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  1. I have a topic for this. Anyway: I would like to have just an info about this submenu in the Editor This is an example The "In" for the Direction, means profits for Juventus, right? Not for Sunderland and Feyenoord. And cash should be divided for the number of months or multiplied? For Giaccherini is 156,250 EVERY month, so 156,250 x 36 = 5,625,000 ? Or is 156,250 divided 36 ? So 4,340 for every month?
  2. For Giaccherini is 156,250 EVERY month, so 156,250 x 36 = 5,625,000 ?
  3. No, the editor always read first the folder in Documents
  4. I know the way on how to change user data folder. But how to change Editor Data folder? The default folder read from Editor. I tried with same "trick" used for User Data/Graphics folder, but doesn't work.
  5. Maybe I said it wrong. What I want to say is that players of italian leagues that had a transfer in winter market, are in the new team also in the beginning of a new game, and not set as a future transfer. Example: Guarin from Inter to Shanghai. In the game is in the chinese team from the beginning. No future transfers. Borriello from Carpi to Atalanta. Same thing. He is in Atalanta already. And others. These are definitive transfers, not loans.
  6. As title says: is there a way? I downloaded some panels files from here and here, but I obtained same result: this Stadium now is showed, but there aren't other infos. I just want the default view, without big heads, with details, etc...but with stadium. Just that. Another user, said I have to edit club overview file, but I'm pretty noob in this. It works in the same way in both Base2016 Dark Skin, and in the default skin of the game.
  7. I broken something. Can you help me, please? This is the default Club Overview, without my errors EDIT: at least, can you explain better what I have to delete, please?
  8. I obtained this copying "a club overview stadium", "club overview" and "stadium overview" in panels folder. As you can see, now there is stadium, but club details on the left and other info, are missing. Any suggestion on a right "combo" of panels? I tried this in both Base2016 Dark Skin and in the default buil-in skin of the game. Works in the same way.
  9. Thank you for your work, michael. Is there a way to make Base2016 Dark Skin show stadium mini pics in club overview? I saw a similar post and the user had not luck. I hope to have more luck.
  10. Editor says there are 23 failed entries in File > Details. I hope it works fine
  11. As title says. Is there any way? I created a media file for FM 2015, and now I want to begin my game in FM 2016 with that file.
  12. I already saw that, but you said it's not fully working.
  13. Thank you, mate, but can you be more specific? Where I have to search for it?
  14. I would like to create Guinness International Champions Cup (this tournament), but I don't know how to do. Is it possible to make it plays every summer in the game? Can I create fixtures for it and decide what teams have to play it, without remove from their league?
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