm taking screen shots of all of this should you carry out your threat of unwarranted action against me and I will take it forward with which ever channel I can. You have, in my opinion, got this wrong, you didn't need to be hostile, you could have been far politer and you definitely ought not make cowardly threats. I know you have the power to do what you wish to my account. I will be furious if you chose inappropriate action over this. Ball in your court. As I said, I'm moving on from this and will not be posting again here. My sincere apologies to the OP for my replies here which are clearly not on topic. I hope you accept my apology and why I felt I needed to reply and defend myself. I will continue to play this game as I love it and will continue to forge ahead with tactics geared around possession and hopefully, I will be permitted to continue to contribute where I can (i'm not a massively active poster). Cheers
  12. Where exactly did I COMPLAIN ABOUT THE ME? I was involved in a conversation about TACTICS which is EXACTLY what the OP posted about. If this topic evolves with slightly broader conversation, albeit STILL about possession I might add - WHERE is the problem? I haven't USED this thread to complain about the ME - you're out of order to suggest that. If anything, you are the one not even remotely ON TOPIC because you lazily read posts and then couple that with draconian censorship. READ my post again, it is about POSSESSION and developing MORE possession and this being consistent. This is EXACTLY what my interpretation of what the OP first posted about. Maybe you could offer some guidance, rather than threats... (no doubt you will be 'offended' by this an delete this post....jeez)
  13. How have you achieved high possession out of interest. I'm sticking to a 4-1-2-2-1 wide system and in some matches, can get near to 800 passes, 65-75% possession and win 3-0 or something, then, play against a seemingly weaker team and maybe win but they have 800 passes to my 400 and i'm down to 45% possession - no change to my tactic. It's bizarre and very frustrating. I had hoped to re-create a tactic in FM20 akin to years gone by where I could dominate possession in nearly all games (ala Barca in Pep years) and I can't find the key to unlock this in FM20. I have reviewed so many games where the opposing team has ridiculous numbers of passes and I've set up a high pressing tactic to stop them from passing from defender to defender but my forwards don't win the ball back ever. Teams playing 'cautiously' against mine often have 600+ passes and higher possession...it's like nothing I do seems to trigger my team winning to ball back and then keeping it. Drives me mad.
  14. My latest result. 54% possession better but 7 goals, constant attacking threat and 2 goals for Haaland who has 7 shots, the highest from the team. I can upload my tactic if you want? It's not perfect, not plug and play but it's got potential and may help you?
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