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  1. There is only one such achievement which takes 3 years to complete. And it's not grind at all, you just need to do some quests during yearly event and collect 3 vanity pets on one character. As for this achievement - OP should try some easier league with 1-3 teams much stronger than rest of the league. Portugal or Scotland for example. Personally I completed it easily with Santa Coloma in Andorra once my team got professional status.
  2. Both B and C are much better than officially announced one. I would prefer C. Don't like that pizza thing though.
  3. I saw this. He thinks that aesthetic can be sacrificed in favor of functionality. It's okay. But in his 6 min video I (and many more people) did not see any real breakthrough in functionality which could justify those terrible bricks.
  4. People are making their "over zealous opinions" based on what they have shown. It would reduce criticism if SI deigned to make a presentation in high resolution and decent quality. But in this case, we saw low-res silly bricks in cheap tablet style. I'd say, outcome is quite expected. I doubt that it's so hard and time-consuming to make good concept to work. Especially for those who do so for the past 15 years.
  5. Whatever. It looks better. Anyway, that's about 5-6 more hours for him, having all the needed data at hand, to make it fully functional piece. 2-3 more days to polish, at worst. Maybe all those people who are criticising these silly bricks are wrong. Maybe silly bricks are amazing and easy to use. But first impressions for most people are "WTF is this?".
  6. I like vpaulus screen much more than officially announced one too. It's far from perfect, but his 2 hours are MUCH better than what SI professional designers did for the past year. And this fact scares me, tbh.
  7. Leonid Sloutskiy IRL at the moment managing both Russian national team and CSKA Moscow.
  8. Actually, Arbeloa is able to play both flanks, and also they got DRLC Nacho. As for De Gea, I'm almost sure his desire to join RM will be reflected ingame, so it will be quite easy to get him. And even if not, they got Navas who's not much worse. Anyway, gonna play there 2-3 seasons at max. Big rich clubs are damn boring once you get used to play the game.
  9. Real Madrid to get used to the game. Real Oviedo after that FC Andorra from lower Spanish tier if/when Spanish pyramid update released. In FM15 had nice savegame, after ~15 seasons was able to bring them to La Liga and even played in eurocups.
  10. Minimum stadium capacity rules for competitions are only in advanced panel and not available in standart version of editor.
  11. Seo


    Would be great to see this program released for PC users one day too. It looks way better than ugly laggy buggy FMRTE.
  12. Just changed my created super cup to two-leg style (option disabled in editor at the moment): Before: After: Trying to do some advanced things atm (like transfer windows for free transfers or foreign players only etc.) but no luck yet, perhaps because I don't have too much experience editing xml or it's just disabled. Manually added new transfer window to my test league Took "foreign_players_only" rule from tools\editor\data\format\rulegroup\transfer_rules.xml There are loads of advanced options but I think those are for developers' vesion of editor and disabled for us.
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