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  1. Hello All, I have been experiencing this as a semi pro team and i think i have found a work around. If you bring up the training calender (so dont change the training on the email "week ahead" page)go on the calender where you have the 4 week view. I have figured if you just "copy"(the buttons on the right hand side copy and paste) just copy any week. Then change the training to what ever you want if or when it disappears then just paste it back in again. And it will reappear. It will continue to disappear so what ever training u want in that week then just adjust a different week then p
  2. Ok thanks. That seems odd they would do that which may tell me that the FM game mechanics does not recognize it as a shared stadium. I have since been promoted to the VNN and now share with Chester so as per your and other comments looks like this will be my new home for a while :-) until I have to share a bigger stadium.......and then have enough money for a new stadium way way into the future. I have a new query....... not related to what we are talking about but again just want to know if anyone has come across this. I have a strange situation where Bolton wanderers have quite liter
  3. @danbhtfc Dan, Why don't you set up a donate page? No one is obliged to give you anything but if everyone just donated a quid for your work you could treat yourself (and the lady) to nice holiday every year ( not entirely sure how many downloads you get from your DB but I am sure its alot) then at least you can sit by the pool with a cold beer and get something out of it and in turn keep giving you the motivation the following year. You have content creators on YT or twitch etc that play your database and get monitized for it so why should't you, the DB creator!! The amount of hours I ha
  4. Thanks for the info. In terms of ground sharing then did that effect gate receipts for you (i.e is the gate receipts shared with the other club etc?) and also did it effect home advantage? Also did you notice if the ground sharing effected any other aspect of finances i.e maintenance, pitch relaying, travel costs?
  5. Hello All, Just a quick question on understanding stadium expansions. I am just about to jump to Vanarama North from lowly L14. My capacity is 500 and max extension is 3500. What happens with all this now I start to hit the big leagues with rules of capacity? Lets say I Expand to 3500 then what happens? is the only other option new stadium? and I think I have heard ground share? but is there an outcome that I would never get a new stadium so I could possibly ground share for the rest of my career? If anyone can share their experiences and let me know what has happened that would be great
  6. @andydickyes completely agree with you bug or intentional we should be able to distinguish this without having to figure it out or create workarounds or just wait it out. As I can now offer contracts there is obviously a trigger somewhere and at some point in time it balances out and maybe this is just a coded thing and the lower levels not being officially part of the game. There are still more questions than answers I agree though. Glad my own situation got sorted out naturally in the end.
  7. @lionel messiok now we are getting more advanced and probably making a little more sense as alot of players ask for a ridiculous wage for lower tiers and I would imagine what your doing is balancing this a little? I would love to be able to do that one day but this is why i heavily really on @Dan BHTFCfantastic database to do most of the work for me. Would be keen to learn this side when I ever get the motivation.
  8. @Mikado911 thanks for this. I literaly just did the workaround before I read your post bec I convinced myself I should be able to offer p/t if I am semi but now you just flipped me back again so I just "quit not saved" and went back to original state. Dont worry i didnt play any games or progressed the week so now I am back to not being able to offer contracts again and let's see what happens next season. I noticed all the teams in the division above me can all offer p/t so let's see. All this said I dont have the finances anyway to offer p/t and it would cripple me even if I just had a few ke
  9. Ah ok, very comprehensive response thank you for this. I did try to search this issue but didnt find anything but you have done that for me :-) I will have a crack at this work around and see what happens. Frustrated now as I have lost half of my squad through poachers and could of eliminated this earlier on had I known. This is what I originally thought as I am sure in FM19 this happened to me where once I went up a tier all of a sudden I could offer p/t. this does conflict with @andydick so not sure which direction to take. I haven't read the thread yet that @andydickhas sent regard
  10. Hello all Hope you can shed some light on a couple of queries I have. I am in level 11 and just gone semi pro (to my annoyance and constant pushing back with the board). I Can only offer appearance fee contracts and not P/T contracts. I can offer scouts P/T contracts but that's the only section I can. Is this normal and I take it I will be eventually be able to offer part time contracts as I get to Level 10,9 etc. or is it based on rep and funds available? And following on from that in regards to appearance fees, unused sub fee, clean sheet and goal bonus fees, this only app
  11. Thanks guys, Your comments have atleast gave me sanity that I havent missed anything and if they just decide to go on them anyway as you say by the boards discretion and ofcourse the game is not coded to deal with level 13 then I suppose I can live with that and regarding the second post will ofcourse also have a say in that if they are ambitious then they will be constantly wanting to upgrade. Anyway atleast all the above makes sence. Thank you
  12. Hey, I am really getting frustrated with my coahes upgrading their badges without my say so first. I have my responsibility settings set to "I decide who goes on courses" yet they just keep going on them. I am managing in level 13 so every penny counts and just had a coach upgrade now I am in the red. Is there another setting I am missing or something I have overlooked but I keep checking the responsibilities tab and I can definatley see I am the one who decides who goes on courses. Any help and guidance would be appreciated. Cheers
  13. Hey Dan. all the best on FM20 and look forward to the release when its done. Hey everyone, I read a thread somewhere in the older fm's that with a bit of jiggery pokery you could have a crack at editing the stadiums to look a little more realistic for the lower leagues with editing and changing stadium graphic files.. It kind of hurt my head at the time of figuring it out but if anyone here has had a go at it and could offer any advice that would be great and does this have any future issues with expansions etc if you mess round with the game files at the beginning?
  14. Dan, ignore it pal, you have the full backing from 99.9% of us as I am sure you recognize. We all know the challenges you have faced on this years FM. I couldn't care less how long this takes cos I know I wouldn't have the time nor patience to do this myself. I rely on good people like yourself to created this database for me. Keep going mate.
  15. Funnily enough, exactly that just happened. After 1st season we go semi pro so now forking out apapearaence fees to really make sure I don't make any money. But i suppose its FM's way of balancing the financial order of things by making sure I am not monopolizing down in the lower leagues which is fine. And yes my attendance was averaging 15 last season and so far in the 2nd season I am now on the 80' mark so that cancels out the appearance non contract fees. I did treat my self to a pre season friendly with wolverhamptons u23 side and made 2k and then again my coach upgrades his badge so lost
  16. Got ya, thanks for that. Hopefully it can improve over time then. All I see myself doing most weeks is continually renewing the same non contracts for my players everytime another team offers a contract to them which seems to work in terms of not losing my players...for now.
  17. Hey guys, does anyone know what the story is with semi pro Non contracts only. I.e is there a point in time where I will be able to offer part time contracts? Is it dependent on reputation and or financial status or random? Or non contract is the only option from now until going full time? Another question for Dan or anyone else that can answer. Does anyone know if any leagues feed into the cheshire div 2, past level 13? And if so are they being created Dan? No drama if not. Just interested as that's my area so would like to start at the lowest possible for the Cheshire area.
  18. Ok, I finally got my season underway. Had a few grand in the bank and making small increments each week. Doing well in the league everything is ticking away nicely then... my assistant manager decides he wants to upgrade his coaching badge!! To my horror, he has now left me in the red in level 13 and royally @#$%^& me off!! Is there any way I can have a say in this so it doesn't happen again or is it automatic and down to the chairman's discretion? If so my chairman is an idiot....(Don't tell him I sad that!) And obviously never went to school or did a business degree.
  19. Cheers. Yeah exactly, it's just as we are probably alluding too and to put restrictions on and judging the restrictions on realism. I am thinking youth challenge but only until (if) I reach full time. Whilst I am amateur I will allow something to get my hands on like scouting my league only so I can have something to build. I was also thinking what you suggested and allow myself maybe one player a year that comes from my assistant manager or something like that but that would have restrictions within that . ha ha i have not played for two days cos I am still trying to lay the ground rules befo
  20. Thanks Dan. Is there scouting fees for scouting locally? Or do you do your own scouting? I hear you. I think maybe I made climbing the lower leagues with just my youth players alot easier and quicker than I think it might be. I am already planning when I will go full time!! I dont think it will be anytime soon with my current crop. That's how it should be.
  21. Ok cheers. Are you following the youth challenge to the letter? And are you doing the youth challenge until you complete the challenge or just following the rules for the lower levels to keep it realistic up until you hit the professional leagues?
  22. Not sure if this has been discussed but if I could do with a few opinions on what is the most realistic approach to transfers starting at level 13. As we are all probably aware you can easily fill your team with 40-year-old 5-star experience players or get 5-star players to easily walk the leagues until you go semi-pro/pro or hit the conference leagues but just wanted to get your thoughts as to what is the accepted approach? I understand that maybe following the youth challenge rules is probably the most realistic but I don't want to be that rigid, just up until I reach semi-pro really or mayb
  23. Hey Dan, great job pal. The day has come after all your hard work and so much appreciated Thank you. Although just hanging on now untill 3.0. I bought FM18 when it came out but haven' played it yet until this come out. So it's a big day for me. Whilst waiting for everything now I am just customising Fm with logos and kits etc. Is there a non league logo and kit pack knocking about anywhere? I have seen the one you posted up on fm17 so is that ok to use? Obviously apart from any new teams on the new db won' be There. Any advice would be great if there is a new one anywhere. Cheers and agan Than
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