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  1. Yeah, its because the game doesn't include the women's game that its such a weird appointment. Her history in game is literally nothing. It does include her MBE tho.
  2. Hey, Anyone had this happen in their game before? Game wise she came out of nowhere and nabbed the England job?
  3. Its an 8 Hour time difference, so that would be a late release in the UK, and you can buy it in store on the 10th......
  4. Hey, just wondered if anyone knew the release date and time of the full game for Australia? its showing the 11th Nov in the Steam store, but everywhere else says the 10th. Am trying to plan my Friday night Cheers
  5. Yep have the same problem. was bad before the latest patch, but now its silly 3-5 mins to save the game
  6. Best defender ever, first on my shortlist at the start of a game.
  7. Hey, So this is my take on why each year more and more players of FM say the game is broken, and never want to play it again. SI are simulating the world of football. The most frustrating game in the world. Anyone who watches football, knows that many games are stupidly one sided. With one team dominating possession and shots, and yet still loosing the game by 2 or 3 goals. Nothing in football is guaranteed, you can have the best team in the world beaten by a rubbish team. From a lucky goal, or just a greater will to win. This is what also makes it the greatest game, no one ever knows what will happen. If you play the same game again again in FM and note down the result, you will see that the outcome can differ massively. That's the randomness of football. With tactics and better players you can try and give your team greater advantage, but its still not a guaranteed win. And that's the problem SI have, as they simulate the game more accurately every year. It becomes less and less fun to play for a lot of people. You can be the best FM player in the world, but you can still be beaten by the random element of the game. That's my opinion anyway, bit of a ramble.
  8. international jobs So the bug with international teams laughing at you when you apply for a job still isn't fixed in the new patch! Please can we get this fixed. it was the same last year with FM12. I don't understand how you can keep releasing a game with the same bugs in. it just doesn't make sense
  9. So the bug with international teams laughing at you when you apply for a job still isnt fixed in the new patch?????????? WTF
  10. Any idea on when a new patch will be out. Mainly to fix the international management bug, world class rep and being laughed at applying for national jobs. its kind of stopping from playing now knowing the i cant have an international career will have to play Far Cry 3 some more
  11. anyone else having too many own goals. both for and against? I am getting 1 or 2 every other match, which is great when it helps my team win. but not really realistic
  12. its a bug. used to work ok, until the last couple of patches. can someone from SI confirm this is an issue please
  13. yep, its a bug. it did work before the last couple of updates. but now its almost impossible to get a national job, before playing 3 or 4 years in the game. sucks ass and Si seem to be ignoring the issue
  14. anyone know how to achieve this? in regards to board promises
  15. yep, i have the same problem. I won the top league in France, but didn't get the achievement
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