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    paid to play on a saturday, run a sunday side, but i only get excited when my wonderkid scores on fm

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  1. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Hi all, will the below run ok in particular 3d? I run large db 1 nation sometimes 1/2 others as view only http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/3432077.htm Cheers
  2. New laptop

    Wicked thanks
  3. Hi Been away from the game and forums for since fm13 buying a mew laptop looking to play again Can someone confirm that this will run the game and 3d engine please? http://www.argos.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Browse?storeId=10151&langId=110&catalogId=24551&mRR=true&c_1=1%7Ccategory_root%7CTechnology%7C33006169&c_2=2%7C33006169%7CLaptops+and+PCs%7C33007795&c_3=3%7Ccat_33007795%7CLaptops+and+netbooks%7C33014243&r_001=1%7CLaptops+%26+Netbooks-Screen+size+range+(in)%7C14+-+15.9in%7C1&r_002=1%7CDesktop+Computers+%26+All+In+Ones-RAM+(GB)%7C8%7C1&r_003=1%7CLaptops+%26+Netbooks-Processor+speed+range%7C2+-+2.5GHz%7C1#
  4. [FM13] Will Hughes

    Sgned him at start for qpr, slowley bled him in, by 4th season was first choice, now won everything with me barring champs league and captains england. Worth 19 million, so consistant 7.86 av over 52 apps last season
  5. Hoops fan, just brought fm 13 made on signing so far kevin strootman from psv, used finances of cisse and macki sales, i now i love mackie but this is a game. Really really struggling to win games i know its my tactics, what formations and settings are you all using? Any help would be marveloooooooos
  6. im new to fm 13 but used to fm 11 and before i need help with injuries specifically im getting 2/3 a game i cant work out why my players get rest teh day before and the day after, i dont play a player below 95% fitness, and my workload for training is medium, why am i getting so many and how can i stop it? happens to me on both my saves, i get 2 back three more injured, ruining my game, any tips please please help
  7. ive done a quick search and found nothing, really do not like 12.2.0 or 12.2.1 so does anybody know how i can go back to playing 12.1.0 either with or without the transfer update would be fine? i cannot find this option on the steam menus as it automatically updates when i re install the game
  8. playing with steam

    illl have to try and get a strong enough dongle for ten minutes then i guess, seriously **** that u need the net to play a game that only requires the web for optional/needed updates or posting to you tube, im going to re install the old fashioned way i think thanks for your help
  9. hey apologies but i could not find the awnser on the search tool, ive recently moved homes, and currently do not have the internet (this connection is at my parents) as i have no net i cannot load fm through steam, and as i cannot connect through steam there is currently no way i can set steam to offline mode, i cannot take my pc to my parents as this connection is a dongle wich is to slow to do the trick, so does anybody have a solution of how i can actually play the game i paid good money for before i get my web installed on FEBUARY 11TH?? please help the boredom is killing me
  10. [FM12] Paris Saint-Germain FC

    just starting my second season with psg. i biggest advice for all psg users is give jean baheback games, he covered while nene was injured and just tore the league up, needed the rest every few games due to age but was immense. first season i signed milan beldaji from croatia for 5 mil, and frank beria £5 mil, and sime versljiko 3 mil, adel taarabt (back up to pastore, 4 mil) i finished 3rd inconsistancy against smaller sides cost me, i won the coup de ligue and should have won the french cup but lost to toulouse with 9 men with only ligue two sides waiting in the semis. Gamiero was amazing 37 goals in 42 games,. i played a 4-4-1-1 for the most part of the year with pastore in the amc tresquita role, second season i have brought in lukaku from chelsea on a loan with no fee, di maria from madrid for 11 mil (love that), essien on loan for 1 million fee, and vertaghon 8.5 million from ajax as a new cb to partner sahko, struggling against smaller sides, anyone else have any ideas how i can stop the inconsistancy, i feel it may be my team talks
  11. fm 12 graphics

    does anybody know if the logo graphics from fm11 will work in fm 12?
  12. Steam pre-install

    does anybody know when it is possible to start downloading?
  13. people make me laugh saying they wont bebuying it or will be waiting too..they know full well theyll go out and buy it that day, you wouldent be on these forums as much if u wasent. ill be taking my first and only sick day of the year getting the game around 730 am, a workout why its installing and loading a new game, play for a few hours little afternoon nap then a long session into the early hours
  14. High Scoring Centre Backs

    http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/571/viviani.png/ got this guy for 3 million and he scored something like 40 goals in 2 seasons hes a beast